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Biotechnology Corporate Profile

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Dr Yellapragada Lifesciences Corporate Profile

  3. 3. Dr Yellapragada Subbarow (1895-1948) Because he lived you may be alive and well today; because he lived you may live longer He Transformed Science; Changed Lives
  4. 4. Divisions of Dr Yellapragada Lifesciences • Bio-Fugue (Inoculating Knowledge) Training in Lifesciences / Biological / Basic & Analytical Sciences. • Sherwood-HR (Soar Beyond The Horizon) Retained search firm & Refined Recruitment solutions (All verticals) • Laasya Advertising ( Complete Outdoor Branding) Complete Outdoor Solutions – Online Promotion - Branding
  5. 5. Biological / Bio Pharmaceutical Services Clinical Research Clinical Data management Drug Discovery services Waste management Microbiological studies(Basic & Clinical) Biochemical & Phytochemical studies Bio-Technology studies Molecular biology studies Molecular genetic studies. Cell biology studies. Nano-biotechnology studies.
  6. 6. Biological / Bio Pharmaceutical Services Bio-remediation. Immunological studies R-DNA Technology studies Cell line studies/Animal tissue culture studies. Invitro anti-cancer studies. Plant tissue culture studies. MYCO-Technology studies. Anti-Oxidant studies. Anti – Inflammatory studies (Invitro/In vivo).
  7. 7. Biological / Bio Pharmaceutical Services Anti-Diabetic Studies (Invitro/In vivo). Anti – Proliferative studies (Invitro/In vivo). Custom Assay Development Services (CADS). Biologics/Biosimilars/Bio Pharma CMC Support Assays. Bio- Analytical Services (PK/TK/Immunogenicity/ Invitro Assays). Final Product Characterization Efficacy. Toxicology Antibody Production, Purification, Labeling, and Characterization. Host – Cell Contamination.
  8. 8. Biological / Bio Pharmaceutical Services Animal Model Development. Stability Services. Microbial Gene Analysis.
  9. 9. Invitro Laboratory Testing Services Proximate analysis. Pesticide analysis. Heavy metal analysis. Toxic element analysis. Additive analysis. Extraneous Material analysis. Food Dyes analysis. Animal Feed analysis. Fatty acid analysis.
  10. 10. Invitro Laboratory Testing Services Preservatives analysis. Trace elements analysis. Minerals analysis Myco-Toxin analysis. Hazardous sludge analysis. BOD/COD analysis. Emission analysis. Water/Waste water/Air/Soil/Pharma/Cosmetic product analysis.
  11. 11. Invitro Laboratory Testing Services Rancidity Nutritional labeling. Cereals/Pulses/Nuts/Oils/Fats/Milk/Egg/Fruit/Vegetables/Beverages/SeaFood analysis/Poultry/Meat/dairy products analysis.
  12. 12. Specialized Instrumentation / Facilities AFM HR-TEM SEM FT-IR UV-SPEC NMR XRD GC-MS Chromatography (HPLC, HPTLC, TLC, Column & Ion exchange).
  13. 13. Specialized Instrumentation / Facilities Soxhlet Apparatus Flow Cytometer Confocal Microscopy DNA Sequencer FPLC RT-PCR ICPMS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Chemidoc
  14. 14. Specialized Instrumentation / Facilities Fluorescence Microscope GC-MS LC-MS/MS Multi Mod Micro plate reader Electrophoresis –Blotting – (Southern, Northern & Western). Radiobiology Ultra centrifuge Tissue culture Facility Fermentor Nanodrop-Spetrophotometer
  15. 15. PRODUCTS Nanoparticles (E.g. Silver, Gold, CDS, Zns etc Synthetic and Green chemistry) (For academic and research purposes only.) Custom Formulations
  16. 16. Research & Development Bio- Pharmaceuticals API’s (Pipeline) • Anti-Diabetic Agents. • Anti – Oxidants. • Anti-Inflammatory Agents. • Anti-Obesity Agents. • Anti-Proliferate Agents.
