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Mídias Digitais e Comunicação Empresarial - Robert Phillips (ILS)
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Mídias Digitais e Comunicação Empresarial - Robert Phillips (ILS)


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Apresentação sobre Mídias Digitais e Comunicação Empresarial no 3º Congresso de Comunicação Empresarial da Aberje Bahia. A apresentação foi ministrada por Robert Phillips, CEO da ILS e Sócio Diretor …

Apresentação sobre Mídias Digitais e Comunicação Empresarial no 3º Congresso de Comunicação Empresarial da Aberje Bahia. A apresentação foi ministrada por Robert Phillips, CEO da ILS e Sócio Diretor da Viraleasy Social Web Work.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. 3º Congresso de Comunicação Empresarial Aberje Bahia Mídias Digitais e Comunicação Empresarial Robert  
  • 2. Comunicação Empresarial?   •  Comunicação interna e externa •  Assessoria de imprensa •  Planejamento e Monitoramento da imagem /marca •  Relacionamento com funcionários, fornecedores e clientes.  
  • 3. Mídias Digitais?   •  Veículos e Aparelhos de comunicação baseados em tecnologia digital - texto, audio ou video •  Meios de origem eletrônica utilizados nas estratégias de comunicação das marcas com seus consumidores  
  • 4. Por que Mídias Digitais para Comunicação? •  Consumidor mudou. Mais ativo. Mais interativo. Pode ser usada para comunicação interna e externa -  Monitorar a imagem da sua empresa -  Boca a boca mais rápido e atingindo mais pessoas -  Oportunidade de retificar erros/problemas •  Crowdsourcing - Conteúdo colaborativo. Empresas precisam interagir. Por que não incentivar clientes a colaborar?  
  • 5. Ruffles concurso para criação de novo  
  • 6.  
  • 7. Mídia Digital - Meios e Ferramentas •  Online press releases •  Anúncios Pay-Per-Click •  Websites / Intranets •  Blogs (podem ser corporativos) •  Twitter (Eike Batista e Donald Trump usam) •  Chats / Skype / MSN •  Placas e painéis eletrônicos (Signage) •  TV Corporativa (Rainha Elizabeth e o presidente dos EUA usam) •  Redes sociais (Facebook, Orkut, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Google+) •  Iphone / Ipad •  Reclame  
  • 8. Uso de mídias digitais •  Programas de gerenciamento de projetos •  Compartilhamento de slides, fotos •  Trabalho colaborativo •  CRM - Customer Relationship Management OUTRAS UTILIZAÇÕES •  Comunicados internos •  Procedimentos de segurança •  Newsletters •  Notícias •  Lançamentos •  Treinamentos •  Apresentações •  Vídeos corporativos •  Compra/  
  • 9. Potencial de CRM conectado às redes sociais •  Traçar um perfil mais abrangente do cliente -  à tendência natural das pessoas em expor seus dados nesses ambientes O futuro do Social CRM ainda está tomando seu rumo, mas todo conhecimento e informações dos consumidores, coletadas das redes sociais, irão trazer uma revolução na forma de atender os clientes e de realizar campanhas de marketing extremamente segmentadas e com melhor  
  • 10. Plataformas MóveisGPS – loja estimao valor do freteutilizando alocalização dousuário a partir de suas coordenadas no  
  • 11. Plataformas Móveis eo mite qu zon per a com Ama e retorn p da de s – Ap fotos e el sibilidade Foto io tire os r ço, p . usuá dos, pre tros lta ou resu a, entre r  
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14. Old Client – New Client Key Words Planning Cases Dos and Don’  
  • 15. PlanningSocial Media Strategy Checklist:•  What are we trying to accomplish? Are you looking for more leads, direct sales, brand awareness, conversions, or brand engagement?•  Why social media? Is your audience there? Do you want to build stronger relationships with customers and prospects?. Ask yourself: is spending money on social media going to provide better ROI than other forms of advertising you could be spending money on?•  What kind of social media will help us best achieve our goals? Do you need to utilize social networking sites, blogs, real-time updates (e.g., Twitter), social news sites, media-sharing sites, review/directory sites, virtual worlds, or display ads on social media sites?•  Are we prepared to let go of control of our brand, at least a little? You have to be social. And that means engaging in a conversation with customers. Once you engage in a conversation, you have to give up control. Is your company willing to do that?•  What will we do to encourage participation? Theres nothing more embarrassing than going to a corporate YouTube channel and seeing that the viral video it spent tons of money making has just 127 views. Ditto for going to a companys Twitter feed and seeing that it has all of 11 followers. What are you planning to do to drive people to your social media presence? And do you have the money to do it?  
  • 16. PlanningSocial Media Strategy Checklist:•  Who will maintain our social media presence? Participating in social media takes a lot of work. You must have something to say and you must have someone (or a team of people) to say it on a regular basis. It wont happen unless it becomes part of someones job.•  Do we have the resources to keep this up, or will this be a short campaign? Have you budgeted the resources to continue your social media presence beyond the fiscal year?•  How does engaging users via social media integrate into our overall marketing/communications strategy? It has to be part of a larger marketing/communications strategy. How does social media fit into what youre trying to do in all your other channels, and how will you use those channels to support each other?•  How do we measure success? What constitutes failure? Are you measuring views, followers, comments, or subscribers? What happens if you dont get there?•  What will we do less of if were spending resources on social media? If you spend more money on social media and other nontraditional forms of marketing, you have to spend less on something else. How will your overall goals be impacted by taking money away from other forms of advertising/marketing and moving it into social media?  
