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YouTube Overview


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This presentation gives an overview of the features and benefits of YouTube for Entrepreneurs. …

This presentation gives an overview of the features and benefits of YouTube for Entrepreneurs.

BENEFITS: Secure your brand name and create a channel, bookmarking your favorite videos that other people have posted! Your profile can contain keywords and links back to your website.

YouTube gets 4,000,000,000 page views a day, which adds up to 1,000,000,000,000 a year.

YouTube has 800,000,000 users (about the same as Facebook) who watch 3,000,000,000 hours of video a month.

One hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second - that’s 24 hours of video every 24 seconds, 60 hours a minute, 9 months every 2 hours, a decade every single day and a century every 10 days,

DOWNSIDE: It takes planning and effort to product original videos.

Most likely, your business won’t need to use EVERY social networking site, blogging & email marketing until you are really prepared to reach a very large market.

You can learn more about YouTube so you can decide where YOUR current target audience is most likely to be. Combine this with the resources you have and we’ll create your PLAN.

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  • 1. YouTube Overview AMPLIFY Your PurposeAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 1 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 2. YouTube at a Glance Most Popular Video Site  Scope: 2 Billion views daily  Subscribe to channels by your friends or business contacts  Links can be embedded in your blog or posted on other Social Media sites  Create a channel to strengthen your brand & increase SEO  Connect with friends Increase search engine optimization  Mobile-friendly & shows your personality!AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 2 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 3. Create a Business Channel  Add colors & branding to background  Add keywords & descriptions  Share link everywhere  Create playlists of videos or favorites  Feature a video as intro  Add content on a regular basis to create your own “TV channel”AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 3 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 4. YouTube Success Story  Man– videos get personal with clients and prospects  Targeted towards niche  Series called “Ask the Social Man” (Q&A)  Any small business could Videos increased visibility, follow this model of site visits and sales engaging customers!AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 4 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 5. Video Tips  FOR SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: 2nd Largest search engine behind Google and videos appear in search results!  Videos are a powerful way to show your personality and knowledge.  Does not have to be professionally made, try using a webcam or inexpensive camera.  Optimal video running time to 1–3 minutes, 15 minute max.  Keep the focus on your brand and business strategy – show your work or share knowledge.  Comments on videos = conversationAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 5 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 6. Types of Videos to Post  Add a new dimension to ANYTHING you talk about during your sales process  Executive presentations  Training  Help  Marketing  Events  Testimonials  Product & Services Demos  Personal introduction  Promo for web contentAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 6 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 7. Creating Videos for Business Strategic Tips: Create Sharable Content:  Plan ahead. Know why you  Inform the viewer about are making the video. your company or industry (i.e. a mission statement or  Dont blatantly market company news). yourself. Use a soft sell.  Educate the viewer in some  High-quality production. way (i.e. a "how-to" video or Use a tripod and lights. product demo).  Keep it short! Under 2-3  Entertain to help build a minutes. relationship with your target customer  Use 3rd Party sites to create  Cross post to other social videos from photos (with media sites and your blog. audio/music) or from PowerPoint SlidesAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 7 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 8. Clone Yourself with Video  Compare a 2 minute video about your company to the amount of time it would take a real person to deliver the same message.  Combine videos with offline activities, such as before a sales call.  Deliver “standard” information by video, which then keeps the focus of a real conversation ON YOUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS and not background information.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 8 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 9. Without Creating Videos  Commenting on others videos or channels  Sharing videos on social media  Creating playlists of your favorite YouTube videos  Rate videos (1-5 stars)  Follow your industry leaders & your network of contacts  View & share industry news  Learn new skills (How Tos)  Embedding videos on your blogAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 9 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 10. Strategic Tips  Put links to your videos everywhere. Link to them on your main site and your Facebook page, tweet about them, and even put your YouTube channel on your business cards.  Focus on SEO. SEO for videos is just like regular SEO. You have to take the time to optimize your text descriptions associated with the videos with keywords and links back to your site.  Buy ads on YouTube. If you have an appropriate budget, you can purchase a keyword, and your video will come up first when someone searches for it (a lot like Google AdWords).AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 10 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 11. Share YOUR MESSAGE, Attract IDEAL CLIENTS & Increase REVENUE by leveraging your online brand. Find out how with your Online Brand BREAKTHROUGH session Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 11 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
  • 12. Connect With Me www.virtuallinda.comAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 12 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •