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Team Vision Coffee Overview


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Drink Coffee it Pays! Become a Distributor of Ganovia Coffee.

Drink Coffee it Pays! Become a Distributor of Ganovia Coffee.

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  • This is a great transition. You mentioned the reasons to own a business, but it is also important to be in front of a market shift and not just any business.
  • The clear message has to be that wellness is right now money. Travel is where we made our mark, that market shift has happened. E-commerce is the market shift of the future and we are positioned and wellness will help us break the bank right now!
  • Play Diane Sawyer after showing this slide, then read the facts..
  • This is a great area to talk about McDonald’s shifting business model to focus more on coffee, hiring one of the top execs from Starbucks and dunkin donuts changing logo from donut to cup of coffee.
  • Antioxidants have a negative ORP and helps slow down the aging process. Our coffee has hundreds of antioxidants.
  • At this point highlight that even at the retail less than $1 a day..People drink 4-5 cups and wiling to spend $4-6 dollars a cup, some even as much as $8 a cup. We offer premium gourmet coffee for under $.50 a day to our platinum brokers.. Also, we will give these two start up options since these are both reflected in the compensation plan breakdown. During the close, we will mention for those who want to test the water or are in between paydays, we do have another option.
  • Do not use logo of Bank of America, or starbucks etc. unless you have written permission. You can utilize examples and there name. This is per the legal department.
  • Don’t really show all the details..just so the potential return 151%
  • Infinity bills, require infinity money..
  • Make sure you have the new closing application forms! This is essential!!!!!
  • Close room & allow those not interested to leave. Take a 10 minute break and come back for a 10 minutes quick training.
  • Part of training has to show value of broker license. First it gives us a competitive advantage over two leading coffee companies who do not offer this added bonus. Furthermore, everyone we sell coffee to or recruit should automatically get a free website to increase customer retention. Do not sell website, simply gift them to everyone! Also, suggest if someone comes in as a rep, purchases coffee, resell coffee to them at the level they started to give them an immediate coffeee supply. For example, if they purchase the $600 sell them a couple of bags at the $11.11 plus taxes etc. for around $12 a bag. If they choose not to get started, sell at suggested retail. If they are existing reps, who have just not purchased coffee, we suggest sell to them around $20 or $25, it is your choice.
  • Can charge more for coffee $30 per bag to include shipping and handling..sales volume would be $1400 with profit of $800.
  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. Be your own Boss!
      Having an Extra Stream of Income
      Spending More Time with Family & Friends
      Getting Paid $$$ while you Sleep!!!
      Saving and Making $$$ Everyday
      Business Ownership is “The smart success strategy”
      World renowned expert, Robert Kyosaki, Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”
    • 3. Market Shifts Change the World!
    • 4.
    • 5. Black Friday replaced by Cyber Monday?
      Online shopping will be the norm by 2015, we are positioned to capitalize!
    • 6. Another Market Shift Exploding as we speak, fortunes are being made because of the Baby Boomers.
    • 7.
      • 80 Years Combined Experience in home-based businesses.
      • 8. For the past 10 years revolutionized travel
      • 9. Capitalizing today from the wellness revolution that was predicted 3 years ago to hit $1 Trillion by 2010.
      • 10. Positioned to dominate e-commerce by the year 2015.
      • 11. Parent company 10 years old & publicly traded
      • 12. Featured twice in the Success from Home magazine, Success Magazine, Saturday Evening Post, Inc. Magazine
      • 13. $360 Million paid in commissions
      • 14. $2 Billion in sales & climbing!
    • What We Do?
      We specialize in these 3 major market shifts and offer 3 incredible products catering to each market shift, in order to position our company to be the largest distribution of product in the world.
    • 15. 1. The E-Commerce Shopping Mall
      Earn 30% of the
    • 16. 2. The Travel Booking Engine
      Earn 30% of the
    • 17. How We Distribute the Products?
