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CT presentatie JQuery 7.12.11

CT presentatie JQuery 7.12.11






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    CT presentatie JQuery 7.12.11 CT presentatie JQuery 7.12.11 Presentation Transcript

    • jQueryGo With The Hype And KillYour Project
    • Overview• Building Rich Internet Applications• ChoosingjQuery• Making a mess of your project• Questions
    • Rich Internet Applications• 1995 is history• Customers want interactive, easy-to-use web applications• HTML falls short• HTML5 is not the answer
    • Rich Internet Applications• Gratuitousexample #1: data entry
    • Rich Internet Applications• Gratuitousexample #2: data manipulation
    • Rich Internet Applications• Gratuitousexample #3: data navigation
    • Technical InterludeThe theory is verysimple: – HTML forstructure – CSS fordesign – JavaScriptforinteractivity
    • JavaScript :’-(• Itsucks:textMenu.getStyle = function(name){ 
if(document.getElementById) return document.getElementById(name).style;
elseif(document.all) return document.all[name].style; 
}• Use a Framework!
    • JavaScript Frameworks Cappucino Dojo Toolkit Echo Ext Foobar.js FUEL Glow Google Closure Library Joose jQuery Jwee Javascript Toolkit MS AJAX Library Midori Mochikit Mootools Prototype Script.aculo.us SmartClient Spark YUI
    • JavaScript FrameworksClick MUCH MUCH MORE to continue... Or just make a choice
    • jQuery• Gooddocumentation – http://api.jquery.com• Large community• No-nonsense API• Open-ended• jQueryPlugins• jQuery UI• Sounds nice?
    • Oneminuteintroduction• jQueryworks on sets of DOM nodes: $(“selectorpattern”)• This set (the “matched set”) canbetraversed: $(“input[type=„submit‟]”).closest(“form”);• The contents canbemanipulated: $(“div.notification”).fadeOut(“slow”);
    • Oneminuteintroduction• Easy eventhandling: $(“a.do-not-click”).bind(“click”, function(e) { alert(“I warnedyou...”); e.preventDefault(); });• Easy to extend: $.fn.coolNewFunction = function() { $(this).bind(“hover”, function() { ... }); };
    • ReminderThe theory is verysimple: – HTML forstructure – CSS fordesign – JavaScriptforinteractivity
    • The twobasicproblems• HTML – Usedforstructure – Alsoused to do what CSS can’t do – Alsoused to implement complex JS widgets• Classes and IDs – Usedfor CSS – Usedfor JS Selectors
    • The art of unmaintainable code
    • Somehorridexamples$(“span.button”).click(function() {document.location.href = http://www.important-page.com; return false;});• I should click on a span?• Important information is onlydisclosedthroughJavaScript?
    • Somehorridexamples$(“div#outernavdiv a:not(span)”).css(“color”, “#ff77ff”);• Document structuredeterminesmatched set?• We’redoing CSS?
    • Somehorridexamples$(“span.blue-button”).click(function() { $(this).append($(“<divclass=„omgbbq‟>clicked</div>”)) .fade(“slow”);});• Non-semanticclassforselector?• Where is this HTML coming from?
    • Thinkbeforeyou program This is notspecific to usingjQuery
    • Someniceexamples$(“input.datepicker”).datepicker({language: „nl‟,showYear: false});• Using a semanticclass to improve UX
    • Someniceexamples$(“table.tabular-data”).datatables();• Did I mentionsemantic classes?
    • Someniceexamples$(“input.auto-complete”).each(function() { $(this).autocomplete({datasource: $(this).attr(“data-autocomplete-options”) });})• I lovesemantic classes• Onceagain: progressiveenhancement• Using HTML(5) customattributes to fine-tunebehavior
    • Someniceexamples$(“a.show-message”).click(function(evt) {evt.preventDefault(); var href = $(this).attr(“href”); $.ajaxGet(href, {success: function(msg) { $.template(“show-message”).tmpl(msg).dialog(); } });})• Progressiveenhancement• Usessemantic data whereavailable• HTML from external template
    • Wrapping up• Nothing wrong withjQuery• Separate styling classes frominteraction classes• Usesemanticswherepossible• Use templates
    • More tips• Useplugins• Createplugins• LearnrealJavaScript – Scoping and closures – Prototyping and OOP – Eventbubbling and propagation