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LinkedIn Overview


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This presentation gives an overview of the features and benefits of LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs. …

This presentation gives an overview of the features and benefits of LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs.

BENEFITS: LinkedIn is “the office”. Your profile tells your story, and is a way to share why you make a good contact. But it’s NOT just an online version of your CV or resume. The 3 degrees of searchable contacts gives you immense power to find exactly who you want to reach.

LinkedIn has 150 million registered users.

75% of LinkedIn users use it for business purposes.

There are 2 million companies on LinkedIn.

50% of LinkedIn users have a bachelors or graduate degree.

DOWNSIDE: It’s professional, so you are missing out on building relationships based on personal interests.

Most likely, your business won’t need to use EVERY social networking site, blogging & email marketing until you are really prepared to reach a very large market.

You can learn more about LinkedIn so you can decide where YOUR current target audience is most likely to be. Combine this with the resources you have and we’ll create your PLAN.

Published in: Technology

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  • BE STRATEGIC!3 Degrees of Separation is VERY POWERFULMake it a priority to connect with all of your current contacts, any new contacts and then WORK the network before just randomly trying to meet people offline!
  • Transcript

    • 1. LinkedIn Overview AMPLIFY Your PurposeAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 1 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 2. LinkedIn at a Glance “The Office”  Tone: Business focus  Scope: +100 million professionals  Highest education & income level of all social media sites  User Base  Highest income & education level  Contacts  3 degrees of separation  Advanced Search  By keywords, industry, location, company details, experience levelAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 2 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 3. Your LinkedIn Network Use the power of your network  Gives you access to 3 degrees of contacts in a searchable format!  Network faster than going to offline events, hoping for a connection.  Find specific industries, companies, regions and more.  Ask for introductions through your contacts, improving your relationships even more.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 3 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 4. LinkedIn Mobile  LinkedIn mobile gives you all of your contacts accessible from your phone! Compare this to carrying around a binder of business cards.  Access your connections, profiles, and network updates wherever you go with LinkedIn’s mobile applications.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 4 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 5. Free Account Features  Personal Profiles  Company Pages  Events & Other Apps  Groups  Connect with your target demographic, alumni or other networking groups  Advanced Search  Answers  Questions by users  Answer questions to establish yourself as an expert.  Quick market or industry research with new connections  SkillsAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 5 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 6. Premium Account Features  InMail: Send a message to any LinkedIn member, without an introduction  OpenLink: Receive message from anyone  Premium Search: more results from a bigger network  Profile Organizer: Save and keep track of contacts  Who’s Viewed My Profile: Are Most people do not need these features.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 6 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 7. Professional Profile Fields of Information Use The Maximum # Of Characters  Picture  Headline (100)  Displayed under name  Location  Use as teaser not just your job title  Summary (2000)  Past experience  Experience (2000 each)  Education  Current & past  Specialties (500)  Recommendations  Custom URL  Websites  (15 characters, same as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook)  Interests Post Updates to Your Network  Groups  Status updates  Honors and Awards  Twitter  Number of Connections  Applications  Reading list, shared files, blogs & moreAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 7 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 8. Writing Tips  Dont cut and paste your résumé.  Write a powerful opening paragraph (Summary).  Unique selling points across in one succinct paragraph  5-10 seconds to capture their attention  Be clear and concise content.  Focus on your skills, accomplishments and goals.  Be modest but communicative at the same time.  Explain your experience in a directly, without arrogance.  Always think of yourself as part of a team. Write in your authentic voice, using 1st person. Keep your elevator pitch in mind.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 8 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 9. Sharing Info & Status Updates Get to know, like & trust people on LinkedIn  Share links, events, news, updates  Comments can be added on your contact’s updates to start a conversation  LIKE status updates  Share a status to individuals, post to a group or to Twitter  LIKE feature  Link Twitter to your accountAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 9 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 10. Recommendations Social Proof = Credibility  Your profile is attached to peer-reviewed recommendations.  Give a recommendation, then ask for one in return.  At a loss for words? It’s OK to ask someone what they are trying to highlight.  Also, it’s OK to prompt for what you want the recommendation about, such as on the work you did in a particular industry or a skill that is highly sought-after.  Focus on your key connections first.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 10 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 11. Applications Enrich your profile with:  File sharing  Events  Video or presentations  Blog posts  Info on business trips  Your Reading list  And moreAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 11 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 12. Events Create your own events or browse others to build your network  Conferences & Tradeshows  Meetups  Webinars  Local networking  Recommended for you based on your connections, groups, and professional networkAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 12 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 13. Company Pages Promote your company or use for market research!  