What Are People Saying About the Th.M. in Preaching?


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A Th.M. in Preaching will bring strength to your theological education by providing a distinct focal point and solidifying your ability to communicate the Word of God in a relevant, biblical and effective manner.

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What Are People Saying About the Th.M. in Preaching?

  1. 1. A Th.M. in Preaching will bring strength to your theological education by providing adistinct focal point and solidifying your ability to communicate the Word of God in arelevant, biblical and effective manner.Th.M. in Preaching
  2. 2. “A cook sharpens his knife with a whetstone, an athlete refines her skill with acoach, I found the Th.M. in Preaching at GCTS is where fine tools and greatteachers were used to better my preaching ministry.”—Weiwen Tu (2009)
  3. 3. "If you are serious about preaching, you will want to invest a year in the Th.M. inpreaching at Gordon-Conwell."—Calvin Woosung Choi (2007)
  4. 4. Having been the very first recipient of the Th.M. in preaching, I can tell youfirsthand that it is a rewarding and exciting experience. If you want to make themost of your gift, the preaching faculty at GCTS will help you be all that you canbe for the glory of God!—Juli Bliss Claassen (2002)
  5. 5. "The Th.M. in preaching program at Gordon-Conwell was an invaluableexperience for me. It provided the necessary tools for a young preacher like meto proclaim Gods Word clearly and faithfully. My favorite part of the programwas the face time that we had with our professors. I fondly remember gleaningpearls of wisdom over the dinner table at Dr. Gibsons house. I heartilyrecommend the program to anyone who wants to grow in the craft of preaching."—Aaron Chan (2006)
  6. 6. "My Th.M. in Preaching provided me with the precious gift of clarity—I wasequipped to know Gods Word and serve it enjoyably, effectively, and faithfullyto His people. I wouldnt trade that time of learning and growth."—Matt Ford (2004)
  7. 7. “Invest a year for decades of dynamic preaching in the pulpit. The Th.M. inPreaching challenged me to think deeply, preach creatively, and communicateeffectively. As I now preach in Japan, my training equipped me to faithfullypreach Gods Word in ways that connect with diverse audiences.”—Grant Buchholtz (2009)
  8. 8. “The Th.M. in Preaching equipped me to connect the Word of God to my churchfamily from the pulpit and in every aspect of my ministry.”—Brian Wilmarth (2012)
  9. 9. “The Th.M. in Preaching at Gordon-Conwell has served me well in bothacademic and church settings. The program strengthens a solid homileticalfoundation by focusing on homiletical theory and its application in the act ofpreaching. The Th.M. prepared me for further studies as I was inspired to pursuea Ph.D. in Preaching. Additionally, as a pastor who preaches weekly I constantlyrely upon the theory, skills, and practice learned from my time in the Th.M.program. For anyone looking to further one’s knowledge and skills for eitherchurch practice or academic progress, I would highly recommend workingthrough Gordon-Conwells Th.M.”—Casey Barton (2003)
  10. 10. “I am certain that I am a better preacher because of the Th.M. in preaching atGordon-Conwell. The skills I developed in that program are being used to makean eternal difference in my congregation.”—Eric Dokken (2007)
  11. 11. I came to understand that effective preaching embraces the needs of thecongregation. Effective preaching exposes the speaker and the hearer to theWord of God. Effective preaching saturates them with a wisdom that transformsknowledge into understanding. It is clear and concise. Effective preachingengages the listener attentively so that they not only hear, but listen to theGospel. It embraces the needs of the congregation and lays those needs at theirfeet.My studies at GCTS reaffirmed this knowledge, and confirmed the depth of thatresponsibility. In classes, we interactively explored many different perspectiveson preaching through reading, preaching, discussion, exegesis, delivery,vocabulary, and storytelling. The GCTS Th.M. program in Preaching wasrigorous and sharpened our minds as preachers. I thoroughly enjoyed everymoment.”—Laurette Harper (2012)
  12. 12. “By far the biggest surprise to me when I became a Senior Pastor was howchallenging it is to communicate the Word of God creatively, effectively, andbiblically week in and week out. Nothing has done more to prepare me for thatchallenge than the Th. M. in Preaching from Gordon-Conwell TheologicalSeminary.Anybody can preach one sermon, but preaching forty to fifty times year afteryear takes determination and preparation. The determination comes from theLord, the preparation I got at Gordon -Conwell in the Th.M. in preaching.Ou tside of the Holy Spirit nothing has contributed more to my effectivecommunication of the Word of God than my time spent at Gordon -Conwell inthe Th.M. in Preaching. ”—Rick Picariello (2003)