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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

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Why hire va

  1. 1. VirtualStar4U When in need of help, we’re just a call awayVirtual Assistant at your services
  2. 2. About Us VirtualStar4U is a twenty year in driven Company providing business solutions We provide exceptional services from Administrative Support. Our services in inception to completion. We are administrative support is as diversified as our committed in catering services that are of knowledge pertaining to the services we the highest quality, reliability, and provide. We assist in Marketing, Research, precision availability. We are equipped Virtual Receptionist, Customer Services, and an experts in the services We provide. VirtualStar4U continuously evolving into Government Development, Human Resource a business that delivery results better than Services, Basic Website & Database Creation, the last time. Inventory Control, and Accounting Services and so much more.
  3. 3. Our Capability VirtualStar4U is a dedicated, hard, and well prepared company. We are conditioned to interruption, have the ability to prioritize in a fast past environment, not easily intimated by challenging tasks, flexible with working independently or with a group, proven ability of isolating problems to draw a resolution. Through growth and experience VirtualStar4U is capable of meeting objective goals and demands. We offer rational and common sense towards situations that occurs, basically able of thinking outside the norm or box. We take the initiative to learn the given company that we work with and the new duties that follows. If given the opportunity we believe you will see these qualities and our experiences; so with that said, VirtualStar4U will be a compatible match for this contract. If given the opportunity We believe you will see these qualities and our experiences; so with that said, VirtualStar4U will be a compatible match for this contract. Furthermore we are:Experience in the area of program planning and developmentAbility to successfully manage many projects simultaneouslyCapable of working with people of all levelsAn intense desire to do an outstanding job in anything givenProven ability to generate fresh ideas and creative solutions to difficult problemsPays close attention to the fine points, capable of explaining in depth, and provide the specifics in a taskExtremely focus on expediting a job beyond the expectations of my client’s requirement
  4. 4. From the PresidentWelcome As the sole propriety of VirtualStar4U, I have incorporated 20+ years of administrative support, government development, and sales & marketing experiences into one company. I have worked for call center, manufactories, retail, non-profit organizations, behavioral health centers, post-secondary education systems, government, environmental, pharmaceutical, and computer industries. I have worked for small companies to Fortune 500 industries. And so through my assorted work background, I have come to realize a major part, if not all of an Administrator’s responsibility could be outsourced. I have also watched how technology has contributed towards the capability of allowing outsourcing more functional. In seeing the capability and seizing the opportunity, I have venture out into starting, “VirtualStar4U" Working as a solo, I have incorporated my 20+ years of knowledge and experience into building a strong foundation for the, “VirtualStar4U” As a single freelancer, I am fortunate to say it is a sound business that renders impeccable service. As a business owner I appreciate the sensitiveness of providing precise service, having an open ear to the required necessitates of an assignment, and the ability of having work turnover expeditiously. With these types of fundamentals as a single freelancer, I am positive you will find VirtualStar4U compatible for your organization and the assignment at hand. As an outsourcing company, I understand that in having a successful business at times it could be cumbersome. In obtaining a thieving business I came to two revelations and adopted them as VirtualStar4U’s “MOTTOS,” they are: Provide a service where the pricing is unbeatable without compromising work. Maintaining a satisfy client at all expense. In incorporating these two principles, VirtualStar4U mission is to provide the highest quality, reliability, and precise availability from each and every client. As a client of the, “VirtualStar4U” you will begin to embark on the same level of service. Thank you for your interest in “VirtualStar4U"
  5. 5. Why Go VAGiving the economy, contemplating ways of cutting cost without sacrificing theintegrity and workmanship is a rational decision. One method of cuttingexpenditures is outsourcing tasks that could be delegated by a Virtual Assistant. Turn on the light &Outsourcing is the most optimistic and feasible approach of maintaining a company.Just look at the salary range of employing in the specific field below. Hiring see 7 Reasons WhyVirtualStar4U you will have all of these and much more with 20+ experience and not You Should Hire athe overhead expenses. VA 1. No stress in managing 2. No overtime pay Marketing : $44,175 3. No health and dental insurance, eye care, and Acct Pay/Rec: 401K benefits $39,000 4. No sick leave or vacation Human Admin Resource: Assistant 5. No employee taxes and IRS Social $30,000 $31,750 Reporting Media: $27, 000 6. No need for training a Receptionist Customer temporary worker with the $20,000 Service Re possibility of loss to $20,750 VIRTUAL competing employers ASSIST. 7. No additional expense such PC, software, hardware, furniture, and etc.
