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Eureka School: An Overview
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Eureka School: An Overview







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Eureka School: An Overview Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A PRESENTATION ON EUREKA SCHOOLS by Eureka Child An AID INDIA initiative
  • 2. AID  INDIA:  OVERVIEW   •  Founded:  In  1996.    By  IIT  and  BITS  alumni  who  quit  corporate  careers  to  work  full?me   on  educa?on  and  village  development.   •    Mission:    To  provide  quality  educa?on  to  every  poor  child  in  India   •    Strategy:    Large  Scale  Measurable  Impact  Projects   •  USP:     •  Content  Exper@se:    Separate  content  R&D  division.  Deeply  researched   outcome-­‐focused  pedagogy,  materials  and  training.  Widely  used  by  Govt,   UNICEF,  Pvt  Schools,  TV  channels,  NGOs.     •  Impact  Evalua@on:  Systema?c  evalua?on  and  tracking  of  children’s  learning   outcomes  used  as  feedback  to  con?nuously  improve  performance.     •  Community  Engagement:    In  every  village  we  get  the  community  to   financially  contribute  to  the  project  right  from  the  start.    This  ensures  both   accountability  as  well  as  sustainability.   •  Long  Term  Approach:      Most  of  our  projects  start  small,  demonstrate  results   and    build  further  and  further  in  the  succeeding  years.      This  leads  to  long   term  and  broader  impact  on  the  children.  2
  • 3. AID  INDIA:  PROJECTS   Chennai  Schools   Padippum  Inikkum   NCLP  Project     Math,  Science  ,  Language     4.5  Lakh  children  in  7300   Science  and  Math  made   improved  in  100  corpora?on   schools  learn  to  read  Tamil     fun  in  700  child  labor   Lab-­‐in-­‐a-­‐Box   schools  in  Chennai   Partner:  TN  Govt  SSA  Scien?fic  crea?vity  sparked  in   schools   Read  India   Partner:  MS  Dell  Founda?on   Partner:  UNICEF,  Govt   1.3  Lakh  kids  in  510  Govt   Reading  campaign  in   Cognizant  Founda?on   13000  villages  helps   schools  in  Krishnagiri.   Partner:  UNICEF   children  learn  to  read.   Partner:  Pratham   Eureka  Schools   Eureka  SuperKidz   Model  schools  hat   Village  educa?on  centers  that   Scholarship   TN  Schools  Project   demonstrate  top  quality   provides  quality  educa?on  to     361  poorest  children   1  million  children  in  7200  Govt   educa?on  at  low  cost.   the  poorest  children   supported  from  Std  6   schools  improve  reading,  math   Partner:  Banca  Sella   Partner:  John  Stone,  Prabhu,     through  ?ll  college.   and  pre-­‐primary  skills.   Kothari,  Rohan   ILP,    AGK,  PwC,  Girija   Partner:  CSS   Partner:  CIFF,  John  Stone,  Asha,   Yahoo   3
  • 4. AID  INDIA:  TEAM,  ADVISORS   q  AID  INDIA  has  100  Full-­‐?me  Staff,  250  Expert  Teachers  and  1200  Village  Teachers  in   53  blocks  in  10  districts  of  Tamilnadu  and  is  growing….     Full@me  Management  Team  Balaji   Sampath:   B.Tech,   IIT   Madras.     PhD,   Univ   of   Maryland.   15   years   of  development  and  educa?on  experience.    Science  Educator.    Ashoka  Fellow.     AdvisorsChandra   Anil:     B.Tech,   BITS   Pilani.     Primary   and   Pre-­‐primary   Educa?on   Expert.   N. Vaghul, Former Chairman, ICICIConsultant  to  the  Govt  on  Reading  program.         Vasanthi Devi, Former Vice ChancellorRavishankar:     B.Tech,  IIT-­‐M.  PhD,  Carnegie  Mellon  Univ.    Adj  Prof,  IIT.    Designed   and TN Planning Commission Memberseveral   science   and   math   programs.   Author   of   several   books   including   TN   Std   6   Math   Madhav Chavan, CEO, PrathamTextbook.     Ramanujam,Damodharan:   M.Phil,   Madras   Univ.     Born   into   a   very   poor   family   in   a   remote   Chairman, NCERT Math Committeevillage,   Damu   started   life   as   a   migrant   child   labor.     Sheer   will-­‐power   helped   him   N. Chandramouli, Director, Kothariovercome  huge  hurdles,  complete  schooling,  college  and  M.Phil.  An  expert  on  early  and  primary  educa?on,  he  has  authored  several  books  for  children  and  developed  kits  that   Anil Arjun, CEO, Reliance MediaWorkshave  been  adopted  widely  by  the  Govt.     Giada Bono, CEO, Sella SynergyShyam:  MBA,  IIM  Ahmedabad.    