  17. 17. Research & Development Biologicals (pipeline) Monoclonal Antibodies. Therapeutic Proteins. Vaccines Oncology & Retroviral Drugs
  18. 18. Pre-Clinicals Test Batch Production Process development Potency Testing Immunogenicity Toxicology Batch Release Test Dose Stability
  19. 19. Pre-Clinicals Efficacy Pyrogens Endotoxins Physchem studies Exotoxins Outermembrane Toxins
  20. 20. Enzymes Catalases Oxidases Peroxidases Amylase Lactase Aspartase Protease Nitrilase Fumerase Aminoacyclase Cellulase
  21. 21. Amino-Acids L- Glutamic acid L- Glutamine L- Lysine L-Threonine L-Serine L-Isoleucine L-Leucine L-Valine
  22. 22. Amino-Acids L-Arginine L-Histidine L-Alanine Aspartic acid Proline Cysteine Methionine Tryptophan Phenylalanine Tyrosine
  23. 23. Bio - Nanotechnology Nano-Particles (Silver, Gold, Carbon, ZNS etc.) Nano-powders Nanowires
  24. 24. Bio - Informatics Tools, Software’s and Databases: Sequence Analysis Structure Analysis Molecular Modeling Molecular Docking Molecular Dynamics and Simulation Insilco Drug Designing
  25. 25. Bio – Agricultural (Pipeline) Bio-Composting Molasses storage Mushroom cultivation Animal Feed
  26. 26. Clinical Research ACUTE SUB ACUTE SUBCHRONIC & CHRONIC • • • • • • Acute Oral Toxicity Acute Dermal Toxicity Acute Inhalation Toxicity Acute Dermal Irritation / Corrosion Acute Eye Irritation / Corrosion Skin Sensitization • Repeated Dose 14/28 Days Oral / Dermal Toxicity Studies • Repeated Dose 90 / 180 Days Toxicity Studies • Carcinogenicity Studies
  27. 27. KPO Services We offer “Quality Service” in IP and Market Analytic Sectors strengthening biological science, Pharma, business, law-IT sectors. SWOT Analysis. Trend Analysis. Six Sigma. IDEAL. Ice-berg Studies. KOL Assessment. Process Optimization. Study design & data management. Licensing assessment. Analysis & Interpretation. Literature Review. Patent, Non-Patent preparation.
  28. 28. LPO Services IPR Services. Research & Drafting Services. Patent Drafting & Filing Services. Litigation Support.
  29. 29. CRO Services We are committed to provide quality central laboratory services for clinical trials, understanding fully that the reliability of clinical laboratory data is crucial for the success of each trial. We maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your research which is critical to the well being of each study subject and overall success of the trial. The lab provides services that meet the required regulatory standards of the pharmaceutical industry.
  30. 30. PHARMACOKINETICS ADME PK / In – vivo & In – Vitro Physchem Studies Efficacy Batch Release Testing
  31. 31. In-Vitro ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion) In vitro ADME studies help in optimization of pharmacokinetic characteristics of a drug candidate identify the metabolic pathways and provide valuable inputs for the design of in vivo studies. We offer both standardized as well as customized assays.
