Na#ve	  apps	  vs.	  Mobile	  web	  apps	  in	  the	  enterprise	  Myth,	  Reality	  and	  Trends	  29	  May	  2012,	  MOS...
451	  Research	                                        New	  York	  City:	  HQ	         Staff	  of	  200+	     Founded	  in...
Crack	  the	  conundrum	  • 	  App	  development	  and	  deployment	  landscape	  • 	  Beyond	  the	  na#ve	  vs	  mobile	...
Rise	  and	  rise	  of	  na#ve	  apps	            500,000                                                                 ...
App	  development	  and	  deployment	  is	  no	  longer	  a	  soXware	  project	  •  Picking	  industrial	  scale	  in	  t...
Because	  mobility	  is	  transforma#onal!!!	                                 How do you view mobility within your organiz...
Beyond	  na#ve	  vs.	  mobile	  web	                               Na#ve	                             Mobile	  Web	       ...
What	  does	  the	  enterprise	  expect	                        Please indicate the degree to which each of the statements...
0.0%$                                         10.0%$                                         20.0%$                       ...
Where	  is	  mobility	  in	  the	  enterprise	                         What%types%of%applica/ons%does%your%organiza/on%use...
How	  are	  they	  developing	  the	  next	  killer	  app	                           Rank platforms in the priority that y...
Using	  the	  best	  of	  breed	  	                                                                    Eventually	    Na#v...
Total	  Cost	  of	  Ownership	  •  Understand	  the	  cost	  of	  the	       en#re	  environment,	  not	  just	       the	...
Conclusion	  Transi#on	  from	  2nd	  Wave	  into	  the	  3rd	  wave	  of	  mobility	  	  	  	  	  •    Demand	  for	  ROI...
Further	  Read	  Upcoming	  reports	  • 	  Applica#on	  LifeCycle	  Management	  –	  Understanding	  how	  enterprises	  s...
Thanks	  and	  Ques#ons	  Emerging	  Trends	  in	  mobile	  commerce	  
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Native vs mobile web apps html5 workshop vj v1


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Native vs mobile web apps html5 workshop vj v1

  1. 1. Na#ve  apps  vs.  Mobile  web  apps  in  the  enterprise  Myth,  Reality  and  Trends  29  May  2012,  MOSQUITO  Workshop,  Paris  Vishal  Jain  Analyst,  Mobile  Service  
  2. 2. 451  Research   New  York  City:  HQ   Staff  of  200+   Founded  in  2000   Offices  in  London,     San  Francisco  &  Boston   40+  Analysts  Analyzing  the  business  of  enterprise  IT  innova#on  
  3. 3. Crack  the  conundrum  •   App  development  and  deployment  landscape  •   Beyond  the  na#ve  vs  mobile  web  debate  •   Trends  in  app  development    •   Conclusion  •   Thanks  and  Ques#ons  
  4. 4. Rise  and  rise  of  na#ve  apps   500,000 1,000,000 400,000 800,000 300,000 600,000 Total apps 200,000 400,000 100,000 200,000 0 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 Apple App Store Nokia Ovi Store Samsung Apps Windows Marketplace Android Market RIM App World Amazon Android App Store Source: 451 Research Estimates and Company Data. November 2011
  5. 5. App  development  and  deployment  is  no  longer  a  soXware  project  •  Picking  industrial  scale  in  the  enterprise  •  Simple  to  Complex  apps  •  Not  just  integrate  but  also  manage  •  Manage  and  nurture  the  development  and   deployment  environment  •  Control  mul#ple  variables  •  NO  SIZE  FITS  ALL  
  6. 6. Because  mobility  is  transforma#onal!!!   How do you view mobility within your organization? Dont see a need for mobility in our Not really organization - will necessary for not invest here our business Nice to have for our business, but we can do without it Has fundamentally changed the way we do business (transformational change) Has changed the way we do business for the better (i.e. faster response times) n:268,  451  Research  Survey,  May  2012  
  7. 7. Beyond  na#ve  vs.  mobile  web   Na#ve   Mobile  Web   Virtualisa#on   •  OEM  provided   •  Lots  of  3rd  party   •  None  required   Tooling   development  tools   development   •  Minimal  config   tools   •  Controlled   •  Free  for  all   •  Hypervisor  Management   ecosystem   •  No  lock-­‐down   gaining  interest   •  Cer#fica#on   •  Evolving  security   •  Kill  and  wipe   domain     •  Evolving   •  Same  as  for   •  Defined   technology   desktops,  no  Ecosystem   distribu#on  and   •  New  business   change.  Allows   mone#sa#on   models  but  none   one  to  replicate   model   has  “unfair   across  mul#ple   advantage”   OS     Hybrid  Apps  =  Na#ve  +  Mobile  Web       PhoneGap   Good  Dynamics   Or  Combina#on  of  fat  +  thin-­‐client  compu#ng   Framehawk   Worklight   Use  of  JavaScript  to  make  na#ve  calls  where  func#onality  not  supported  
