The Food Revolution and Its Impact on Real Estate (Sibella Kraus) - ULI Fall Meeting 102611


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  • Jo - proper nmae
  • Economic and place=making opportuniies
  • Blue print – invests, green print invest etc.
  • Johanna add – site plan
  • 2,938 haManaged by consortium of local governments and professional farming organizationsManaged for economic, environmental and social functions, and preservation values
  • The Food Revolution and Its Impact on Real Estate (Sibella Kraus) - ULI Fall Meeting 102611

    1. 1. Urban Land Institute Los Angeles October 26, 2011 The Food Revolution –and its Impact on Real Estate
    2. 2. New Ruralism Framework • Bridges sustainable agriculture/local food and smart growth • Opportunities to grow and access fresh food across the transect • Agriculture – an integral element in metro-region sustainabilitySystems-based Place-based• regulations • foodsheds• distribution • appellations/districts• marketing • farm, ranch, or market
    3. 3. Organic & Artisan Community Foods & Public Food Hubs Health & Farmers Markets Agricultural OPPORTUNITIES Enterprise ZonesFood Policy ACROSS Councils SECTORS & DEMOGRAPHICS Agtourism & Rural Sustainability Lifestyle Planning Agricultural Ecosystem Land Services Preservation Markets
    4. 4. Opportunities Across TransectContext Production Types Place TypesUrban Backyard garden/balcony Garden district, garden city School/community garden Urban agriculture businessPeri-urban Ranchette, hobby farm Foodbelt, agricultural park Market garden Estate Commercial farm GrazingRural Diversified crops & Ag preservation district, animals appellation Commodity, mono-crop Grazing
    5. 5. Local Food & Ag System GoalsEnvironmental % food sold locally % of land in agriculture & using sustainable practices Habitat and landscape values Urban green waste and wastewater reuseSocial # people engaged and/or employed % of local food demand met % of population with access to fresh food Community networks strengthened Diverse ag and food cultural traditions supportedEconomic Land value and indirect viewshed value Production value Value added from processing, distribution & retail Rural economic development & agtourism
    6. 6. Preserve and restore a network of lands and waters to sustain the natural diversity, increase recreational opportunities and enhance the agricultural productivity of the San Francisco Bay Area. ~GREENPRINT~… working landscapes that provide healthy food for the region’sresidents and visitors, livelihoods for farmers and ranchers, andirreplaceable environmental and cultural resources for all ….
    7. 7. Sub-regional Scale Opportunities Fresno Southeast Growth Area Green Valley Specific Plan(SEGA) 13,000 acre development 2,000 acres with 1,000 with 1,800 acre food belt grazing & 500 acre farmAngwin Ecovillage~ 300 new homes+ 100 acre farm
    8. 8. Parcel scale Opportunities Urban Edge Agricultural ParksQROE Model, NE Educational FarmsHawaii AgPark Biodynamic Vineyard Resort
    9. 9. Oeste Farms Conservancy Martial Cottle Park 600 acres – private land 290 acres – public land
    10. 10. 7,000 ac Urban Edge Foodbelt in Coyote Valley What would it take ?
    11. 11. Agricultural Parks in the EU • Multifunctional – nature, culture, agriculture • Multi-jurisdictional – local, municipal, provincial, country, EU • Multiple actors - public commitment to preservation policiesBaix Llobregat Agricultural Park near Barcelona Parco Agricolo Sud Milano
    12. 12. New Ruralism R e - l o c a l i z i n g f o o d & agriculture• Creates opportunities for rural & urban place-making• Promotes local culture & community health• Advances regional sustainability• Contributes toward climate change mitigation