  32. 32. In-Vitro • Permeability (Caco2, MDCK and PAMPA) • Aqueous Solubility • Metabolic stability and biotransformation • Test systems (microsomes, hepatocytes, S9, recombinant enzymes) • Species (rodent, guinea pig, rabbit, canine, non-human primate, human) • Protein binding (Equilibrium Dialysis and Ultrafiltration) • CYP Induction • CYP Isozyme Mapping • CYP Inhibition • Metabolite ID and profiling • Mass balance and drug disposition
  33. 33. Molecular Biology DNA sequencing to DNA services have become routine tools in drug discovery research, preclinical and clinical development. Both basic and advanced DNA technologies are used on a daily basis in most research laboratories. Dr Yellapragada Lifesciences Network offers you a wide range of services have follows
  34. 34. Gene Regulation • RNA interference, siRNA, shRNA, • Micro RNA, miR RNA interference • Immunoassays • Gene expression analysis
  35. 35. Nucleic Acid Analysis • DNA isolation and purification • RNA isolation and purification • cDNA synthesis • DNA sequencing • Cloning • PCR analysis • Quantitative real time PCR • DNA Library Creation • DNA Library Screening
  36. 36. Nucleic Acid Analysis •Cloning of target genes into vectors • Gene Amplification and optimization (PCR) • Site directed mutagenesis • DNA Sequencing • Microbial identification • Fragment analysis • DNA Sub-cloning • DNA and RNA Isolation • Northern blotting • Gene expression analysis by Real Time PCR
  37. 37. Proteomics • Protein expression profiling (Array based) • SDS-PAGE • Immunoblotting
  38. 38. Immuno-Phenotyping • Acute myeloid leukaemia characterization • Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia characterization • T-ALL diagnosis • B-ALL diagnosis • Chronic lymph proliferative disorder diagnosis • Hairy cell leukaemia • Multiple myeloma
  39. 39. Cell biology Cell based assays Cell-based assays are a vital early step in the testing of your compounds and drug candidates for activity. • Proprietary Cell-Based Assays • High-throughput Fluorescence based assays • Primary Cells and Proprietary Cell based assays
  40. 40. Cell Assays • Angiogenesis • Apoptosis • Cell Migration • Cell Cycle analysis (Flow cytometer) • Cell Viability (MTT, SRB, CyQuant, 3H) • Inflammation and Cytokines assays • Reporter Gene assays (Luciferase) • Glucose Uptake
  41. 41. Cell and Diagnostic Applications • Cell cycle analysis • Cell proliferation assays • Apoptosis assays • Mitochondrial membrane potential analysis • Oxidative burst assay • Reactive oxygen species analysis • Autophagy assay • Immunofluorescence (confocal microscopy) • Cell isolation and expansion • Cell immortalization • Cell sorting services • Hematopoietic stem cell analysis
  42. 42. Pharmacology In-Vivo •We offer wide range of preclinical in vivo pharmacology efficacy studies in the therapeutic areas of inflammation, pain, metabolic diseases etc. In-house bred and imported animals would be used in the studies. Inflammation and Pyrogen • LPS induced sepsis model in mice. • Adjuvant induced arthritis model in rats • Collagen induced arthritis model in mice • Carrageenan induced paw oedema model • Rat air pouch model
  43. 43. Pharmacology In-Vivo Metabolic disorders • Diabetic Neuropathy models • STZ and nSTZ induced Diabetes modelslHFD + STZ induced Diabetes Models • Genetically Modified mice (Lepr db/db mice) Pain • Formalin induced pain in rats • Acetic acid induced writhing model in Swiss albino mice • Evaluation of analgesic activity by Tail flick • Apparatus and Eddy's hot plate methods.
  44. 44. Pharmacology In-Vivo Oncology • Subcutaneous xenograft models • Orthotopic tumor models • Metastatic models • Syngeneic models • Hollow fibre assay Infective • LD50 determination (Systemic infection or Mouse protection model) • Thigh infection model • Lung infection model
  45. 45. Safety Pharmacology CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM • Motor activity • Behavior • Body Temperature • Sensory/ Motor reflexes CARDIO VASCULAR SYSTEM • Systolic & Diastolic BP • Mean Arterial Pressure • Heart Rate
  46. 46. Toxicology Dr Yellapragada Lifesciences Drug discovery Network has facilities and expertise to perform all aspects of health and environmental safety testing with animals. We continue to develop new techniques in line with SOP based system with advances in regulatory requirements and also constantly working towards 3R principle. • GUIDELINES FOLLOWED • OECD, OCSPP (OPPTS), EC, ICH, Schedule Y, ISO and custom design
