University Of Aberdeen MBA Nov 23 2009

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  • 1. Virtual worldsOpen for business?
    Pauline Randall
    Managing Director
    virtual-e Ltd
  • 2.
  • 3. virtual-e
    • Virtual world developers
    • 4. Second Life Gold Partner
    • 5. Global client list
    • 6. Imperial College London
    • 7. Ashridge Business School
    • 8. University of Hawaii
    • 9. JISCRSCs
  • Second Life – a virtual world
  • 10. Second Life
    • 3-d persistent environment
    • 11. Bulk of content creation is by users
    • 12. Been around for 6 years
    • 13. Current peak daily concurrent logins 80k
    • 14. Owned by Linden Lab
    • 15. Is a web 2.0 company that is making money
    • 16.
  • Statistics
  • 17. Other virtual environments
    • Open sim
    • 18. Forterra Systems – Olive
    • 19. Entropia
    • 20. Twinity – beta
    • 21. Blue Mars – early beta
    Ashridge Business School
    Friends of the Earth Scotland
    Imperial College London
  • 22.
    University of Hawaii
  • 23. Why?
    @virtualewit tell them SL is a great way to experience global venture building like in RL and for dev management & cultural skills
    @virtualewit that we exist in a mixed reality?
    @virtualewit Tell them that SL is a great way to learn about realities and necessity of marketing RL business without much financial risk.
  • 24. Business ROI - IBM
    Using virtual world space for conferences
    Reduce costs
    Reduce carbon footprint
    Reduce lost time from office
    ROI $320k
    Cost 1/5th cost of real world event
  • 25. University of Texas
    A one-year project to explore the use of virtual worlds in learning which brings in the 16 campuses of the university.
    “Like many higher learning organizations, the University of Texas System’s has an imperative to continually enrich the learning experience for students while reducing—or even eliminating—expensive brick-and-mortar costs while becoming energy efficient. These are the key drivers that led the University of Texas to invest in a virtual learning environment in Second Life.”
  • 26. Border Crossing Patrols
    Loyalist College used Second Life for part of their training of border guards
  • 27. Fleet Risk Management
  • 28. Some other examples
    St George’s Hospital using SL for paramedic training (
    USA based architect using it to collaborate with clients in Cairo (
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • 29. Resources