  • 17. DO’s DONT’s Be informative. Consumers expect DON’T Be a parrot. Too much info & repetitive incentives, like offers and coupons. They look for content are two of the top reasons a consumer chooses tips and information about product and services to stop following a brand online. Even if you need to (how-tos and useful tips) repeat an update to promote a current offer or call to action for a project, make sure you put a new twist each Make a tradition. Bond with your time. customers by establishing online traditions on specific days. For DKNY the tradition is its DON’T neglect replies. Social media is about weekly appointment with its followers to watch conversation. If you feel it is not an issue you can resolve Gossip Girl. Use a theme relevant to your through tweets or Facebook comments, transfer the product and invite your customers to participate conversation to a private space by providing a phone via tweets, comments or photo sharing. number for them to ring or calling them. DO call for action. Ask your fans to Like DON’T rely on text alone. Keep some variety your pics, prompt them to share your content and spark up conversation with the help of images and and thank them when they do. videos. DO have a crisis plan. Try to be pro- DON’T be impolite. Introduce the person that active addressing quickly whatever isolated represents the brand online and always showcase your complaints come to your attention and think contact information along with a telephone number. Make about the way you will handle negative it personal to get personal, there is no other way. comments and  
  • 18. Crisis Management Quick response is crucial. Diffusing the situation early can keep it from getting out of control and into mainstream media. Address all available channels. Don’t assume that because the situation is happening due to an action on one network, that it isn’t being discussed elsewhere. It most likely is. Have an employee policy on social media. This is a tough issue to Address with employees, but having a the right policy in place can help prevent Actions like these before they happen. Admit the error . you cannot ignore it and even if you can, you can only do this until you get a news reporter’s mic in your face, asking you what happened. Besides taking responsibility will gain you some respect which is a necessary precondition to gain some love in the end. Keep your cool. And mind your manners. Even if you think you’re wrongfully accused, two wrongs never made one right. Stay focused and keep your audience posted while you sort the mess out. Make it right. Commit in public to take action against the flaming issue, show you care with actions not just  
  • 19. BAD Locaweb 28 de março de 2010 •  Durante o jogo entre Corinthians e São Paulo •  Um diretor da Locaweb, um Corintiano fanático, •  Escreveu no seu Twitter mensagens ofensivas ao clube rival •  Chupa bambizada! •  O Problema - a manga da camiseta do São Paulo foi patrocinada pela Locaweb •  Ele nao trabalha mais na  
  • 20. BAD DKNY vs. PETA •  PETA staged an anti-fur protest on clothing brand DKNY’s Facebook Page •  in protest of the brand’s use of rabbit fur. •  This resulted in numerous negative comments from fans of the brand expressing their opposition to animal cruelty. •  PETA has also launched a page about its DK bunny butcher campaign. •  The brand’s response?  
  • 21. GOOD Pampers vs. Parents •  Parents protested on Pampers Facebook page •  about new diapers, called Dry Max for giving kids rashes. •  Pampers made a statement that called the rumors false •  Pampers created a dedicated hotline for questions about Dry Max diapers. •  “Ask Pampers” section to answer questions and  
  • 22. GOOD Case 2 Problem Domino’s pizza Video 1 Overview As a prank, two Domino’s employees engaged in several health department violations, re- corded their activities and posted them to YouTube. The videos quickly “went viral” and consumers all over the web were exposed to Domino’s employees doing a variety of unseemly things to their  
  • 23. GOOD Case 2 Solution Domino’s pizza Video 1 Response Domino’s, in an effort to not draw attention to the video, waited days to respond, and did not bring on additional resources to help. Eventually they started a Twitter account and published an apology video on YouTube, but the damage was already done. Domino’s eventually was able to get the videos removed from YouTube, but did not realize that a majority of the dialogue related to the story was actually happening on  
  • 24.  
  • 25. Leading Ideas and Innovation Creating Social Value Opening Up  
  • 26. IBM - an innovator - offers imaginative features on uses of smart technology in cities and urban areas, sub-divided by industry and by topics such as public safety, transportation, and security and resilience.  
  • 27. Toyota’s vision is “…to develop eco-cars that will help us become a low-carbon society”  
  • 28. ‘Signals & Scenarios’ – a new 80-page report that considers possible energy futures, taking the impact of the worldwide recession into  
  • 29. Leading Ideas and Innovation Creating Social Value Opening Up  
  • 30. ‘GoGreen’, ‘GoHelp’ and ‘GoTeach’  
  • 31. “a place for employees, partners and websurfers to share goodwill initiatives.”  
  • 32. Leading Ideas and Innovation Creating Social Value Opening Up  
  • 33. “Nestlé is an evil company that destroys lives and God’s earth. More people than a few uber green idiots understand this and boycott them.”  
  • 34. as “a place for individuals and groups to exchange ideas on important energy issues”  
  • 35. For every picture that’s uploaded, Aviva contributes £1 to its ‘Street to School’  
  • 36.  
  • 37.  
  • 38. 3º Congresso de Comunicação Empresarial Aberje Bahia Mídias Digitais e Comunicação Empresarial Robert