Wagn, how Wikirate rolls


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Presentation of Wagn, the platform, upon which Wikirate runs for FLOSS workshop in Madrid, Spain.

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  • introduce the players. note how vish is playing hard to get
  • going to guess you don’t have to mention the W’s. they’ll catch on.
  • I know this is not an “approved” vision statement. Edit at will.Aiming to construct the largest crowdsourced database on the ethical and sustainable activities of companies. -Sources, claims, summaries
  • could show three cards (a company, a topic, and an analysis). I was thinking just to say that that there was a separate car for the others.
  • point out that this is zooming out on analysis from previous page to show where the summary comes from
  • alonovo, osoeco
  • Knowledge management project; public shared knowledge base about grant making-Ward Cunningham invented the first wiki,spoke at the Connectipedia launch
  • Proposal submission and review tool
  • image of wikirate page
  • image of gear menu
  • point out all the syntax on Wikipedia. You can lead to next slide by saying that Wagn Editors don’t learn syntax; that’s for Wagneers.
  • I wouldn’t try to get into the details of these. Idea is to convey a clean, logical ordering in a way that will appeal to techies.I might, however,explain that you’re seeing all the rules that apply to the Apple logo cardnote that I never get into the compound names (plus cards). I think that will derail the presentation
  • idea is for this to be a teaser, not to involve a lot of explaining. instead of going through the items, I would just use this space to convey something about your experience of wagneeringWQL = Wagn Query Language
  • http://wagn.org/MoVE_beyond_MVCMove stands for:Mo = ModelV = ViewsE = EventsMaybe read the blog, see whether it makes sense, and send me questions?
  • what makes the technology juicy?data atoms – the “everything is a card” mantradistribution – the plans for “WagNet” will make it so that you can seamlessly use cards from other sitesintegration – unlike Drupal/Wordpress modules, Wagn mods add no custom structure, so they can connect well even with unknown mods
  • Context shift: drupal or wordpress: have to go to separate admin area; vs. in wagn edit in place; and then also; all the rules are accessible from the page you are onTracked and reversible: all the rules and sets have revision history… No custom low-level structures… vs. customiseddrupal nodes or wordpress nodes; sometimes nodes don’t connect…; cards can connect more easily
  • Wagn, how Wikirate rolls

    1. 1. Wagn How Wikirate rolls
    2. 2. Wikirate Vishal Kapadia wagn.org ~ wikirate.org Wagn Ethan McCutchen
    3. 3. Outline I. Welcome II. Wikirate III.Wagn Whos, Wheres, & Whens IV.Wagn Whats & Hows V. Wagn Whys wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    4. 4. What’s Wikirate? Wikirate is an open, shared inquiry into how companies affect people wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    5. 5. Wikirate Subjects Company + Topic = Analysis wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    6. 6. Wikirate Claims Summaries cite Claims cite Sources wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    7. 7. Why Wagn? Wikirate needs: • structured data (companies, topics, claims…) • collaborative editing (summaries) • approachable interface • deep transparency That’s Wagn. wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    8. 8. Outline I. Welcome II. Wikirate III.Wagn Whos, Wheres, & Whens IV.Wagn Whats & Hows V. Wagn Whys wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    9. 9. Grass Commons • 2004: founded in Oregon, USA as consumer education nonprofit • 2004-2007: collaborated with for-profits adding social / environmental context to shopping sites • 2006: began developing Wagn to help fill data void of public consumer information • 2008: moved to Colorado, USA • 2009: released Wagn version 1.0 • 2013: on Wikirate CAPS grant for year one only wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    10. 10. New Wagn Research Centre to be created in Europe probably in Berlin ( Wagn Wikirate ) funded by CAPS grant for years 2 and 3 wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    11. 11. Samples: Connectipedia community knowledge management project of Meyer Memorial Trust (Oregon’s largest private foundation). Ward Cunningham: “one of the most exciting contributions to wiki since I coined the term” wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    12. 12. Samples: CARB proposal submission and review web tool for California Air Resources Board wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    13. 13. Samples: assorted Advocacy Academics Commercial Teen Wolves wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    14. 14. User types Readers Editors Wagneers Developers wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    15. 15. Outline I. Welcome II. Wikirate III.Wagn Whos, Wheres, & Whens IV.Wagn Whats & Hows V. Wagn Whys wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    16. 16. Readers This is a wiki? • skinning • dynamic lists • data reuse • image rich wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    17. 17. Editors • simple gear menu • minimal visual noise • in-place editing • double click wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    18. 18. Editors Wikipedia / MediaWiki wagn.org ~ wikirate.org Wikirate / Wagn
    19. 19. Wagneers not necessarily coders structuring, configuring, arranging, querying… the way in: “advanced”: wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    20. 20. Wagneering Basics Everything is a card Every card has a unique name Every card has a type Every card is a member of many sets Every rule is applied to a set of cards wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    21. 21. Wagneering gets fun when you… create your own types connect card types create structured content include cards within cards use contextual names write WQL queries wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    22. 22. Developers Wagn 1.0 Wagn 2.0 2009 2014 (current 1.12.5) Ruby-on-Rails app Ruby Platform MVC architecture MoVE architecture new! hard to extend mods API geeks only broader audience so 2.0 invites new community member: Wagn mod developer wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    23. 23. Developers Free and open-source software GNU Public License version 2 github.com/wagn/wagn 3 coders with 1000+ commits  #4 has 5 commits  wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    24. 24. Outline I. Welcome II. Wikirate III.Wagn Whos, Wheres, & Whens IV.Wagn Whats & Hows V. Wagn Whys wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    25. 25. Why build Wagn? • crowdsourcing valuable structured data • independent players integrate as effectively as departments of a big company • bring coder patterns to more creators • maximize teen wolf awareness • juicy technology wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    26. 26. Why use Wagn? combines powers of CMS, wiki, and database web users empowered to create like coders reduce context shifts (no separate admin area) everything is tracked and reversible mods integrate easily (no custom low-level data structures) it’s fun wagn.org ~ wikirate.org
    27. 27. Thanks. ethan@wagn.org vishal@wikirate.org wagn.org ~ wikirate.org