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Salva report capabilities

  1. 1. Salva ReportCapabilities and Credentials
  2. 2. Introducing Salva ResourcesSalva Resources provides a range of technical, consultancy and market services for exploration, mining andinvestment clients around the globe. Our highly credentialed team of industry professionals, combined with a networkof leading affiliated consultants, is currently servicing some of the worlds largest resources projects. Salvas ever-expanding position in key global markets ensures our services can be utilised regardless of your location. extend across the entire project development timeline:          marketing components, including: market analysis and customer segmentation entry strategies competitor reviews introductory meetings with target companies local market representation co-ordination and compilation of presentation tailored for business development opportunities, customers, joint- venture partners and senior management.
  3. 3. Salva ReportSalva custom consulting projects to a broad range of globalclients. Our team of analysts has built a strong reputation and developed a refined understanding of the coal, power,steel and infrastructure sectors in India, Indonesia and Australia.What differentiates Salva is our strong industry networks and our team of highly capable analysts, locally and in India,who each focus on a specific sector, and can share with you market.     Ongoing news and analysis Annual forecast / report   Critical sector data series Bespoke reports / forecasts
  4. 4. The Salva Report on the Indiansteel, power, coal and infrastructure sectors The Salva Report growing coal importing countries and provides: The latest industry developments and announcements (new projects, changes in legislation, tenders issued, mergers and acquisitions); Key statistics on demand and supply for thermal and coking coal; Market updates and forecasts for the Indian thermal and coking coal markets; Strategic insight articles by Dr Neil Bristow, former chief analyst BHP Billiton and industry expert; Topical articles analysing key developments across these sectors; and Weekly news updates on these sectors and general economic conditions. Our subscribers include leading coal producers, traders, brokers bankers and shipping companies For a free sample visit
  5. 5. India Unlocked Providing all critical data on Indian coal demandand supply drivers in one locationIndia Unlocked is a unique information source that offers accurate and up-to-date data , including; Key coking and thermal coal drivers Historical data back to January 2008 Frequently updated raw data Usable, spreadsheet formatsFor more information or to subscribe, visit
  6. 6. The Outlook 2011 SeriesPower, Steel and Ports SectorsOutlook series provides unparalleled market insights, forecasts and analysis for the Indian Financial Year 2011-12 fromthese sectors: 1. Indian Power / Thermal Coal Sector 2. Indian Steel / Coking Coal Sector 3. Indian Bulk Ports SectorEach Outlook product includes a comprehensive report covering; An overview of the sector including regulatory framework, industry structure, key players, historical development and growth drivers; 2010 a review of the year including key trends, growth rates and drivers, corporate activity, regulatory changes and project developments; 2011 detailed forecasts highlighting key changes, import/export numbers, production predictions.Additionally, the forecasts will be updated and published on a quarterly basis to subscribers, based on the latestindustry developments and state of play.This suite of publications is essential for building knowledge of these sectors, and helping make informed investmentdecisions and understanding the key trends in 2011-12.
  7. 7. Salva Report also provides custom consulting services.Recent examples include:Case Study 1: Indian thermal coal import forecast by region to 2020Client: Major European Power Utility Delivered: November 2010 Developed a bottom-up demand model, then assessed the impact this would have on imported thermal coal demand by region and port; Assessed infrastructure growth, including both port and inland rail connections; Identified potential port bottlenecks to 2020; Inland rail capacity was also assessed, and potential bottlenecks identified; and Presented the final report on-site to the client; and Salva is now working with the client on market development strategies.Case Study 2: Forecast of Indian thermal coal imports by quality and origin to 2015Client: Large Japanese trading house Delivered: December 2010 Prepared a detailed model of new plants commencing operations in the power, cement and sponge iron sectors; Presented a detailed understanding of the import coal requirements for these new plants; Assessed and reviewed the likely source of supply, based on the availability of domestic or captive overseas mines, boiler design and other variables; and Forecast the annual incremental demand by energy grade and origin for the power, cement and sponge iron industries from 2010-15.
  8. 8. Custom Consulting Case StudiesCase Study 3: Comprehensive global coal market assessment to 2020Client: Leading infrastructure provider Delivery: September 2010 Assessed global thermal coal demand growth to 2020, including regional growth; Identified critical current and future markets, with associated annual forecasts for thermal coal import demand for 2010-20; Assessed key import infrastructure in these markets, and identification of potential bottlenecks; Reviewed export coal supply, including development of new mines and projects to 2020; Reviewed rail operations and growth plans, and whether these would provide sufficient capacity; and Identified key risk areas, including market uncertainty, government / sovereign issues, alternative energy sources, etc.Case Study 4: Forecast and segmentation of Indian steel/coking coal market to 2020 Delivery: August 2010 Reviewed the industry structure, critical developments, technological aspects and drivers, and the different sectors demand coking coal; Identified key players by size, location, structure, and other variables; Developed detailed forecasts of Indian coking coal demand to 2015, including a forecast of domestic coking coal supply; Provided a ; and Presented the final report on-site and since been commissioned to undertake a similar study on the Indian ports sector.
  9. 9. Mark Gresswell Ryan FreerMarketing Manager Market AnalystT +61 (0) 7 3211 9911 T +61 (0) 7 3211 9911M +61 (0) 458 202 023 M +61 (0) 438 058 Worthington Jitendra RoychoudhuryMarket Analyst Manager AnalyticsT +61 (0) 7 3211 9911 T +91 (0) 33 4004 4144M +61 (0) 438 059 186 M +91 (0) 98301 Website:
  10. 10. Salva ReportOver the last nine months, the Salva Report teamcompanies including: