Lexical approach


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Lexical approach

  1. 1. Adriana Franco
  2. 2. Less concerned with howSystems for structuring the lesson is structured andlessons more concerned with the general focus of instructuion
  3. 3. A lexical approach to teaching means the primary focus is on helping students acquire vocabulary The linguistic focus of the lexical approach is really between grammar and what we traditionally think of as vocabulary. It is based on the idea that language is made up of other structural elements besides what we traditionally think of as “grammar”.
  4. 4. • Find someone who… this is a standardactivity which has been adapted to focus on different lexical structures all involving the word “get”.Find someone who… … likes to get their own way. … takes a long time to get back to people. … wants to get married. … is getting together with friends the day after tomorrow. … got out of bed on the wrong side today. … has got to be at work early tomoroow.
  5. 5. • Songs are a rich source of lexical items, particulary commonly used semi-fixed expressions. Try to get students focused on useful lexical chunks rather than individual words:
  6. 6. • I WILL- THE BEATLESWho ____________I`ve loved you_______________I`love you stillWill I wait a ______________ Love you forever and forever,If ____________________I will Love you ___________heart Love you_________________For ____________saw you Love you _______________I didnt___________But never really mattered And when _________I find youI will always ____________ Your song will fill the air Sing it loud ___________hear you Make it _____________near you For the _____________endear you to come, You know I WILL.
  7. 7. • I WILL- THE BEATLES Love you forever and forever,Who (knows how long) I`ve loved you Love you (with all my) heart(you know) I`love you still Love you (whenever we`re together)Will I wait a (lonley lifetime) Love you (when we`re apart)If (you want me too) I will And when (at last) I find youFor (if ever) saw you Your song will fill the airI didnt (catch your name) Sing it loud (so i can) hear youBut never really mattered Make it (easy to be ) near youI will always (feel the same) For the (thing you do) endear you to come, You know I WILL.
  8. 8. • BROWN EYED GIRL- VAN Standing in the sunlight laughing MORRINSON Hiding behind a rainbow`s wallHey where did we go, Slipping and sliding All along the waterfall, with youDays when the rains came My brown eyed girlDown in the hollow, You my brown eyed girlOlaying a new game,Laguhing and a running hey! • Find in the following collocationSkipping and a jumping and expressions.In the misty morning for with 1. A question about where you wentOur hearts a thumping and you with someone.My brown eyed girl 2. A question about what became ofYou my brown eyed girlWhatever something that existed in the past happened 3. A collocation to describeTo Tuesday and so slow someone`s physical appearanceGoing dow the old mine 4. An expression for whereWith a transitor radio something is that can bnot be seen