  6. 6. Our Strengths The ability to prioritize The capability of not in a fast past becoming intimated by environment challenging task. Demonstrate StrengthsThe flexibility of working The proven ability of independently or with a isolating problem to group. draw a resolution.
  7. 7. Watch Use GoCompared to our competitors, we go beyond what isrequired of the assignment. we analysis each contractassuring that what is being requested is the best, the mostsuitable, and efficient method of getting the job done forour clients. In having the latest technology, it allows use toprovide diversified methods of handle each project. Inaddition, we provide our customers a faster turnaroundperiod, guarantee accuracy, and coupons on top of my usuallow pricings. Lastly, our pricing is workable for anybudget line. Knocking Competitors out the Competition
  8. 8. Our ServicesSales Representative Services Basic Software Creation & Human Resource ServicesGovernment Registration Mgmt Assist in interviewing procedures Basic website creations Verify applicant’s past employment &Business leads & opportunities Database creation referencesMonitor sales promotions HTML tagging Manage employee warnings notifications andRetrieve and respond to bid solicitation Blog writing, searching, copying, and progress performancesSocial Network pasting Complied work wages for payroll Internet search Manage W-2 and I-9 formsCold Calling Inventory ControlMarketing Services Customer Service Managed inventory movement Support sales reps in opening new Provide cycle countsDevelop analytical. accounts Location Control, audit control on outdated &Develop sales strategies Analyze existing accounts none salable productsCoordinate brochures utilized to Follow up on feedback evaluations Retrieve authorization number on damagedCreate business logos and letterhead given by customers goods for returns Handle customers questions andTrade show concerns Additional ServicesCalendar Management Services Format Changes Accounting Services Image conversion/croppingCoordinate travel arrangements Accounts payable management ASCII FormationAppointment Setting Account receivable management Scanning Services Manage check requisitions Electrical TransferringAirline & Hotel Reservation Coordinate daily bank deposits Purchasing/Personal Shopper Services Handle overdue and disputed Transcription ServicesVirtual Administrative Services invoices ResearchPrepare reports, presentations & Virtual Receptionist Consultant Servicesmanuals Conference Call Setup & Software Training ServicesData entry, process, and conversions Management Social Networking Account Management Live Telephone Answering (Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, Myspace, etc.)Mail merging from database or word Meeting Minutes Event Planningprocessing programs Voice Mail ManagementAdvance spreadsheet formationFlyer designsMonitor legal and union contracts
  9. 9. WORKSTATION Computer In keeping up with the latest Dell XPS 420 Intel® Core™2 Q6600 Quad-Core (8MB L2 cache,2.4GHz,1066FSB) Operating System technology and staying Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium w/ Digital Cable Support SP1 competitive, and, we routinely Optical Drive Dual Drives: 16x DVD-ROM Drive + 16x DVD+/-RW w/ dbl layer write capable search out for the latest Memory 4GB3 Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 4 DIMMs hardware, software, and Hard Drive 640GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™ accessories. As technology Video Cards evolves so aggressively, we realize ATI Radeon HD3650 256MB Sound Cards in order to provide what is Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio required by the client, our PRINTER Brother - HL-4070CDW technology has to be at the Wireless Color Laser Printer breakage edge. As you will see Up to 21 ppm high-speed USB 2.0 our technology is able to parallel, 802.11b/g and Ethernet connectivity accomplish any required task. ADSL CONNECTIONS Connection Speed - 1Mbps/256Kbps Down Speed Web Page - 512kbps download speed - roughly 0.78 seconds to view page Down Speed MP3 file - 512kbps download speed - roughly 1 minute and 4 seconds to download. FAX MACHINE Brother® IntelliFAX® 1860c Color Inkjet Fax/Copier3 Fax transmission speed 3pps (33.6 Kbps) Page memory 300 pages Additional – online faxing Software Microsoft Windows XP Professional, PDF 9.0 version,
  10. 10. Memberships and Association In order to stay at the for-front we are members of some of the leading network organizations in the Virtual Assistance Industry. Below are some of the organizations VirtualStar4U are members of. As a member, they allow me to network with my peers, colleagues, and competitors. Through networking, current Virtual Assistance information is shared and proactive interaction between the global business community and the industry enhance and improve my business operations. Search4VAs
  11. 11. Contact Info VirtualStar4U Tina Davis, President/CEO 888-294-3309 908-414-6460-cell 734-758-9873 Fax Skype: virtualstar4u Email: virtualstar4u@ymail.com