Peyton Biola vs Azusa Pacific


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Peyton Biola vs Azusa Pacific

  1. 1. Azusa PacificBiola University University
  2. 2. Biola University Quick Stats 13800 Biola Avenue La Mirada, CA 90639-0001 [map] Phone: (562) 903-6000 2011-2012 Tuition $29,908 tuition and fees Students 4,106 enrolled 39% male / 61% female Admissions rolling admission 77.7%
  3. 3. Biola University
  4. 4. Biola UniversityStudent-faculty ratio 16:14-year graduation rate 51% - MediumFive most popular majors for 2010 graduates Business, Management, 26% Marketing, and Related Support Services Theology and Religious Vocations 15% Communication, Journalism, and 12% Related Programs Psychology 12% Social Sciences 8%
  5. 5. Biola UniversityTuition and fees $29,908 (2011-12)Room and board $8,990 (2011-12) - MediumFinancial aid statistics
  6. 6. Biola University Majors English Chemistry English majors will gain an  The mission of the understanding of the uses Chemistry, Physics and of language as a means of Engineering Department exposition, persuasion and at Biola University is to critical thinking, an ability train and mentor students to speak and write with to become skilled clarity, and an scientists, engineers, and understanding of literature educators in the physical as a record of the sciences, who will glorify development of human God, serve others and be thought and a reflection of good stewards of His cultural history. creation.
  7. 7. Biola University Campus
  8. 8. Azusa Pacific 2011-2012 $29,940 Students 5,511 enrolled 35% male / 65% female Admissions Jun. 1 application deadline 50.6% accepted
  9. 9. Azusa PacificSelectivity more selectiveFall 2010 acceptance rate 51%Application deadline June 1SAT/ACT scores must be August 30received by
  10. 10. Azusa Pacific4-year graduation rate 52% - MediumFive most popular majors for 2010 graduates Business, Management, 22% Marketing, and Related Support Services Liberal Arts and Sciences, General 19% Studies and Humanities Communication, Journalism, and 10% Related Programs Health Professions and Related 10% Programs Psychology 8%
  11. 11. Azusa PacificTuition and fees $29,940 (2011-12)Room and board $8,488 (2011-12) - Medium
  12. 12. Azusa Pacific
  13. 13. Azusa Pacific English Chemistry APU’s English major equips  APU’s chemistry major equips students to make effective use of students to explore the chemical the written word. The degree foundations of our world. The degree provides a solid provides a solid foundation in foundation in general, organic, writing technique and inorganic, analytical, and physical linguistics, as well as world, chemistry; quantitative and British, and American literature, instrumental analysis; physics; creative writing, significant and calculus. These then provide a framework for in-depth study of authors, and the history of advanced chemistry concepts and literary movements. These then related fields such as provide a framework for thermodynamics, kinetics, advanced study in one of three quantum mechanics, areas of concentration. biochemistry, synthesis, and more.