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Corporate Profile

  1. 1. History of Company"Vishw Petrochem” a name synonymous with Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumental & Automation Equipment. Ithas been established themselves as a Quality Leader since its inception in 2008 based at Rajkot (Gujarat, India).For more than 4 year, we have successfully executed many prestigious orders by supplying Sophisticated ElectronicInstruments and Control Systems and HT Panel and LT and Panel. Indigenization of the instruments of ourproduct range has been in hand with our commitment to the manufacture of safe, reliable and quality instrument.Our thrust today is in the field of microprocessor based instrumentation and control systems. A knowledgeinspiring and skilled arena that we are in, we are staffed to meet the dictates of the field and thus can providevarious control and monitoring software packages for Instrumentation & control. Application GalleryPower : Feed Water (Drum Level & DP across Drum Level), Furnace Vacuum, SH Steam Temp Stage I & II(L&R), Dearator Level, Condenser Hotwell Level and REC, HP Heater Level, LP Heater Level, Gland Seal SteamPressure, Gland Steam Temperature, Thermal Load, FD, PA and Vapor Fan ControlSugar: Vacuum Pans, Mills, Boilers, EvaporatorsGlass: Furnaces, CoolingTextile: Weaving, DyeingPulp & Paper: Stock Preparation, Chest Box, BleachingMining: Ore Dressing, Pyro/Hydro Processing, Electrolytic Refining, Crushers, Ball Mills, Classifiers, Filters,Flotation Devices, Magnetic Separators, Calcining Kilns, Digesters, EvaporatorsFood & Beverages: Evaporators, Blending & Batching, FermentingOil & Gas: Platform & Pipeline, Catalytic Cracking, Distillation Columns, Blending, ReactorsSteel: Blast Furnaces, Continuous Casting, Reheating Furnaces, Biological Waste Treatment, Annealing LinesSintherization
  2. 2. Profile1. Company s Name : Vishw Petrochem2. Directors : Mr. Kaushal Bhatt Managing Director Mr. Raj Marketing Mannager3. Address : No. 12, Gayatri Complex, H. J. Doshi Hospital Road, Guruprashad Chawk , Rajkot (Gujarat) - 360002, India Mobile No: - +91 9227460003 Landline No: - + (91)-(281)-6560388 Skype: - vishw.petrochem E-mail: - Website: - www.vishwpetrochem.com4. Establishment : 20085. Main Business Activities : Supplying State Of The Art Electronic Instruments, Instrumentation Systems, Control Systems, Automation System, Electrical & Mechanical Items.6. Bankers : Axis Bank Industrial Finance Branch Rajkot.7. Products : Process Automation System (Multi Protocol DCS & PLC’s supporting Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, Device Net, Modbus & Asibus etc.,), the complete line of field instruments and control equipment such as Digital Multi-Loop Controllers, Pressure Transmitters, Differential Pressure Transmitters, Flow Transmitters, Level Transmitters, Density Transmitters, Valve Positioners, Temperature Transmitters, Fieldbus to 4-20mA Converters, Fieldbus to Pneumatic Converters, Intrinsically Safe Barriers, Power Supply, Signal Isolators, Sequence of Event Recording System, Alarm Annunciators, Thyristor Regulators, Recorders, Remote I/O System, Digital Indicators & Panel Meters8. Associations : ABB, EMERSON, YOKOGAWA, HONEYWELL, DRESER, FUJI, FISHER, WIKA
  3. 3. Pressure Measurement Systems Pressure Transmitter Pressure Switch Pressure Transducer Pressure Gauge Diaphram Pressure Transmitter DPT Pressure Controller PID Controller Temperature Measurement Systems Temperature Transmitter Temperature Switch Temperature Gauge Temperature Indicator Temperature Controller Digital Temperature Indicator Non contact type temperature Controller Contact Type temperature Controller Temperature Measurement Systems Level Transmitter Level Gauge Magnetic Level Gauge Side Mounted level gauge Level Switch Ultrasonic Level Sensor Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Radar Level Transmitter Capacitance Type Level Switch Capacitance Type Level Transmitter RF Type Level Transmitter Float Level Switch Float Type Level Switch Top Mounted Level Switch
  4. 4. Flow Measurement Systems Flow Switch Flow Transmitter Flow Computer Flow Meter Magnetic Flow Meter Vortex Flow Meter Swirl Flow Meter Variable Area Flow Meter Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Wedge spec Glass Tube Flow Meter Thermal Mass Flow for Compressed Air Analytical Measurement Systems Conductivity Analyzer Conductivity Transmitter Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Dissolved Oxygen Flue Gas Analyzer Hydrazine Monitor Multielectrode Conductivity Analyzer pH Analyzer Transmitter PH REDOX Analyzer Phosphate Monitor Silica Monitor Sodium Monitor Toroidal Conductivity Transmitters Turbidity Analyzer Zirconia Analyzer Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Zirconia Oxygen Probe Multi Gas Analyzer Analyzer
  5. 5. Electrical Items & Spare Motor AC Motor DC Motor AC Drive DC Drive AC VFD DC VFD Variable Frequency Drive Inverter Motor Control Panel Power Control Panel MCC Panel PCC Panel APFC APFC Panel PDB Panel MLDB Panel Switchgear Contactor MCCB MCB ACB VCB Relay Numeric Relay LT Panel HT Panel Low Voltage Switchgear High Voltage Switchgear Low Voltage High Voltage IGBT Power Supply Card SMPS Control Card
  6. 6. Mechanical Measurement Systems Butterfly valve Ball Valve Globe Type Valve Control Valve Analog Positioner Electro pneumatic Positioner I P Convertors Intelligent Positioner Intelligent Positioner Transmitter for Angular Position Converter IP Safety Valve PRV Pressure Reducing Valve SOV Solenoid valve Check Valve Gate Valve Mass Flow Volume Flow Pipe & Fittings Tube Fittings SS Tube Copper Tube SS Fittings MS Fittings Nipple Crosses Adapters Union Union Ball Joints Bushings Couplings Pipe plugs Tees Hex Plugs Elbows SS Pipe MS Pipe Copper Pipe
  7. 7. Control Systems  PLC  DCS  Analog Input  Analog Output  Digital Input  Digital Output  CPU  Power Card  Server  Client  Profibus  Profibus card  Modbus  PLC Panel  DCS Panel  Rittal  BCH  Rack  Spare  RS485  RS232  Fieldbus Connector  Connector Wires (Cables & Cable Tray)  Cable  Instrument Cable  Electrical Cable  Cable tray  Lugs  Communication Cable  Junction Box For Any Query/Assistance Contact UsNo. 12, Gayatri Complex, H. J. Doshi Hospital Road, Guruprashad Chawk , Rajkot (Gujarat) - 360002, IndiaMobile No: - +91 9227460003, Landline No: - + (91)-(281)-6560388, E-mail: - website: -