      Brokers obtain a license & can give away these products free.
      They match 100% of their Free Agents' commissions
      They can create multiple streams of income
    • 18. Broker 100% Match Goes Even Further with Specialty Stores
      3. Ganovia
    • 19. Retail $27.99
      Commission $4.14
    • 20. Why Coffee?
      Coffee is the second most consumed product in the world after water.
      Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world after oil.
      Coffee is a $70 Billion Dollar Market Per Year Globally
    • 21. People Drink Coffee
      Serious coffee drinkers cannoteven start their day without it!
      Over 250 million coffee drinkersin North America
      Over ½ a billion cups consumed a day in North America.
    • 22.
    • 23. But coffee
      Is acidic?
      17 glasses of water to
      Neutralize the impact
    • 24. A Healthy Coffee, that Taste GREAT???
      Blind Taste Test
      Participants overwhelmingly hailed it as a taste sensation over the leading competitors.
    • 25.
    • 26. What coffee do you drink?
    • 27. The bottom line…
      This is the coffee that will send you a check.
    • 28. How much does it cost to open a coffee business?
      Coffee Cart: Average cost is between $20,000-$25,000.
      Kiosk: Depending on the size and your menu, average costs are between $25,000-$75,000.
      Sit-Down: Average cost of a 1,200 sq. ft. coffee bar is between $200,000 to $375,000.
      Home-Based Business: $499-$1900
    • 29. Join the Ganovia Revolution
      We will be the STARBUCKS of NETWORK MARKETING!
      Better wholesale pricing to distributors
      Better retail pricing for customers
      Blind taste test proved our coffee the taste sensation over the leading competitors
      More antioxidants (Goji, Ganoderma & Cordyceps)
      More residual income
      Bigger upfront bonuses
      Bigger Bonus Pool
    • 30. How Do I Get Started?
      Premium Gourmet Coffee for less than $1 a day retail and under $0.50 wholesale.
      Purchasing a broker’s license is not required to become a coffee distributor. Existing brokers do not purchase an additional license to become a coffee distributor.
    • 31.
    • 32.
    • 33. How much do YOU want to make??
    • 34. Additional Ways to Retail
      Home Parties
      Trade Shows
    • 35. The Compensation Plan
      It is said that money doesn’t grow on trees . . .
      Beg to differ!
    • 36. Bankers Rule of 72
      Calculate the # of years it will take you to double your investment by dividing 72 by the annual interest rate.
      Current interest rate with Bank of America for 12-month CD is .45%
      160 Years
    • 37. Your return on Ganovia . . .
      *This figure is calculated based on the purchasing Rep reselling the product for $27.99 retail.
    • 38. How Can You Profit?
      Would earning $2,365 in the next 30 days interest you?
      • How, you ask?
      • 39. It’s easy, become a Rep today and let us show you how to profit…
    • Reps pay nothing to join ZamZuu, and there is no requirement to purchase
      ZamZuu does not guarantee anyone's success, but we do guarantee to pay our Reps according to the compensation plan described in the following presentation.
    • 40. First Team
      Make 3 Platinum Referrals within 30 Days & earn $400
      $250 Bonus
      You are now 50% match qualified & a Power Team Leader!
      Platinum is the $699 Package
      $500 Counts towards $1500 required sales volume for bonuses & promotion to PTL
    • 41. First Team
      Make 5 Gold Referrals within 30 Days & earn $435
      $250 Bonus
      You are now 50% match qualified & a Power Team Leader!
      Gold is the $399 Package
      $300 Counts towards $1500 required sales volume for bonuses & PTL Promotion
    • 42. Power Team
      Earnings $1965
      1st Team
      Platinum Power Team
      $500 Bonus
      $500 Bonus
      Platinum is the $699 Package
      $500 Counts towards $1500 required sales volume for bonuses
      $500 Bonus
    • 43. Power TeamEarnings$2020
      1st Team
      Gold Power Team
      $500 Bonus
      $500 Bonus
      Gold is the $399 Package
      $300 Counts towards $1500 required sales volume for bonuses
      $500 Bonus
    • 44. EVERY 3 Platinum PT Sales = $600 min
      EVERY 5 Gold PT Sales = $600 min
    • 45. Monthly Coffee & Broker Residuals
    • 46. Monthly Residual Examples . . .
