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Pitch deck pointers_by_virginia_cha[1]


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  • Transcript

    • 1. + The Pitch Deck KitA template created byDr. Virginia ChaOctober 2012Go ahead, copy the text. But attribute the photos.
    • 2. You have a great idea…You have a great team…You have a great strategy …You have a great plan to execute… but how do you get attention?
    • 3. Basic PPT Pointers for a PitchDeck: Audience Structure & Content Visual Appeal Delivery
    • 4. A pitch is not a lecture. Be brief,bold, and clear
    • 5. Audience –Design your presentation from your audience’sperspective.Keep answering for your audience “so what”
    • 6. Structure & ContentLimit yourself to the most important contentand lay out your pitch in a logical sequenceYou have only 15 minutes to tellyour story – do *not* clutter it bytrying to show everythingin your bag of tricks12 slides maximum.Do a Demo!
    • 7. +
    • 8. CompanyAnswer for the audience – Overview (Brief Pitch)why are we here? Start with “This is what my company does…” Your first slide is utmost important! You lose or gain their interest right here. Describe your idea effectively:  Whatproblem do you solve?  Who has this problem?  Tell about a use case, not “how it works”
    • 9. + 9 So What? Make it Typical pitch So What? personal “We provide a “Any one can “You can resell widget to easily setup an e-shop your hard-to-get setup an e- in less than 5 concert tickets to commerce site and minutes and your friends even allow it to be leverage their though you can’t embedded in 7 social network to go last minute!” different social sell .” media platforms.” Does the job, but does not answer Better Personal appeal imprints the the so-what question message
    • 10. Problem Statement So what? (include market and opportunity size) Get people nodding that this is an important problem Describe a pain point in a way people connect with Don’t go overboard with charts and analysts data!
    • 11. Your Solution & So what? Competitive Landscape Describe your solution Usefamiliar references (“we enable everyone to be their own”) Describehow you are positioned amongst your competitors Describe your targeted market and why your offer is differentiated/superior
    • 12. So what? TechnologiesA demo is better Supplement if necessary a slide on what’s superior about your technology and any IP protection
    • 13. So what? Go-to-Market Describeyour customers (if any); if none, describe how you are going to get the first 100 customers Describealliances and marketing strategies you need to achieve this Describe how these strategies will help you scale Avoid the “better mousetrap” answer on why people will use your innovation
    • 14. So what? Your Team Can consider putting this slide in front Include your advisors, mentors, coaches, angels CV of previous work/startups important here Remember – your purpose for describing you and your team is to de-risk this deal for the investors! So,don’t drag out all of your accomplishments – just those that matter for this venture. This pitch is not an ego trip for you.
    • 15. So what? How you make money aka business model Very important content slide! Who pays you? How do they pay you? Margins, etc. Canconsider using the Business Model Canvas by Osterwalder and Pigneur – a one-picture framework to describe your business model.
    • 16. So what? What do you want? In Asian context – we tend towards nuanced communication. But to be blur is not the right approach at a pitch. Remember – BBC: Brief, Bold, and Clear. Tell them what you want – how much $$ for what valuation (e.g. “We need $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity.”).
    • 17. Visual AppealUse large size fonts; no clutterGuy Kawasaki’s Font Size Rule**age of oldest person in the room/2
    • 18. DeliveryDeliver it with passion and conviction! Remember – they areinvesting in you and your ability to deliver the dream.
    • 19. + What is the #1 Reason for Investors to invest? You are the message. Keep your PPT simple!
    • 20. + Practice! Practice! Practice!