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Creating Your Elevator Pitch and Online Profiles


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An elevator pitch is an overview of your business in a very concise format, just like your online profiles. …

An elevator pitch is an overview of your business in a very concise format, just like your online profiles.

The name reflects the fact that it should be possible to deliver in the time span of an elevator ride, meaning in a maximum of 30 seconds and in 130 words or fewer.

You will learn how to:

Define your key message and action steps to speed the networking process.

Communicate clearly and create your unique brand.

Focus on what sets you apart and why your customers buy.

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  • Should the 3Ps be discussed first? Your Brand Onlin
  • Maybe change the format of Create Your Profiles ????
  • Maybe change the format of Create Your Profiles ????
  • Transcript

    • 1. Creating Your Elevator Pitch & Online Profiles AMPLIFY Your PurposeAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 1 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 2. Key Messages & Action Steps Key messages reinforce your brand and expand on your elevator pitch  Personal likes & interests  Professional topics:  Company or industry news  Frequently Asked Questions  Case studies or success stories  Share what is of interest to your community and target audience(s) Action steps are the follow-up of what you want your contact to do next.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 2 ©2010 Byte Sized Learning •
    • 3. Communicate Clearly Evaluate your key messages: SHARE:  Will it help my community KNOW, LIKE • Tips & Coaching & TRUST my brand? • News & Events  Does this add to the conversation? • Promotions  Does my target audience need to know this information in order to do • Sales Presentations business with me? • Customer Support  What am I repeating over and over • Personal Interests when I speak to people in-person, by phone or by email? Add personal interests that will help your audience  Am I reusing content from other connect with the human side marketing efforts? of your brand.  What’s the next step I want a potential customer to take?AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 3 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 4. Create Your Unique Brand Blend Professional & Personal  Connect to your audiences with a combination of your professional and personal brands – NOT PRIVATE INFO  People get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST a business brand through individuals and our network of contacts.  An individual from a business, not the logo, engages in conversation.  Don’t share PRIVATE information.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 4 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 5. An Introduction to Your Business Your elevator pitch (30-sec intro) & online profiles should answer “WHAT DO YOU DO?” A simple formula TRANSLATION TO YOUR AUDIENCE: for your brand What do you do that can benefit me? WHO  Focusing on how you can help someone else makes you more memorable. WHAT  Share your excitement and passion about your business! WHERE  In-Person = “an elevator pitch” (how you would WHY introduce yourself if you met someone in passing and had only 30 secs) HOW  Online = profile (quick summary of you with a photo, links and bio)AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 5 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 6. WHO are you looking to meet?  Include your target audiences (both primary and secondary).  Lead with your primary audience and include types of industries or referral partners you can work with.  In-person, this can be adjusted for the person you are interacting with (a great reason to first ask someone about their business before giving your pitch).  Online, consider adding details to your website or LinkedIn profile for each specific group.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 6 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 7. WHAT do you sell or represent? WHAT type of info will you be sharing with your audience?  Don’t use buzzwords here, use simple terms that people can understand in a split second.  Online, use keywords that your customers would use to find you.  People might not get your creative phrasing, so use common terminology.  Be 100% sure that people will know WHAT you do!  What makes your company unique?  Share your experience.For more multimedia training, 7 ©2010 Byte Sized Learning •
    • 8. WHERE are you located?  This is your chance to define the ideal location you want to be working.  If you prefer to work closer to home, don’t say you will work across the entire state.  Including this info in your profiles will help people locate your services.  Use location as a searchable field for contacts.  Location can be used with social media with location-based services and ads targeted by zip code.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 8 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 9. Tap Into Emotions Understand the true benefits of your product or service. Do your customers REMEMBER: buy because they: Your brand is  Want to improve their lives? really about how you can help  Are overworked or stressed? your customer meet  Experiencing a life change (job, new THEIR needs, not baby, death, move) ? what YOU need.  Are stuck in a rut and need a Put your change? customer FIRST.  Want to save time or money?AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 9 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 10. Multiple Target Audiences Some businesses will have multiple target audiences for the same product or service.  This changes the WHO and WHY  Know which audience you are speaking to at an event, 1-on-1 and online.  Online profiles and websites give you a place to expand on the benefits for each of your target audiences.  OK to have several versions of your introduction that are specific to each target audience, but the general message should remain consistent.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 10 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 11. Be Consistent Leverage together all marketing materials and networking efforts. Share the same  Develop your message based on the WHO, message with your: WHAT, WHERE, WHY, HOW formula. • Elevator pitch  Check all online profiles, marketing • Online profiles materials and your elevator pitch. • Website and blog  Use your website with a blog to expand on • Shared content your messages. • Business card  Share content that reinforces your brand. • Printed marketing  Printed materials and email signatures should include links to your websites and • Emails online profiles.AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 11 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 12. Double Check Your Brand Review your brand carefully before expanding your network! • Some business people don’t take the time to complete profiles or review for errors. This sends connections to a dead end or to an inaccurate, unprofessional profile. • Poor elevator pitches mean you won’t get follow ups or referrals. • Instead, build an open road to doing business with you. Find a trusted contact to practice your elevator pitch on and have them review your online profiles!AMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 12 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 13. Share YOUR MESSAGE, Attract IDEAL CLIENTS & Increase REVENUE by leveraging your online brand. Find out how with your Online Brand BREAKTHROUGH session Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 13 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •
    • 14. Connect With Me www.virtuallinda.comAMPLIFY Your Purpose with Virtuallinda • 14 ©2013 Virtuallinda Media LLC •