Reconstruction in Chile (Corinne Packard) - ULI fall meeting - 102711
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Reconstruction in Chile (Corinne Packard) - ULI fall meeting - 102711






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Reconstruction in Chile (Corinne Packard) - ULI fall meeting - 102711 Reconstruction in Chile (Corinne Packard) - ULI fall meeting - 102711 Presentation Transcript

  • Reconstruction in Chile Julio Poblete Architect, MAUD Partner DUPLA_Urban Design an d Planning
  • Contents-The Disaster and the Reconstruction Plan- DUPLA Reconstruction Work-Challenges and Lessons Learned
  • Managing Emergency: ALDEASBy July 2010 almost 80.000 emergency houses were constructed in the 6 affected regions . More than 70.000 of these homes were built in the same places where the victims lived.4.350 families had no land to build the EH, so that 107 emergency camps - Aldeas - were locatedFamilies living in Aldeas represent less than 5.3% of the total of families living in a emergencyhouses after the earthquake.
  • Housing Program
  • Housing Program main challenge:disperse damage TALCA Damage Maping 31.07.2010
  • Reconstruction in the owner’s site•Respect the right of families to choose their solution.•The construction in the owner’s site allows to recognize their own roots•Is an invitation to innovation and more competition in the industry•Greater transparency, participation• Highest standards of quality and performance•Bank of More than 200 models pre-designed and certified by Housing Ministery
  • Housing EXPO for pre-designed homes
  • Housing ProgramDemand organization to achieve critical mass forindustrialized homes in remote areas19,000 dollar-subsidy (once and notrefundable) for a 50 sq. meter home, includingreconnecting to sewage, water supply andelectricity.
  • Common Scenario for Rural AreasOriginal Home New Home Emergency Solution
  • Risk Mitigation for Tsumani Areas• Risk Studies were conducted form Regions VI to IX + Tsunami risk simulations• 25 Master Plans of Coastline were completed in 6 months. Cobquecura Dichato Tumbes Lo Rojas Cocholgue Llico Tubul Quidico I. Sta. María Coliumo
  • Urban Rehabilitation and Reconstruction2 Master Plans for main inland cities25 Master Plans developed for main coastal cities100 Regeneration Plans developed for mid-size cities, towns, and villages Heritage Recovery Plans developed for 180 historic preservation districts
  • How is Housing Program progressing? Subsidies Buildings under Construction/Repairing Finished
  • DUPLA Reconstruction Work:-Reconstruction Plan for the city of Talca-Special Housing Program for Talca’s Historic District-Design Guidelines por Mid-Density Projects-Land Pooling Proposal for Mixed Income Projects.
  • TALCA 260 KM. 520 KM. Population: 238.000 people Daily Commuters: 40.000 people
  • City Historic Center Severely Damaged _3600 damaged properties _ 1700 to be demolished _ 90 hectares will be available for redevelopment
  • Main Comercial District Destroyed 80% of Heritage with considerable damage
  • Continous Facades no longer define the Street nor Public Space
  • Master Plan_ Improve Conectivity 10 11 9 1. Costanera Río Claro 2. Aperturas hacia la Costanera (4) 2 11 3. Extensión Diagonal hacia 1 2 Costanera 9 12 4. Costanera Piduco Sur 2 5. Extensión Carlos Schor 15 2 14 6. Extensión 26 Sur 13 a 7. Costanera El Cajón Sur 3 8. Circunvalación 30 Oriente 9 9. Circunvalación 17 Norte 10. 20 Norte 11. Canal de la Luz 12. 1 Oriente / 9 O – 11 O 4 13. Extensión Diagonal Pencahue 5 14. Extensión Av. Lircay 15. Conexión 11 Oriente 8 1 EXPROPIACIONES Av. Lircay / 8 N – 9 N 4 Nuevos accesos (Enlaces ruta 5) a. Circunvalación 17 Norte 6 4 b. Costanera Piduco Sur b 7 8 7
  • Master Plan_ Recover and define a Public Space Network 4 Public Space PARQUES PÚBLICOS 1. Parque Río Claro 1 2. Forestación Cerro La Virgen a 3. Mejoramiento Estero Piduco 4. Mejoramiento Estero Baeza 2 CORREDORES b SEMIPEATONALES a. Par 4 O y 5O b. Par 1S – 1N – Diagonal b MEJORAMIENTO DEL a ESPACIO PÚBLICO i. 12 N /Av. Lircay- Circunvalación 3 ii. Av. Lircay / 12 N – 9N iii. 11 Oriente / 4 N – 8 S iv. 12 Oriente / 2 N – 8 S v. 1 Norte / 12 O – 14 O vi. 1 Sur / 11 O- 12 O vii. 3 Sur / 12 O – 15 O
  • And a different approach for housing program Tipology adapted to lot shape and measures Apaptive Model: space for densifying and/or adding sq. meters
  • BeforeAfter
  • With Urban DNA: 1+1=3Urban Image, Redefine Public Space, Reinforce Identity.
  • 300 houses under construction (30% of all destroyed within historic distric)
  • Design Guidelines for Mid Density ProjectsGoverment adopted them and called for proposals
  • Imagen Objetivo Densificación con Comercio
  • Land Readjustment for Inclusionary Housing Projects(Proposal by DUPLA + Lincoln Institute of Land Policy + Catholic University PublicPolicy Program)
  • Challenges / Lessons Learned / Things to Do1. Improving Communication with Municipalities and Supporting Local Capacities.2. Balance Transparency with Efficiency: Asking sometimes is enemy of Doing3. Build Common Indicators for evaluating reconstruction4. Switch to a NOT Business as usual model: Call for Home Builders and Contractors to be more flexible.5. Strengthen opportunities for community involvement : Lack of Community Organization and Weak Empowerment6. Timely Implementation of special /ad-hoc measures vs. over reacting (reinvent all)7. Master Plan Initiatives linked to National Budget and Regular Public Investment Programs: design a new pipeline for project’s approval and funding
  • Reconstruction in ChileThanks to ULIThanks to EBSA (my client and generous donor)Thanks… Julio Poblete Architect, MAUD / Partner DUPLA_Urban Design an d Planning