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Immersed In Learning   UEL November 2008 V2003
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Immersed In Learning UEL November 2008 V2003


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Taking your teaching into another world
  • 2. Pauline Randall
    • AKA Liz Ferlinghetti in Second Life
  • 3.
  • 4. Immersed in Learning
    • Background to Second Life
    • What could you do with it?
    • Who else is using it?
    • What next?
  • 5. A bit of background
  • 6. Second Life is...
    • A 3-d virtual world
    • Opened to the public in 2003
    • Created by Philip Rosedale , CEO and founder of Linden Labs
    • It is a persistent environment where content is created entirely by its residents
    • Residents can create, buy and sell with other residents
    • It has its own economy (current exchange rate in the region of 265 L$ to the US$)
  • 7. Some key statistics (24/11/08)
    • Residents
      • Logged in over past 7 days – 583,603 (489,520 end of Sept)
      • Total residents – 16,107,580 (15,304,082 end of Sept)
      • Concurrent logins range from 35k – 75k + depending on the time of day
    • Islands added (March) 832 (each 65k m2)
    • Islands added (August) 1833
    • Islands added (October) 1045
    • Islands added (November to date) -1105
  • 8. But before we start...
  • 9.  
  • 10. What could you do with Second Life?
  • 11. What could you do in SL?
    • Create/build
    • Interact
    • Buy land
    • Terraform
    • Build objects
    • Create activities
    • Scripted objects
    • Meet
    • Collaborate
    • Research & concept testing
    • Interview
    • Events
    • Run a business
  • 12. A couple of examples...
  • 13. USC Marshall School of Business
  • 14. USC Marshall School of Business
    • “ Our island is very young at the moment, but so far we have conducted classes within Second Life using the virtual classroom within Bridge Hall. The professor and students discuss current topics using the voice chat and even meet within SL to work on projects...
    • ...they are all USC students, but this way if they live in another county they don't need to drive to campus to take the class. It's very convenient.”
  • 15. USC Marshall School of Business
    • “ We are also hoping to be able to use Second Life to teach students how to run their own businesses by setting up SL shops on the main street.”
  • 16. Port Spinoza
  • 17. Port Spinoza
    • Port Spinoza is a Second Life community with a theme based on Age of Enlightenment Netherlands.
    • The community is a wonderful collection of residences, public building, open space and waterways which all convey the feel of 17th century Amsterdam.
    • Port Spinoza is a community of learners.
    • Our mission is to provide a home in Second Life for people who see learning as an integral part of their lives, and to provide opportunities to engage in activities that support exploration, learning, and growth.
  • 18. Port Spinoza
    • How do Residents Participate in the Life of Port Spinoza?
    • Residents participate by giving a talk, preparing an exhibit, conducting a performance, or organizing an educational event to which the community is invited at least once every calendar quarter. Group events and exhibits are encouraged and individual participation in their planning and implementation is credited to both individuals and the group.
  • 19. Other users of Second Life
  • 20. Ashridge Business School
  • 21. Ashridge Business School
    • Mix of students and course lengths – from a weekend to a year
    • Not all students are on campus for a great length of time
    • Executive MBA students – not a lot of time
  • 22. University of Hawaii
  • 23. University of Hawaii
    • Working with LILT – Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies
    • Projects related to wireless and mobile technologies in learning, including second-language vocabulary learning and next-generation wireless applications.
  • 24. Who else is using SL?
    • Wide range of educators, particularly at HE
      • Visit Simteach Wiki for more information
    • There are hundreds of educational organisations using Second Life, many with their own regions
    • Estimated that 80% of UK universities have some presence in Second Life
  • 25. Monash University
  • 26. Dresden Art Gallery
  • 27. PA Consulting
  • 28. Assisi
  • 29. Eduserv Island
  • 30. Abyss Museum of Ocean Science
  • 31. What next?
  • 32. Next steps
    • Create an account
    • Download the client software
    • Go exploring
    • Talk to other users
    • Join some groups
    • Go to some events – think of what interests you in real life and find it in Second Life
    • Have fun!
  • 33. Some final things to consider
    • You don’t need to be an expert builder – you can source a lot of content in SL
    • Go to the Ivory Tower Library and learn a bit about building
    • You do need to consider your IT equipment – especially re graphics cards
    • Do induct your students into Second Life
  • 34. Campus Design Principles
    • Designing a sim for a university is a lot like designing a course in that you need to first identify your goals and objectives. What is your purpose for being in Second Life? What do you hope to accomplish? You also want some sort of assessment to determine whether or not you have achieved those goals. This might be a notecard drop or sensors to pull statistics.
    • When designing the islands for my university, I travelled far and wide around SL looking at what other colleges and universities had done. I got lots of ideas on ways we could contribute to the SL learning community. Again, as with a RL course, we storyboarded out the area and brainstormed ideas of what we could do. Developing was a snap after that.
      • Paula Christopher
      • Project Manager, eLearning Group
      • University Educational Technology Services (UETS) Information Systems & Technology Georgia State University
  • 35. Pauline Randall (Liz Ferlinghetti in Second Life) Second Life Solution Provider Second Life Developer E-learning Consultant [email_address] virtual-e Island in Second Life Virtual world benefits through real world solutions
  • 36. Some stuff for later
    • Places to visit in Second Life and some useful websites
  • 37. Web resources
    • Business Communicators of Second Life -
    • Companies in Second Life -
    • Educause Review -
    • Institutions & Organisations in SL -
    • JISC gaming report -
    • Second Life –
    • Second Life Security -
    • Second Life Stats -
    • SLED (Second Life Educators) List -
    • SLED Blog -
    • Times – McKinsey Interview -
    • Virtual World Watch – Snapshots
    • Other options
    • Virtual Worlds Review -
  • 38. Second Life Locations
    • Abyss Museum of Ocean Science -
    • Autodesk Island – Engineering Design -
    • Bowling Green State University -
    • Camp Darfur -
    • Chinese School -
    • Dresden Art Gallery -
    • Edinburgh University -
    • Eduserv Island -
    • Genome Island -
    • Honawan – Planetarium -
    • Illinois State – Geography-Geology -
    • Ivory Tower Library of Primitives -
    • Leeds College of Art & Design -
    • Monash University -
    • Via Montenapoleone
    • Port Spinoza -
    • Second Health -
    • Streets of Baghdad -
    • USC Marshall Business School -
    • Western Australia Police -
  • 39. Virtual world benefits through real world solutions