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  • 1. AIBTM Professional Education#AIBTM #VirtualEdge
  • 2. Monetizing Your Online Eventand Captured Content
  • 3. •Michael Doyle, Executive DirectorVirtual Edge Institute•Steve Williams, Director, E-Media Innovation & BusinessDevelopmentSociety for Human Resource Management•Todd Kotlarek, Director of Live EventsTrade Press Media Group , Inc.#AIBTM #VirtualEdge
  • 4. What is Monetization?Monetization is the conversion ofany asset, possession, or holding intomoney or legal currency.
  • 5. How To Vote via Texting1. Standard texting rates only (worst case US $0.20)2. We have no access to your phone number3. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling doTIPSEXAMPLE
  • 6. Audience Driver – PCMA365PCMA365 drives a significant audience to face-to-face events.PCMA 365 IMPACTConvening Leaders 2012•~3,800 attendees•550 attended 1st time in 5years•120 of those had neverattended•Indicated that PCMA365 wasa key driver for attending inperson•17% increase in audience!2012 Convening Leaders
  • 7. Growing Onsite & Online Attendance12,700Onsite Registrants17,0002009 2010 2011 20124,400Virtual/Hybrid113,000Virtual +UStream189,000Virtual +UStream
  • 8. Monetization of ContentSteve Williams, Director, E-Media Innovation & Business DevelopmentSociety for Human Resource Management#AIBTM #VirtualEdge
  • 9. • Society for Human Resource Management -- membership association of265,000 HR professionals• One in-person annual conference and four in-person specialtyconferences. SHRM’s Annual Conference has 12,000 – 15,000 attendees• SHRM launched virtual conference business in March 2010---profitablewithin first four months of launch• Continues to grow in revenue and profitability (85%-88% profit margin)SHRM Virtual Conferences / On Demand---New Business / New Revenue Stream
  • 10. What Does SHRM’s Virtual Conference /On Demand Revenue Strategy Have inCommon with These Companies?
  • 11. SHRM Virtual Conference /On DemandRevenue StrategyAnswer: SHRM leverages existing contentSHRM builds its virtual conference on existing contentfrom the existing foundation of its successful in-person conferences
  • 12. SHRM Virtual Conference /On DemandRevenue Strategy• SHRM pursued a paid model• SHRM built its own platform• SHRM believes in profit first combined with smartinnovation#AIBTM #VirtualEdge
  • 13. SHRM’s virtual conference revenue strategyinvolves re-purposing, re-packaging,and re-selling some contentCompanies do it all the time….
  • 15. • Package it as an upsell to existing in-person conference• Target one day in-person registrants and non-U.S. groups• Begin selling prior to the in-person conference• Promote onsite at the in-person conference• Conduct live streaming of a keynote and sell separately• Charge customers for additional time to access content• Partner with other companies to re-sell their content orto gain access to another audience
  • 16. Monetization of ContentBreak into groups discuss what attendees can implementback at your organization based on what Steve has shared•What content do you charge for?•What content could you charge for?• What could you do in your organization?
  • 17. Exhibit and Sponsorship MonetizationTodd Kotlarek, Director of Live EventsTrade Press Media Group , Inc.#AIBTM #VirtualEdge
  • 18. Trade Press Media…Quick Facts• Market: United States• Live Events Launched 2001• 3 Major Live tradeshows, multiple Virtual tradeshows• 11 events team stakeholders + Exhibition partner• Magazines/Online: 6 niche B2B titles: FacilityManagement, Jan/San, Commercial Rail• Market Leader in our space• For-Profit
  • 19. Virtual Tradeshows:5 Steps
  • 20. Step #1 Find a Sales Champion• Go–to who can answer any question about show• Not a content/education person• Unique Focus• Passionate Leader• Co-Presenter• Lead follow up
  • 21. Step #2 Establish Sales Team• Who sells? Determined by your structure• Best Client Relationship?• 6 Months out
  • 22. Tiered SponsorPackagesBenefits Vary:•Profile•Commercial•Webcast•Content Assets•LeadsStep #3 Pricing
  • 23. Step #4 Train Your Sales Staff• Imperative they know the tools• Train• Practice• Set goal• Demo Champion• Practice
  • 24. Step #5 Educate Your Prospects• On Demand Demo• Pre-Recorded Video Demo• Webinar• Proven Results• Set EXPECTATIONS!!#AIBTM #VirtualEdge
  • 25. Demo
  • 26. Sponsor NameSponsorLevel Unique Content Views Booth VisitorsAverage VisitDuration (min)Platinum 255 352 9Gold 185 321 7.1Silver 99 259 2.6Silver 80 257 7.1Gold 155 312 9.8Silver 107 319 5.7Silver 142 285 7.2Gold 190 374 6.8Gold 171 323 5.6Platinum 122 313 5.7Gold 175 292 9.1Silver 165 324 5.2Platinum 209 274 7.7Silver 136 327 12.4Silver 149 301 6.6Silver 163 332 8.9ROI
  • 27. The Gift that Keeps Giving59% of attendees visit a vendor’s website49% search for more information about a vendor19% have proactively contacted a vendor for moreinfo4% have purchased form a featured vendor49% revisited the same event on-demand37% have forwarded a registration page34% have forwarded an on-demand linkc/o Sharon Hudson, VP events,Marketing Profs
  • 28. Lessons Learned• Sales Champion = Sales Pressure• Technical Testing• Exhibitor Training = Higher ROI#AIBTM #VirtualEdge
  • 29. Exhibit and Sponsorship MonetizationBreak into groups discuss what attendees can implementback at your organization based on what Todd has shared•How do you sell sponsorships now?•If not, could you?•What is the make up of the potential sponsor or vendor basein your market?
  • 30. AIBTM partners with MeetingMetrics: ‘Meeting Results Measurement MadeEasy!’Collect your CEUs for the educationsessions on our tracking sheets, availablein the conference foyer.