      *Includes Broker License and Coffee Autoships.
    • 47. BIG BUILDERS!!
      Additional Bonuses: 30 in PT $1000; 100 in PT=$1000; Every 100 after first 100 = $1000.
    • 48. The 50% MatchCoffeeResiduals
      With the 50% Match Your Earning Potential is $2 to $17 Per Month Per Auto-Ship
    • 49. $5,000 –
      We have solutions for
      today’s challenges
      PAID BY ZamZuu
      $150,000.00 LIFE INSURANCE POLICY
      PAID BY ZamZuu
      Director’s Pay(monthly)
    • 50. Sales Director Program is unmatched
      Company paid health insurance
      Company paid life insurance
      232 families benefited
      Directors have earned six $1,000,000 Bonuses
      Total compensation over $39 million
    • 51. Coffee Bonus Pool 10%
      Power Team20%
      100% Breakage into Bonus Pool
    • 52. Please consult with your tax advisor or CPA. We are not qualified tax professionals and do not offer tax advice.
    • 53. 3 Types of People
      Person 1, Become a Customer
      Sign up to purchase coffee at wholesale ($18 per bag) when you purchase 3 as a rep on auto-ship.
      Person 2, You have Questions
      Get your questions answered.
      Person 3, Ready to Get Started
      Choose your package.
    • 54. Pick Your Builder Package
    • 55. Team Vision Platinum Training
      • The Training System
      • 56. #1 Team in Zamzuu
      • 57. Dozens of 6-figure income earners
      • 58. 7-figure income earners
    • 3 Critical Reasons to Get a Business Builder Kit
      • Retail(Make your investment back with just a few sales & earn profits.)
      • 59. Wholesale Sales (To new distributors to get them started quickly and successfully.)
      • 60. Samples(You hand out samples & people ask for more.)
    • Retail Strategy for the Platinum Builder
      • Utilize 2 Bags for Personal Consumption
      • 61. Sample 5 Bags – Generate 150 Prospects
      • 62. Sell 47 Bags
      • 63. Total Sales Volume $1300
      • 64. Personal Profit or Gain = $700
      • 65. Write down your testimonial & send to
    • Retail Script
      • Hello ______________, how are you? (Small Talk)
      • 66. _____________I need your help with something.
      • 67. _____________I opened up my own Coffee Business and currently carry two flavors which are classic black and Arabica.
      • 68. I would like to have you as one of my customers by purchasing one bag or two?
      • 69. If you want to continue drinking the coffee, I can help you get it at wholesale, if you don’t like it, I will not ask you to purchase from me again.
      • 70. Would you like one bags or two?
    • Recruiter’s Strategy for the Platinum Builder
      • Utilize 4 Bags for Personal Consumption
      • 71. Sample 30 Bags – Generate 900 Prospects
      • 72. Sell 20 Bags
      • 73. Total Sales Volume $560
      • 74. Write down your testimonial & send to
    • Recruiting Script
      Do you or anyone you know drink coffee?
      How do you prefer your coffee, black or cream & sugar?
      What brand of coffee do you prefer?
      Has ________ever sent you a check for drinking or recommending their coffee?
    • 75. Recruiting Script
      • Show them the “sample packet” and say: “Well, this is the coffee that sends you a check.”
      • 76. I would like to give you a sample and follow up in a couple of days, I just need two pieces of information which are:
      • 77. Did you enjoy the taste?
      • 78. How did you feel after drinking it?
      • 79. What is the best time to call morning or evening?