Victoria and Vanessa Simpson University 2013
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Victoria and Vanessa Simpson University 2013






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Victoria and Vanessa Simpson University 2013 Victoria and Vanessa Simpson University 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Simpson UniversityVannesa Aguirre&Victoria Ujano
  • General Info.• Redding, CA (8hrs N)• Suburban• Enrollment: 1,297• Tuition & Fee: $22,400• Room/board: $7,500• Teacher : student – 1:15• Founded 1921• 85 acres• Private Christian• Coed• Semester based• 4 month summer!• ID = YOUR LIFE !!
  • Applying• 82% acceptance rate• $25 app fee• ACT– 21 on composition• SAT– 1000 combined criticalreading & math• Transfer- 2.5 gpa• HS student- 2.7unweighted gpa• 4yrs English• 3yrs math• 3yrs social science• 2yr science• 2yr foreign language• 1yr history• 1yr fine arts & peelective View slide
  • Majors & Minors• Psychology*• Bible Theology*• Business*• Communication*• Cross Cultural Studies*• English*• Liberal Arts• Music*• Mathematics*• Psychology*• Outdoor Leadership• World Missions*• Nursing• Social Science• Spanish• Writing• TESOL• Transformational (community &development)• Journalism• History• Mass Communication View slide
  • Financial Aid/ Scholarships• Institutional Grant- 98%• Federal Grant- 48%– Pell ($5,645)– SEOG-supplementalEducational Opportunity Grant(determined by financial aid)• Student Loans- 96%– Stafford Loan ($5,500-$7,500)• Subsized (gov’t pays while inschool, 3.4%)• Unsubsized (student pays, 6.8%)• State/ Local Grants- 37%– Cal Grant A- $9,084– Cal Grant B- $1,473• Signature Awards– President (3.7, SAT 1300)– AB Simpson Grant (up to $10,500 yr.)– Golden State (full time undergrad,based on need)• Specialized Awards– Music & Athletic• Additional Grants– Church Matching ($500)– College Transfer Honors– Ministry/Christian Worker Dependent($2,000 yr)– Christian & Ministry Alliance ($5,000)
  • Chapel/ Missionary• Required to attend chapel2/3rds or 66%• Wednesdays and Fridays• Students lead worship• Always have guest speakers(ex: one came from France)• Missionary to other countriesfor different amount of timeperiods
  • Sports• Cross Country• Soccer• Basketball• Base/soft ball• Golf• *guys have wrestling• *girls have volleyball• NAIA- National Associationof Intercollegiate Athletics• NCCAA-National ChristianCollege Athletic Association(Simpson has 2 Nationalchampionship teams)• 1950’s• Cal-Pac Conference (wonnumerous Sportsmanshipawards)
  • Dorm Life• Different set ups, could have 1 or3 roommates• Girl buildings and guy buildings• Curfew-pick own curfew• Each building has a motto• No fraternities or sororities• Have to live on campus forfreshman & freshmen couldhave cars• 45% live on campus
  • Fun Facts• Ranked in best colleges in LiberalArts in ‘13• Nitelife-basically a huge talent show& is once a year, more than oneaward• 5K run, which is also annual. Run forYouth (family fun day) & held atShasta Lake• The Bridge-story of getting engagedto someone on the bridge by thetime you graduate• Rock-anyone could paint on it forevents, birthdays etc.• You could work on campus
  • Vannesa’s Story• Psychology• Education• Volleyball, softball• Experience
  • Victoria’s Story• Psychology• Volleyball, soccer• Experience