  8. 8. What  does  the  enterprise  expect   Please indicate the degree to which each of the statements below matches concerns your company may have with deploying mobile technologies? 250 200 Strongly disagree 150 Disagree 100 Neither agree nor disagree 50 Agree 0 Strongly agree I in f taff d ile dd ake t RO re o n mob low ty a ill a IT s ill m natu bou ly s s-w curi ent new s-w ed a ical tive t se curr cern n cern stor hibi cern bou /trai with con y hi t p ro con ed a hire con ited fied pan No Cos cern d to re Lim is Com We Sat Nee Con n:268,  451  Research  Survey,  May  2012  
  9. 9. 0.0%$ 10.0%$ 20.0%$ 30.0%$ 40.0%$ 50.0%$ 60.0%$ 70.0%$ 80.0%$ 90.0%$ 100.0%$ EmaBusi n il$ ess$ In telli gen Co l l ce$ ab o ra@o n$to o l s$ CRMC u st ome $ r$fac ing$a pp$ ERP $ Expe nse$ Field $Ser vice GPS $ $Na viga @ on $ Inst ant$ Mes Where  is  mobility  in  the  enterprise   sagi ng$ IT$su ppo rt$to o l s$ POS $O $C r edit $car d$ Prod uc@ vity Soci $ al$ne two rkin g$ Ti m e$tra ckinTrav g$ el$m What%types%of%applica/ons%does%your%organiza/on%use%on%SMARTPHONES.% an a gem ent$ Non e$
  10. 10. Where  is  mobility  in  the  enterprise   What%types%of%applica/ons%does%your%organiza/on%use%on%SMARTPHONES.% Three  waves  of  mobility   100.0%$   90.0%$ •  1st  –  mobile  email   80.0%$ 70.0%$ •  2nd  –  mobile  applica#ons   60.0%$ •  3rd  –  mobile  cloud  compu#ng  –  apps  decoupled  from  the  device   50.0%$ 40.0%$ 30.0%$ Already  caused  disrup#on  beyond  desktops   20.0%$ 10.0%$ •  RIM   0.0%$ •  Personal  Naviga#on  Devices   il$ $ pp$ $ nse$ $ on $ ng$ d$ g$ g$ e$ ent$ ce$ o l s$ $ o l s$ CRM ERP vice vity Ema rkin ckin Non $car gen sagi ing$a @ n$to rt$to gem Expe uc@ $Ser •  Field  service  handhelds   viga edit two e$tra telli Mes ra@o r$fac ppo Prod Field an a $Na $O $C r al$ne   In Ti m ant$ IT$su GPS el$m ab o ess$ ome POS Soci Inst n Co l l Trav C u st Busi
  11. 11. How  are  they  developing  the  next  killer  app   Rank platforms in the priority that your organization targets while developing or procuring a mobile application? 180 160 Primary (first choice) 140 120 100 Will develop in parallel 80 (multi-platform approach) 60 40 Will consider 20 0 Future plan, +6 months S 5 0 rry id nux o ne CE a 7 8 XP TML rry 1 aem Vist le iO ndro ws ws Pho from now kBe e Li ws ws do do ws ia M kBe r (H Ap p le A do do Blac ws Win Win il Ignore - no development Mob do Win Win wse Blac do Nok g plans Win Goo Win Bro N:168,  451  Research  Survey,  May  2012  
  12. 12. Using  the  best  of  breed     Eventually   Na#ve   Set  the   Hybrid   move  as   Browser-­‐ movement   bar   approach   technology   based   matures  •  Established  app   •  Uses  the  best  of   •  As  the  security   store  model   web  development   model  matures  •  Established  for   and  na#ve   and  publishing   security,  sandbox,   packaging   ecosystem  become   permissions  and   •  Not  highly   available   trust   op#mised  although   •  Browser  evolu#on  •  Allows  high   suited  for  less   runs  neck  to  neck   op#misa#on  for   complex  apps   with  the  evolu#on   the  device  form-­‐ •  Allows  enterprises   of  features  on   factor   to  reuse  exis#ng   smartphones   developer   resources  and   infrastructure  
  13. 13. Total  Cost  of  Ownership  •  Understand  the  cost  of  the   en#re  environment,  not  just   the  app   App#dev#cost#•  Build  vs.  Buy   !140,000!!•  Different  kinds  of  tools  across   !120,000!! the  development  and   !100,000!! deployment  chain   !80,000!! •  On-­‐Prem   !60,000!! Dev!cost! •  Hosted   !40,000!! !20,000!! •  Zero-­‐install  (SaaS/PaaS)   !"!!!! •  Where  do  your  business   App!dev!"! Consumer! Consumer! Emp!Info! Emp!Xtn! mktg!app! Info! Xtn! rules  sit   •  App   •  Backend   •  Middleware  
  14. 14. Conclusion  Transi#on  from  2nd  Wave  into  the  3rd  wave  of  mobility          •  Demand  for  ROI  •  Drive  towards  cloud  applica#ons  •  Performance  –  device  and  networks.  What  is  your  payload?  •  Compe##on  of  business  models  –  walled  gardens  vs.  interoperable  
  15. 15. Further  Read  Upcoming  reports  •   Applica#on  LifeCycle  Management  –  Understanding  how  enterprises  should  develop,  deploy  and  manage  apps  •   Evolu#on  to  Digital:  Mobile  Security  threats  and  tools    
  16. 16. Thanks  and  Ques#ons  Emerging  Trends  in  mobile  commerce