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Coke burn presentation

  1. 1. Communication Strategy
  2. 2. Communication Strategy
  3. 3. Communication Strategy Target AudienceMen and Women of age College Students & 20 – 35 yrs Office Goers
  4. 4. Communication Strategy Target Audience Attributes Brand Conscious Independent & DynamicEager to try Trending Working Graveyard Products Shifts Succumb to Peer All Nighters in Pressure / WOM HostelsHighly Active Online Late Night Partying
  5. 5. Communication Strategy Target Audience The Main Issue0600hrs 2300hrs But Work / Partying / Life never stops...
  6. 6. Communication Strategy Enter Coke Burn The no ‘Bull-shit’ energy drinkThe right push at the right time that separates you from the rest Burn Rise Resurrect
  7. 7. Communication Strategy Major RoadblocksAs a Product As a Brando Negative Perception o High Competitiono Low Product Awareness o Low Brand Awarenesso High Price o Product Differentiation
  8. 8. Communication Strategy Positioning The No-Bullshit energy drink o Straightforward realistic approacho Banking on core functional benefits of the product o Precise purpose serving beverage
  9. 9. Communication Strategy Communication Platform and Message Burn – Rise - Resurrect o Phoenix Metaphoro The essential ‘push’ that will help you in the last stretch and help you gain an edge over others o The edge that makes the difference The fuel when you’re burning the midnight oil o Emphasis Functional Benefits(a subtle take on red bull with “no-bullshit” approach)
  10. 10. Communication Strategy Tweaking Audience Perception What we want them to think What we want them to do o Keep it in theiro Burn is a genuine consideration set energy drink that serves its purpose o Suggest it to their peerso It improves work performance o Higher brand association ando Its worth the price recall
  11. 11. Communication Strategy Communication Strategies And Mediums Activity / Event Task Anticipated Outcome Sun Burn Music Sponsorship Recognition and festival awareness Free samples in Promotion & Sampling Increase incollege sports events demographicsVending machines in Promotion & Sampling Awareness and Word of offices mouth communicationOffer Burn as mixers Promotion Increase in point of in pubs contact with the TG
  12. 12. Communication Strategy Communication Strategies And Mediums o TVCso Digital – Social networking sites and apps o Print Ads o Outdoors
  13. 13. Communication Strategy Media Touch-points of the TG0700hrs 1300hrs 1600hrs 2100hrs 0000hrs o Wake up o Watch TV / Laptop o Commute to college/ work o Visit Markets / malls o Read newspaper, radio o Return back home o Catch up with peers o Surf online Media Touch pointso TV o Journals o Bannerso Newspaper o Social Networking Sites o Hoardingso Radio o SMS / Mobile surfing o Pole posterso Emails o Apps o TV
  14. 14. Communication Strategy Media Touch-points of the TG Electronic OOH Print TV E-mail Corporate Signage Magazines High traffic ChannelsWebsite banners Hoarding Weekly Journals Sponsored Programs Social Media Mall Posters Newspaper Programs and articles related to : o Sports o Adventure o Education and career o Music and movies o Reality shows
  15. 15. Thank You