1.1 influences on performance
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1.1 influences on performance



Make sure to include 2 of the following reflections in each of your reflections. Changing the factors week by week

Make sure to include 2 of the following reflections in each of your reflections. Changing the factors week by week



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1.1 influences on performance 1.1 influences on performance Presentation Transcript

  • Year 11 Physical Education1.1 Participate actively in a variety of physicalactivities and explain factors that influence own participation
  • Achievement CriteriaAchievement Achievement with Merit Achievement with ExcellenceParticipate actively Participate actively in a Participate actively in a in a variety of variety of physical variety of physical physical activities activities with a high level activities with a and explain of effort and engagement, consistently high level factors that and explain factors that of effort and influence own influence own participation. engagement, and participation. explain factors that influence own participation.
  • The assessmentThere are two parts to this assessment.
  • Part 1You need to actively participate in a range of physical lessons. You need to display a high level of engagement and effort. effortThis may include:practicing to improveinvolving self in activity for enjoyment, fun and challengecontributing in team activitiesrelating to others in activities requiring interactionreflecting on involvement and performanceparticipating in some way or contributing despite injuryparticipating in the strategies, skills, and aim of the gameparticipating to develop skills of the activityparticipating to develop, maintain and improve fitnessparticipating to maintain or improve well-beingparticipating to enjoy the intent of the activitysupporting, encouraging, and organizing of others with the aim of getting them toparticipate
  • Part 2 You need to explain how some of the following factors affected your practical per- formancewell-beingfun and enjoymentchallengesense of achievementsocial factors eg able to do physical activity with friends, able to choose my own groupaesthetic appealpushes the body to physical and/or mental limitsbeing able to go at own pacecostaccessibilityenvironmental appreciationtechnologyequipment needed.
  • ReflectionsFor the preparation part of this assessment you will be asked to reflect on your practical performance weekly in your logbook or in your eportfolioNote: These logs will be able to be taken into the as-Note sessment.
  • What does an excellence practical performance look like?A student who is always contributingA student who is always helpful to othersA student who is always involved, even if they are injuredA student who is always having fun and can re- late to others
  • What does an excellence practical performance look like?A student who contributes to the strategies of the gameA student who is develop- ing their skills and im- proving their fitness & wellbeingSelf motivatedEncouraging
  • Part B: The contributing factorsA closer look at the contributing factors that can influ- ence and affect your practical performance
  • WellbeingHauora or Wellbeing is the Maori philosophy of health unique to New Zealand. It comprises of 4 dimensions
  • Taha Tinana – Physical Well- beingDefinition: The physical body, its growth, development, and ability to move and ways of caring for it.Personal Examples:Physical Fitness during netball trainingNot getting enough sleep the night before,therefore not participating very well in themorning PE lesson
  • Taha Hinengaro – Mental & Emotional Well-beingDefinition: Acknowledging and expressing thoughts and feelings and responding constructively.Personal Examples:Relaxing during a walkEncouraging a teammate in a game of netball
  • Examples… Bullying Enjoying school
  • Taha Whanau – Social Well-beingDefinition: Family relationships, friendships, and other interpersonal relationships. Feelings of belonging, compassion and caring and social support.Personal Examples:Friendships made during a game of touch in PE
  • Examples… Feeling accepted in team gamesHanging out with friends
  • Taha Wairua – Spiritual Well- beingDefinition: The values and beliefs that determine the way people live, the search for meaning and purpose in life and personal identity and self awareness. For some, spiritual well-being may be related to religion.Personal Examples:Personal value system such as respecting others in a PElessonSetting a goal in PE and following it through
  • Examples… My culture What is important to me Where do I go when I die What is my purpose in life?
  • Fun & EnjoymentDid you enjoy the game? Why Why Not?
  • ChallengeHow challenging was the game?Did you learn any new skills?How did you chal- lenge yourself?
  • Sense of AchievementWhat did you achieve today?Did helping someone else give you a sense of achievement, why, why not?Is winning everything?
  • Social FactorsDid you choose your team? Group?How did this have an impact on your practical performance?Did working with friends distract you?
  • Aesthetic appealDid you appreciate the beauty of the sport?Did you feel that the game/sport was too girly? Why, why not?
  • Pushes the body to physical/ men- tal limitsHow hard did you work your body?What mental strains did you endure? Why?
  • Being able to go at your own paceWas the game too fast paced? Slow paced?By working at your own pace did you develop the skills you needed to succeed? Why, why not?
  • CostHow did cost have an affect on today perfor- mance?
  • AccessibilityHow accessible was the game/sport?Did it take long setting up?
  • Environmental appreciationDid you appreciate the location of your game/ sport? Why, why not?
  • TechnologyHow did technology affect your learning to- day?How did technology help or hinder your per- formance?
  • EquipmentHow did the equipment help of hinder your performance?How easy was the equipment to set up?Were there any differences between each others equipment?