Aeer  gradua?ng  at  the  top  of  his  MBA  class  at  IIMA,   V. Sundar, President & Group CFO,Shyam  worked  in  Barclays  Capital  at  Singapore  as  an  Investment  Banker.    He  quit  his   Dynamatics Technologiescorporate  career  to  work  full?me  with  AID  INDIA  to  educate  poor  children  in  villages.      Shyam  uses  his  management  exper?se  to  ensure  high  quality  field  opera?ons.   Thomas Kailath   Professor Emeritus, Stanford UniversityThe  Management  Team  also  has  a  mix  of  people  who  quit  corporate  careers  to  serve  the   Ramesh Mangaleswaranpoor  (Jayram,  Gomathi,  Smitha,  Radha,  Gayatri),    professional  social  workers  with  many   Director, McKinsey Chennaiyears   of   field   experience   (Rajkumar,   Prabha,   Gowri,   Parvathy)   and   community   leaders   Vijay Manghnaniwho   have   built   extremely   commiied   field   teams   (Samu,   Rajapandi,   Anbazhagi,   Vice President, ACE USAMurugesh,  Nagaraj).  4
  • 5. AID  INDIA:  AWARDS,  RECOGNITION   ¤  MIT  Indus  Technovators  Award,  for  innova?ve  work  on  Science  Educa?on   and  Village  Libraries.   ¤  Ashoka  Fellowship,  for  innova?ve  work  in  science  educa?on   ¤  Lemelson  Inventor  Cer@ficate,  recognizing  innova?ve  work  in  science   educa?on   ¤  Pratham  USA  Achievement  Award,  for  improving  reading  skills  across  the   state  of  Tamilnadu.   ¤  Dis@nguished  Service  Award,  from  Rotary  Club  of  Madras  South  for   providing  quality  educa?on  to  the  poorest  children.     ¤  Selected  Media  Coverage   •  Center  page  ar?cle  in  The  Hindu  Metroplus  on  9th  May  2009   •  Science  Program  featured  in  Lemelson  Founda?on’s  online  magazine  ‘Good’   •  Outlook  ar?cle  on  Educa?on  programs  of  AID  INDIA  on  18th  Sept  2006   •  CNN  IBN  TV  interview  on  Reading  program  5
  • 6. EUREKA SCHOOLS An AID INDIA and Friends of Banca Sella initiative Where every child is without fear and head held high; Where knowledge is free and learning is fun; Where tireless striving is born of curiosity; Where teachers and children trust each other; Where children learn to question before learning to answer; Where understanding is not buried under the desert sand of exams; Where the mind is led forward into ever widening thought and action; Into that haven of freedom, may all our children awake.•  Started  in  June  2006  as  a  part  of  Tsunami  relief  &  rehabilita?on   efforts  in  Koovathur,  Kanchipuram  District,  TN  •  Inspira?on  and  support  from  Banca  Sella,  Italy  •  Vision  of  providing  quality  educa?on  to  every  child  •  Currently,   2   schools   –   Koovathur   (Kanchipuram   District)   &   Vembakkam  (Tiruvannamalai  District)  
  • 7. Learning is funChildren  learn  using  attractive  educational  materials  &  hands-­‐on  activities  
  • 8. Child-friendly infrastructureBuildings  and  classrooms  designed  to  be  educational  and  child-­‐friendly  
  • 9. Motivated teachersEureka  School  is  my  second  home…My  teacher  is  my  friend…  
  • 10. Focus on outcomesWritten  tests  &  One-­‐on-­‐one  evaluation  to  assess  skill  levels  
  • 11. Meaningful methodologyInvolving  kids  in  learning  through  projects  &  field  trips    
  • 12. Extra-curricular activitiesChildren  involved  in  karate,  silambam,  football  &  yoga  
  • 13. Current reach•  Academic year 2012-’13  Strength  from  LKG  to  Std.  5    Eureka  School,  Koovathur        –  138  students    Eureka  School,  Vembakkam  –  134  students    Average  teacher  :  student  ra?o  =  1:20    
  • 14. Join us in our endeavour to provide quality education to rural children•  Sponsor   a   child   –   Many   of   our   students   are   first   generation   learners.   Enable   a   child   to   access   quality   primary   education  •  Sponsor  educa@onal  materials  –   Enable  our  children   to  access  quality  learning  materials    •  Support  infrastructure  requirements  -­‐  Partake  in   making  Eureka  Schools  creative  &  exciting  for  children  •  Sponsor   a   teacher   –   Support   the   cost   of   one   of   our   motivated  teachers      
  • 15. THANK YOU AID  INDIA   45,  Pycroes  Road,  1st  Street,  Royapeiah,  Chennai  –  600014     parvathy.n@aidindia.in  +91  98409  24634    www.eurekachild.org