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Presentation on od

  1. 1. Introduction• Public – sector organization, such as federal, state and local govt operate in complex enviournment of competing political, social and economic forces• The legislation and programs aimed at improving govt accountability, quality and effective are being introduced & adopted at all levels of govt.• Public-sector organization face increasingly complex & significant challenges in responding to citizen, crafting public policy.
  2. 2. Contd.. As a result of public- sector orgn are engaging in a variety of efforts focused on increasing citizenparticipation and involvement in hopes of developing greater public trust and confidence in govt as theymove further in to twenty-century and out comes of this citizen satisfaction and service quality.
  3. 3. Contd..Here OD interventions are helping public sectororgn respond to the citizenry and transformthemselves into citizen focused, customer drivenand result oriented public sector orgn
  4. 4. Key dimension of public sector orgn• Values and Structures• Multiplicity of decision makers• Stakeholders Access• Ingovernmental Relations
  5. 5. Values and Structures• In private sector companies the key values are profitability and the creation of competitive advantage.• In public sector orgn shares a similar structural arrangement of representation & implementation.• Adopt values like representation and implementation structural firm.• Public sector political administrative structure reflects the values & roles inherent in govt orgn
  6. 6. Contribution of OD practitioners in this dimension• The OD practitioners must understand the public sector orgn primary mission• OD practitioners need to be ready to provied evidence of success for particular intervention in public sector orgn.• OD practitioners must select process that create a constructive enviournment on the one hand & allow for public participation & review on the other• OD practitioners need to be have aware of this possibility as intervention are designed & implemented
  7. 7. Multiplicity of decision makers• The public sector operates in an enviournment of largely unlimited access to multiple authoritative decision makers, a phenomenon designed to ensure that “public business gets looked at from variety of perspective”• Here the public expects full and legitimate access to all govt decision makers at every level• The govt fragmentation complicates the public sector decision making process
  8. 8. Contribution of OD practitioners in this dimension• The implementation is that OD values that seeks to expand workers self direction & move decision making closest to point of services.• OD practitioners must be able to explain the process & expected outcomes & must remember that public or politicians resisting the project may challenge the efficacy of the interventions.
  9. 9. Stakeholders Access• A stakeholders is any group or individual who is affected by, or who can affect the policies and operations of the public sector orgn citizen, customer, political parties, coporations employees, other govts etc.• In contrast to private industry the public sector conduct business in open public meetings and involves “greater variety of individual and group with different and often mutually exclusive sets of interest, reward structures and values”
  10. 10. Contribution of OD practitioners in this dimension• OD practitioners must recognize that all stakeholders most of whom bring different values, goals, and proposed solution to public issues, have legitimate entry into the public policy & administrative process.• OD practitioners must understand the stakeholders interest & expectations behind a common goal
  11. 11. Ingovernmental Relations• Govt are designed to focus both functions and power and paradoxically to disperse power and function so that no one govt or agency is all powerful.• First issue of coordination and power may emerge out of the sharing of responsibility across public sector orgn in the provision of public service.• Second issue , local govt must implement federal & state laws and policies that often conflict with each other
  12. 12. Thank you..