Innovation in software architecture


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This is a talk I gave at Yahoo! Archiects conference. uCome up with innovative solutions to architecture problems, taking inspiration from buildings and nature.
Techniques for brainstorming and lateral thinking.

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Innovation in software architecture

  1. 1. Innovation & Architecture Y! Architects Conference Viswanath Poosala (vishy)| twitter: vishyp Head of Bell Labs – India
  2. 2. Random Slide #1: Let’s think outside the basket
  3. 3. Impressions •3 | Architecture Innovations
  4. 4. The Big PictureArchitects think of the big picture, dream of an elegant world• Developers think they are just “thinkers” and “dreamers” ☺• Should every architect hack? •4 | Eingeering innovation | 2009
  5. 5. The IdeaArchitects are passionate about their ideas• Ideas go obsolete• Design for short life?
  6. 6. The IndividualArchitects are creative individuals• Risk of creating mismatched systems• Break the silos: Fun Joint Projects?• Accept mismatch?
  7. 7. The BlueprintArchitects feel responsible for everything• They ARE - esp. for the things that can’t be easily fixed ☺• Debugging for architecture?• Adaptive architecture?
  8. 8. Random slide #2
  9. 9. Innovations & Inspirations •9 | Architecture Innovations
  10. 10. Innovations in all placesProduct, Design Process Create something new that is useful (worth paying for)
  11. 11. We hardly think about thinking• Critical thinking: Is it TRUE?• Creative thinking: What else is possible?!
  12. 12. Beaten Track Side track• Logical push: This is so. Hence this follows.• Creative Pull: This Main track COULD be so. If we Direct make that jump, then Roundabout what?
  13. 13. 3 tricks for generating new ideas• Pick an unrelated (even random!) word – Smoking + Frog A cigar that goes of intermittently, like a hopping frog• Suggest the outrageous – No one buys books anymore• Ask the opposite – Shopping What if the shop pays the buyers? – Audience speaks. Speakers take notes
  14. 14. A pattern for brainstorming Study Create Enhance Critique Refine Decide
  15. 15. Organization SupportBell Labs Ventures Business Market Business Incubator Group Expertise Support Target Opportunity High ROI 1 2 Venture 3 Significant Revenue execution Early Customer InteractionOpen to all employees All the Excitement and Passion of a Start-up to Work on Cutting-Edge Technologies
  16. 16. Organic Inspirations •16 | Eingeering innovation | 2009
  17. 17. Dynamic Inspirations •17 | Eingeering innovation | 2009
  18. 18. Roadmap: Keep it simple
  19. 19. A-B-Cs of Prioritizing Ideas•A: Can’t drive the carwithout it•B: Would consider payingfor that A/C•C: Will take it if it’s free
  20. 20. Remember who you are building it for
  21. 21. Bell Labs IndiaInnovating for Emerging Markets and Beyond, with Research & Startups in One Place •21 | Eingeering innovation | 2009