CASE STUDYDirect Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF)   Mission Statement: To attract, educate, and place college stude...
Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF)   thOUghts On thE FUtUrE OF thE                                            ...
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DMEF - Viralheat Case Study


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Viralheat case study by Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF).

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DMEF - Viralheat Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDYDirect Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) Mission Statement: To attract, educate, and place college students in direct/interactive marketing careers. We are dedicated to engaging students in order to educate them about the direct and interactive marketing industry in addition to providing them with invaluable opportunities and funds to support their immersion in this industry. OvErall gOals FOr sOcial MEDia UsE sOcial MEDia challEngEsThe high school/college generation is often I was brought in to DMEF as its first-ever socialconsidered the age group to be most “digital- media intern. Although DMEF was registeredly savvy”— they know how to use social me- under various social media sites, the staff was sodia and love doing it. Because the mission of busy that it was hard for them to keep up withour organization is to predominately engage all of it that resulted in small fan bases on thesewith college students in order to educate them sites. The greatest challenge I faced was startingabout the industry, we realize there is no bet- from the beginning, because we had such a smallter place to do this than social communities. fan base and it was my responsibility to both gainBy using social media as a medium to commu- and engage followers. I couldn’t just put up anynicate with this generation of future business article and have a significant number of peopleleaders, it has been easier for them to access “like” it. I had to make sure that the content Ithe information that is relevant to them, that was posting was interesting and relevant. It waswe want them to see and thus engage with us. very challenging to learn about who my audience was and what it took (the types of questions gOals FOr Using viralhEat and content to post) for them to engage.I joined Viralheat based on the recommendation rEsUltsof Rand Schulman, who used to serve on theViralheat board and is an incoming board Viralheat has been invaluable to the success ofmember of DMEF. During an interview, he told me DMEF’s social media engagement these past twoViralheat was a must-have for our organization. months. Through Viralheat, I was able to trackAfter looking through the website, I decided that what type of content was popular and unpopularViralheat was exactly what I was looking for — I among my recent posts (love the “sentimentwanted a way that I could monitor what I was tool”), mostly through looking at the Twitter anddoing over the Web and across social media sites. real-time Web graphs and reports. I also foundI was using Facebook Insights, TweetDeck, etc. it very helpful in figuring out what content is but I didn’t know what conversations popular in my industry. Along with creating a were going on outside of Facebook profile for my company, I created profiles for and Twitter, and Viralheat would other non-profits similar to ours that have a be a much more effective and large social media presence. I used Viralheat efficient way for me to monitor to track what type of content was successful our social sites. This way I for them – then was able to mimic that on could get more done in the our social media sites. I am proud to say that day, instead of going through since the start of my internship, our fan base 1,000+ websites trying on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has nearly to track our presence! doubled in size across all three communities.
  2. 2. Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) thOUghts On thE FUtUrE OF thE CASE STUDY sOcial WEb: WhErE DO yOU sEE it gOing anD hOW FrOM DMEF... Will it aFFEct yOUr OrganizatiOn? “DMEF’s mission really resonated with me.Social media is clearly the present and future Because I was so passionate about DMEF’sof advertising/marketing. There is no easier and mission, I was determined to help themore direct way for our organization, along with Foundation grow. Thanks largely to Viralheat,all others, to connect with customers, followers I was able to accomplish that goal and nearlyand fans. The continued use of social media to double the size of DMEF’s social media fanconnect with our key constituents will help ex- base in the top three social communities.”pand the size of our organization, thus helpingto share its mission. With our organization’s con- “It was definitely a challenge in the beginning,tinued expansion, hopefully we will be able to starting with such a small fan base. However,connect with more college students that are in- Viralheat made it easy for me to track whatterested in the marketing industry and set them content was and was not working, making it easieron a path to achieving all their career goals. for me to engage with and increase followers.”MOrE inFOrMatiOn abOUt DMEF ( in 1966 by members of the Direct Marketing Association who wanted to give something back to the commu-nity, the DMEF is a non-profit educational foundation supported by tax-deductible contributions. It’s the only nationalfoundation of its kind solely committed to introducing – and in fact, engaging – academics and college students in thethriving business of direct/interactive marketing. The DMEF’s programs are designed to encourage participation, equipprofessors with the most up-to-date educational resources and prepare students for successful careers in this rapidlyevolving field.To bring direct/interactive marketing instruction to the college campus, attract new talent and help students learnabout career opportunities, the Foundation publishes teaching resources, career information and the academicresearch journal, Journal of Interactive Marketing.DMEF serves three key audiences through tailored programs to meet their specific needs. Here are just a few examplesof how we do it:1. college students • Financial support to meet the growing demands of college tuition is available through the DMEF Scholarship Program. In 2011 more than $80,000 was granted to students at schools nationwide. • A one-day event called the Student Career Forum gives students an introduction to direct/interactive marketing and its diverse and rewarding career opportunities, as well as valuable job-seeking strategies.2. academics • A Research Summit brings academics and professionals together to discuss and glean knowledge from leading research taking place at the academic level. • A new program called the Professors Institute is a three-day boot camp to provide specialized training to academics that have demonstrated an interest in teaching direct, interactive, digital and new-media marketing. Content comes from leading practitioners presenting cutting-edge busi- ness cases from the front lines of today’s marketplace. 3. corporations • Ensuring the future of this field by supporting future generations of leaders as they enter the marketplace is just one aspect that resonates among professionals in the field. • Getting access to top talent for intern and entry–level positions through the DMEF’s i-GoDirect job bank is yet another. sUbMittED by: Erin Jennings Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Summer Intern (2011)