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  • Live by ithttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1ibGhzFrhw&feature=relatedHarley Davidson Commercial 2010http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE9qjrpXGQI
  • Harley davidson ppt

    1. 1. HARLEY-DAVIDSONBUILDING A BRAND THROUGH CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT 2 911283 Vikash Oraon 13 1011043 Prashant Karande 45 1011221 Vishal Nidhalkar 58 1011265 Prathibha Kodavaty 71 1011357 Shubhangi Satpute
    3. 3. Brand Management Framework Brand Identity Brand Awareness Customer- Brand Brand Based Brand Personality Communication Equity Brand Image Brand Positioning Source: Brand management Framework by Professor Preeti Krishnana Lyndem
    4. 4. Brand Management Framework contd….. Brand • Identity Fulfill • Rebellious • Harley experience • Message – dreams • Outdoorsy –individual & brand • Harley • Rugged shared personality, experience Brand • Tough Brand • H. O. G. experience & • Strong Personality • Brave Communication • Design Heritage design brand • Born free • Bike sound • Medium – print personality • Individualism adds, videos, • Dark and Brand Brand strong community (H. Positioning O. G), Rallies, Accessories, Biker café
    5. 5. Cult Brand• Unequivocal customer loyalty• Dare to be different and celebrate that difference• Relatively very small customer base, with enormous loyalty, spreading the good word and spending lots of money• Strong customer relationship, makes their customers feel unique, important, and part of an exclusive group - brand communities• Cult brands marketers define the consumer segments that they will not serve• Cult brands draw their consumers with propositions that go against the mainstream• Cult products are normally priced well above the industry level
    6. 6. • Consumers want to be part of a group that’s different• Cult brand inventors show daring and determination• Cult brands sell lifestyles.• Listen to the choir and create cult brand evangelists.• Cult brands always create customer communities.• Cult brands are inclusive.• Cult brands promote personal freedom and draw power from their enemiesSource: Ragas, M., & Bueno, B. (2002). The Power of Cult Branding: How 9 Magnetic Brands Turned Customers intoLoyal Followers (and Yours Can, Too!). Prima Publishing, Roseville, CA
    7. 7. • A community of buyers • Harley owners could • Bike Week, races for who not own just the participate, share potential customers to product, but belong to experiences of the test drive the bikes. the Harley way of life – freedom, empowerment, individualism.Harley Owners Sponsored rallies CampaignsGroup and gatherings • Wallets, helmets, • Insurance, emergency leather jackets, a road-side service, rental clothing line, visa card arrangements at etc... vacation spots, membership in riding groups, motorcycle magazine subscriptions Diversified Other Customer accessories benefits
    8. 8. Iconic Branding• “Objects of desire or devotion”• Transcend from product benefits, to become a part of people’s lives and of their popular culture.• They have strong cultural roots that tap into society’s values, sometimes even inspiring a shift in those values• Physical or symbolic features that make them instantly recognizable, a brand with such powerful visual cues• Enjoy far higher top-of-mind awareness, and is more likely considered for purchase• Larger customer base
    9. 9. Brand Personality Framework Brand Personality Sincerity Excitement Competence Sophistication Ruggedness• Down-to- • Daring • Reliable • Upper class • Outdoorsy earth • Spirited • Intelligent • Charming • Tough• Honest • Imaginative • Successful• Wholesome • Up-to-date• Cheerful Source: Dimension of brand personality by JENIFER L. AAKER
    10. 10. Brand Personality Framework for HD Symbolic • Sound • Logo – bar & shield • Brand mascot – eagle Sincerity Excitement Competence Sophistication • Design Ruggedness • Tattoos • Piercing • Black color • Skull and Fire Utilitarian • Durability • Stability • Comfort design • Metal – strength
    11. 11. Brand Personality of Harley Davidson Excitement Ruggedness
    12. 12. Brand Community• A group of consumers organized around the lifestyle, activities and ethos of the brand.• It provides individual the opportunity to find meaning and a sense of self through commitment to the particular lifestyle promoted by brand. Shared consciousness Rituals & traditions Sense of moral responsibility• Legitimacy: To • Reproduces community & • Sense of duty to community differentiates between true meaning of brand by their as a whole & to individual believer & opportunists ritualized behaviors & scripts members of community• Oppositional brand • Celebrating brand history • Integrating & retaining loyalty: Marks members’ members inclusion in & exclusion from • Sharing brand stories various lifestyles • Assisting in the use of brand Source: ‘Brand Community’ by Albert M. Muniz, Jr. and Thomas C. O’Guinn
    13. 13. Brand Community – Attributes from HD Shared consciousness Rituals & traditions Sense of moral responsibilityBy restricting membership to By holding and sponsoring Harley Strict rules governingowners of the Harley Davidson Davidson rallies and allowing membership along withmotorcycles, HOG ensured that people to share their experience hierarchical structure allowsonly brand loyalist exist within HOG ensures that the brand community to police itself andcommunity. would thrive through future ensures only loyal members generations. have the most say in community.
    14. 14. Brand Community Affluence • Strong association with shared activities, goals or shared values and loose associations with one another • Shared activities, goals, values are key to this community affiliation • Delivers only limited community benefits • Community members are at risk of dropping out when brand idea is not supplemented with human connections • To strengthen & expand the community, use Webs or Hubs • Strong one-to-one relationships with one another who have similar or complimentary needs • Personal relationships are the key to this community affiliation • Strongest & most stable form of community • Strong connection to central figure and weaker associations with one another. • A charismatic figure is the key to this community affiliation • Strong but unstable form of community when central figure is no longer present • To make it strong Hub must be bonded to community through Webs
    15. 15. Brand Community Affluence by HD • Shared values, goals: rebellious, freedom, independence • Set of values emotionally connects the customers to HD The Harley Davidson community exhibits characteristics of Pool form but at the same time the marketing activities are leading to formation of Webs & Hubs in Harley Davidson museum order to strengthen bond amongst its existing and potential customers. • It builds web of interpersonal connections through features such as walls around campus decorated with large, custom-inscribed stainless-steel rivets commissioned by individuals or groups • Inscriptions reflect stories and people behind them • People reading it engage in conversation, plan to stay in touch & even plan to share ride someday • Harley Davidson build a bridge to a younger audience through association with professional skateboarders and Harley enthusiast
    16. 16. Harley-Davidson LIVE BY IT.THANK YOU