The Ice is Melting


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The Ice is Melting

  1. 1. The Ice is Melting!Deryn HarrisMarch 1, 2013Orcutt Academy High SchoolFrosh Core
  2. 2. “Climate changethreatens the long-term survival of allcreatures on Earth,from polar bears tosea turtles tomigratory birds tohumans.” –PeterFashing.Is Global Warming a Threat?
  3. 3. Global warming hasbeen a threat to us forabout the lastcentury. The rapidburning of fossilfuels have ruined theenvironment andcaused the polar iceto melt.Background Information
  4. 4. The Main IdeaEven though somepeople say that globalwarming does not posea threat to us, it hasactually jeopardizedEarths environment,and is causing manyanimals to be added tothe endangered specieslist.
  5. 5. Is Global Warming Even Real?Some people don’t believe that globalwarming is even there, but global warmingis an issue that is making a big impact inour world, especially the Earth’s polarregions.
  6. 6. We Have to Change Our Ways!Someone couldargue that all of theArctic ice won’tcompletely meltaway in the NEARfuture, but it stillcould eventually, ifwe don’t change ourways soon.
  7. 7. How Do People Really FeelAbout Global Warming?67%33%Do you personally think globalwarming poses a threat to ourenviroment?YesNoData obtained form self-generated survey. Click Here toTake the Survey Now!!!
  8. 8. The Water is Rising“Sea levels areexpected to risebetween 7 and 23inches by the end ofthe century, andcontinued melting atthe poles could addbetween 4 and 8inches”. – NationalGeographic
  9. 9. What Does Everyone Else Think?1510 1021311 inch 2 inches 3 inches 10inches5 feet 50 feetHow much do you think the oceanwater will rise in this century dueto global warming?Data obtained form self-generated survey. Click Here toTake the Survey Now!!!
  10. 10. What’s the Effects?The melting of the Arctic ice hasunfortunately killed many of the landmammals that live there.
  11. 11. Swim Farther!Polar bears arehaving to swimfarther distances inbetween ice caps,causing them to geteasily exhaustedand drown.
  12. 12. Population and Health Dwindling“Population density of polar bears in oneintensively studied population in Hudson Bay,Canada, declined by 22 percent over the pastdecade alone. Even those at Hudson Bay thatremain alive have suffered from inadequatenutrition – surviving bears were found to be 15percent thinner on average than bears in thispopulation were only a few decades ago”. –PeterFashing.
  13. 13. How Do People Really FeelAbout Global Warming?22188419254 3051015202530StronglyAgreeAgree Disagree StronglyDisagreeGlobal warming poses a threat to our environment.Global warming poses a threat to some animals on earth.Data obtained form self-generated survey. Click Here toTake the Survey Now!!!
  14. 14. Global warming is agrowing threat to theworld we live in. Due tomelting ice, polar bearsand other Arctic animalshave been driven out oftheir habitat, and massesof them have died as aresult. We should try tostop this worldwideheating to prevent theextinction of manyliving creatures.Conclusion
  15. 15. The environment we live in is a very delicate andcomplex place, and could crumble if its perfectbalance is broken. We should try to stop thisworldwide heating to prevent the extinction ofmany living creatures. Do you think we can stopit before it’s too late?
  16. 16. Works Cited• "Arctic." 23 August 2012. World Wildlife Fund. 30 January2013 <>.• "Effects of Global Warming." 2007. National Geographic.30 January 2013<>.• Fashing, Peter J. "Threatened Wildlife." 17 February 2009.California State University, Fullerton. 30 January 2013<>.
  17. 17. Brought to You by…Deryn HarrisMarch 1, 2013Orcutt AcademyHigh SchoolFrosh Core