  47. 47. Toxicology - In vivo • Acute oral Toxicity – Up an d Down procedure (UDP) • Acute oral Toxicity –Toxic Class method • Acute Dermal Toxicity (Rat/Rabbit) • Acute Dermal irritation in Rabbit • Acute Eye irritation in Rabbit • Skin sensitization in Guinea pig: Buehler test, Magnusson & Kligman • Repeated Dose 28-Day Toxicity Study in Rodents • 90-Day Oral Toxicity in Rodents ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION Oral, Dermal, Intra dermal, Subcutaneous, Intravenous, Intra peritoneal and Intramuscular
  48. 48. Geno-Toxicity Studies The impact of any chemical on DNA is genotoxic ability of given test item. Effects of chemicals on the genetic material form an integral part of research and regulatory requirement. • Ames Test • Chromosomal aberration test • In vivo Micronucleus test
  49. 49. Eco-Toxicology Studies The impact of chemicals in Eco-system is regulatory requirement. The following studies are conducted to draw the eco-toxic effect of given test item. • Algae Growth Inhibition Test • Acute Immobilization Test (Daphnia Sp.,) • Acute Toxicity in Fish • Earthworm, Acute Toxicity Test • Acute Oral Toxicity Test – Japanese quail
  50. 50. Analytical Chemistry Dr Yellapragada Lifesciences Drug discovery Network is equipped with advanced instruments to cater the needs of chemists /researcher in the area of structural elucidation, mass characterization, determination of true elements, separation science etc. The following are the list of equipment's completely operational by experts in analytical chemistry. In addition our chemists would offer on need basis, suggestion, help and inputs for any of our client needs / problems etc.
  51. 51. High performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) • HPLC Method Development (Analytical/Bio-analytical) • Method Validation (Analytical / Bio-analytical) • Qualitative analysis • Quantitative analysis • Routine sample analysis or Subject sample analysis • Pharmacokinetics studies using HPLC
  52. 52. High performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) • HPTLC Method Development • Method Validation • Qualitative analysis (Profiling / finger printing) • Quantitative analysis • Stability Sample analysis • Routine sample analysis or Subject sample analysis
  53. 53. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) • 1H -Proton NMR • 13C NMR • Cosy • Nosy • DEBT 135 • HMQC • HSQC • HMBC • APT
  54. 54. Gas Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) • GCMS Method Development (Analytical/Bio-analytical) • Method Validation (Analytical/Bio-analytical) • Qualitative analysis • Quantitative analysis • Routine sample analysis or Subject sample analysis • Pharmacokinetics studies using GCMS
  55. 55. Inductive coupled plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS) ICPMS techniques are robust and suitable methods of trace metals analysis amenable to a wide array of sample types. Metals, plastics, proteins, ceramics many others can be successfully analyzed using ICPMS methods. • Total sulphur and sulphur species in hydrocarbon fuels • Organotin species in marine sediments and biota, consumer goods, and drinking water • Mercury species in fish, industrial discharges, and petroleum processing • Arsenic species in marine algae, food products, and drinking water
  56. 56. Inductive coupled plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS) • Brominated and phosphorus-based flame retardants in consumer goods • Phosphorus and sulphur in biological samples • Protein- and peptide-bound metals • Pesticides and herbicides • Chemical warfare agents • Volatile organo halides in air samples
  57. 57. Other Services • Bio-Analytical • On-going Projects • Patent Works: New Molecule Identification, Drug Discovery-ADEMT TOX Studies • Medicinal / Phyto Chemistry Lab work Studies • Structural Interpretation, X-ray Crystallography, Structure Identification, Docking Studies
  58. 58. Value Added Services As a part of value added services we offer solutions and services to B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Sc., M.Phil, and PhD, in Lifesciences / Biological / Basic & Analytical Sciences. – Project guidance for Life sciences/ Biological/ Basic & Analytical sciences. – Wet lab/invitro facilities available. – Career counseling. – Protocol designing
  59. 59. Contact Us @ Vishnu Kiran.M || Head – Research & Marketing Dr Yellapragada Lifesciences No 8916, LIG -1, TNHB, Ayappakkam, Ambattur, (OPP ICMR), Chennai - 600017 INDIA Mob: +91.7299697960, +91.9962192013. Email: dna.vishnu@gmail.com / dyl.vishnu@aol.com