Company status update  Overview of your company  Member’s network  Twitter feeds & blogs  Follow companies  Data summaryAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 13 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 14. Company Page – Products & Services Targeted marketing in a directory-style listing  Include descriptions, features, image s, display banners, videos, and special offers  Define up to 30 distinct audience segments for different versions of this tab, based:  Industry  Job function  Seniority  Geography  Company sizeAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 14 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 15. Company Page – Careers Premium features:  Display banner  Employee spotlight  Custom content modules  Benefits  Employment video  Recruiter contactsAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 15 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 16. Company Page – Analytics Visible to Admins  Who is visiting your company page  Which areas of your page interest them  How this data compares against similar companies  Learn which industries, functions and companies make up your group of followersAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 16 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 17. Add Contacts  Search  Colleagues  Classmates  People you may know  From shared groups  Import contacts (NOTE: I do not recommend this… be strategic!)  Use links to profile on emails, website and other social profiles  Ask in-personAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 17 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 18. Tips for Adding Contacts Be Strategic  Official rule is that you are building a network of people you really know.  3 REJECTS of “I don’t know this person” = BANNED  Ask through other email channels to connect, then send your personal LinkedIn URL.  Always include a personal note with the invite.  Don’t just upload your entire email list.  Be sure each contact is someone you like and would recommend, it is a reflection of YOUR BRAND!  Ask for a introduction through a contact, this gives you an additional chance to reconnect.  Asking to connect with shared group members is OK, but suggest doing after some participation or by sending a specific reason you would like to connect (not just adding a # to your list).AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 18 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 19. Advanced Search  Search for:  Connections  Companies  References  Search updates on LinkedIn with Signal  Faceted Search by:  Company  School  Relationship  LocationAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 19 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 20. Inbox & Email Tools  Inbox of notifications on your homepage  Messages + Invitations  Can also be emailed to your regular email account  Download your contacts  LinkedIn for Microsoft Outlook toolbar  Access your LinkedIn connections in your inbox  Email your contacts directly  Quickly build your listAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 20 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 21. Introductions &InMail  Introduction– use your degrees of separation to be introduced  Always include a short paragraph of how you would like to be introduced  Provide background as to why you want to connect  Ask nicely & say thank you  Can be declined  InMail– contact any LinkedIn user  Send a private message directly to anyone on LinkedIn  Premium (paid) featureAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 21 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 22. Groups  Can join up to 50 groups  Alumni, business organizations, special interest and your industry  Find new contacts and participate in the conversation  Subgroups - focused areas  Discussions - Like, follow & comment  Top Influencers list  Promotions  Start a group to build your own community  Open (new – public), closed (old – members only)  Group invitations to join  Email digests of activityAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 22 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 23. LinkedIn Success Story Northeast Baltimore Group & Local Networking Event  Local group formed by a single professional  Anyone can do this!  Used group to share an event  140 RSVPs  Connected in-person with contacts I had met online  New business partner & client  Excellent way to find local professionals with common Find events, new business interests and goals partners & increase sales  Any networker can duplicate!AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 23 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 24. Answers Tap into the knowledge of your professional network.  Ask or answer a question  Share knowledge  Connect with your contacts  Use your contacts as a resource  Share your expertiseAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 24 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 25. Account Settings Double check your settings regularly.  Access your settings in the upper right corner tabs.  Review periodically to make sure your account is up-to-date.  Adjust settings for profile, email, groups / companies & applications and accountAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 25 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 26. Direct Ads (Advertising) Control Your Spending Direct Ads  No commitments  Target Specific Audience:  By geography  No long-term contracts  By job function and seniority  Stop your ads at any time  By industry and company size  Pay by clicks or impressions  By gender and ageAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 26 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 27. Jobs  Post jobs or find jobs  Specialized tools to help recruiters & candidates connect  Premium Accounts:  Talent Finder  Job SeekerAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 27 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 28. Strategic Tips Use Keywords for SEO Participate to Build Relationships  All text on LinkedIn can be  Join groups within your seen by search engines. industry.  Best to utilize the same  Include your blog postings keywords that you use on on your profile. your website.  Ask/answer questions in the  Use keyword research. “Answers” section of  Do searches to view your LinkedIn. competition.  Share links and events.  Follow the leaders – look at  Comment within your other profiles in different network. states and use similar  Give recommendations. keywords.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 28 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 29. LinkedIn Today Take 5 minutes daily & view three social views of professional news: 1. What your connections and coworkers – people you know – are sharing. 2. What your industry peers are sharing 3. What stories are interesting to a wider audience, outside of your industryAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 29 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 30. LinkedIn Browser Toolbar While browsing the web during your workday, keep an eye out for links to share with your contacts.  Quickly search and access LinkedIn anytime  Quick search from anywhere  Direct access to LinkedIn  See your inside connections at any hiring company  For Internet Explorer and FirefoxAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 30 ©2011 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 31. Share YOUR MESSAGE, Attract IDEAL CLIENTS & Increase REVENUE by leveraging your online brand. Find out how with your Online Brand BREAKTHROUGH session Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 31 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 32. Connect With Me www.virtuallinda.comAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 32 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •