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Stratos Hear Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. STRATOSHEAR TECHNOLOGIES Mobile Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. 2 Our Offerings AdRBT Mobile Ad Network Color QR Codes IRCTC Inventory
  3. 3. 3 Mobile Influence  Of the 680 million Indian cell phones currently subscribed, over 98% of them are SMS capable.  Close to 600 crore mobile calls are made everyday in India.  Over 150 million mobile data users.  Over 60 million 3G capable handsets.  50% population under 35 years old.  Cell-phone penetration in India has surpassed TV (125m), Radio (10m), web access (72m) & Home PCs.
  4. 4. 4 Mobile is Social  Accessibility to social circles at all times.  Perpetually connected, constant companion.  Mobile devices serve as part of identity, ring- tones, answer-tones, designer phones.  Tool for information, entertainment, music & photos.  Ubiquitous uptake regardless of culture.  Transition from cell phones to smart phones.  Over 90% of 18-29 year olds use text messaging.
  5. 5. 5 Why? Mobile Advertising
  6. 6. 6 Ad RBT Concept
  7. 7. 7 Current Status : Airtel’s AdRBT Subscriber base 1.2 m Average calls per day: 4 Total Monthly Impressions: 120m Potential Subscriber Base : Idea & Tata Indicom + Tata DoCoMo Inventory in the pipeline aiming at a Herculean potential subscriber base. Our Partnerships
  8. 8. 8 Ad Effectiveness •Callers hear your message, and only your message •High brand recall Measureable •State-of-the-art monitoring system •Detailed client reports Why AdRBT ? Targeting •Region •Time of day •Day of week Interactive •Call to action by pressing zero •Further engagement by SMS Vast Reach & High Penetration • Metros, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Rural • Speak the language of your customer Zero Spillover •No wasted impressions. •No more paying for ads that no one ever hears.
  9. 9. Targeting and optimization based on Geography Channel/Section Daypart Gender Behavior   Our Brand partners Site representation of marquee International and Indian portals Operator Handset Copyright © MobiAdz – A Stratoshear Company Product of StratosHear Technologies  India’s 2nd Mobile Internet Advertising Network  Fastest growing mobile advertising and solutions company  Own Product and technology Mobile Ad Network
  10. 10. Copyright © MobiAdz – A Stratoshear Company > 550 million Impressions per month > 75+ Publisher Partnerships > Focus on APAC > Focus on developing local publishing content > Choice of Youth, Sports, News, Business Channel > Choice of CPM and CPC publishing of ads > Reach audience through Text, Display or SMS ads Mobile Ad Network MobiAdz
  11. 11. IN EXCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIP WITH GEMALTO  The consumer use his phone to shoot the Zapcode’s “color pattern” which is turned into a number and sent to the server via WIFI, GRPS or 3G connection  The server recognises the index and sends a URL (internet address) to the phone ColorZip QR Codes
  12. 12. Singapore / Media Sector Partnership with Singapore Press Holdings, Yellow Pages & Reader’s Digest 1 million users-enabled (~20% of population) in 2 years (2007-2009) 100 clients in all media sectors : print, outdoor, TV, in-store, on-pack, Web, etc.
  13. 13. Coca-Cola / Singapore 5 millions cans produced with a Colorcode : Coke, Sprite & Coke Zero Activation campaign offering free wallpapers, ringtones and EA games Newspapers, outdoor & in-store media used to support mobile campaign Great success with thousands of downloads & contract renewed
  14. 14. E-Commerce / Japan Fuji TV / Partnership with Adobe, Fuji TV, TBS since 2006 Successful launch of many e-commerce projects including Amazon on Fuji TV Colorcodes used for Cinema ticket booking, resell of digital goods (e.g. EA games, MP3, ringtones, wallpapers), real-time auctions, and virtually to sell any consumer goods or services from a traditional media to a mobile phone
  15. 15. Discovery Channel / Singapore First regional magazine (Asia-Pacific) to use Colorcode Mobile-Editorial, Video, ringtone downloads, etc. Reader’s engagement with Q&A, polls, contests, etc. Very fast pick-up rate (<3 months) and still growing Opportunity for CRM data collection & new advertising
  16. 16. 16 ColorZip Brand Activation • ColorZip QR codes activate traditional and digital media by providing an opportunity for the consumer to engage directly with the brand at time of viewing. • The ease of consumer experience is another advantage.  • By leveraging ColorZip QR Codes, consumers are simply able to scan the code and immediately be directed to their desired information, app, call center, coupon or video without having to enter long URLs or phone numbers from their mobile device. • The analytics which are available to the brand through the ColorZip campaign will also enable them to measure statistics around the consumer’s interaction with the product or advertisement. • Using codes in an integrated way, across media will significantly increase results • The technology is universally used across a wide range of age groups .
  17. 17. 17 IRCTC 139 SMS + Voice Demographics:Demographics: Educated Consumers Computer literate Comfortable with E-commerce Have disposable income for discretionary spend Traffic: 5 Lakh SMS everyday, with 70% unique consumers.  Over 6 lakh Voice Calls on the 139 Helpline number. • India’s largest Rail Booking Portal • Pan India operations • Message on successful booking of ticket • Message with tagged advertising • Brand Messages/Jingles on 139 Countrywide Helpline
  18. 18. 18 Mobile Marketing Takeaways • Location-based targeting is a critical distinction that makes mobile more powerful than other channels. Knowing where a mobile user is - can help brands know which content is most relevant to deliver. • Mobile Marketing provides enormous opportunity to engage with consumers and to deliver content previously limited by constraints of channels and space. • Companies who are not already engaging with stakeholders via mobile are missing infinite business and revenue-generating opportunities created by exponential mobile growth. And, once mobile is even more pervasive in a few years, businesses who are not in the mobile space risk being squeezed out by competitors. • Mobile is not just a channel for businesses to push out information. As "search" is the top mobile activity, Companies must position their brands and mobile offerings aligned with consumer expectations.
  19. 19. 19 Major Partners
  20. 20. 20 ContactContact Vishal Mehra Senior Manager StratosHear Technologies Private Limited # 98 11 83 69 69 Email :