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Comprehensive oracle interview qs

  1. 1. Comprehensive Oracle Interview Qs by sri on Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:45 amWhat are the components of physical database structure of Oracle database?What are the components of logical database structure of Oracle database?What is a tablespace?What is SYSTEM tablespace and when is it created?Explain the relationship among database, tablespace and data file.What is schema?What are Schema Objects?Can objects of the same schema reside in different tablespaces?Can a tablespace hold objects from different schemes?What is Oracle table?What is an Oracle view?What is Partial Backup ?What is Mirrored on-line Redo Log ?What is Full Backup ?Can a View based on another View ?Can a Tablespace hold objects from different Schemes ?Can objects of the same Schema reside in different tablespaces.?What is the use of Control File ?Do View contain Data ?What are the Referential actions supported by FOREIGN KEY integrity constraint ?What are the type of Synonyms?What is a Redo Log ?What is an Index Segment ?Explain the relationship among Database, Tablespace and Data file.?What are the different type of Segments ?What are Clusters ?What is an Integrity Constrains ?What is an Index ?What is an Extent ?What is a View ?What is Table ?Can a view based on another view?What are the advantages of views?What is an Oracle sequence?What is a synonym?What are the types of synonyms?What is a private synonym?What is a public synonym?What are synonyms used for?What is an Oracle index?How are the index updates?What is a Tablespace?
  2. 2. What is Rollback Segment ?What are the Characteristics of Data Files ?How to define Data Block size ?What does a Control file Contain ?What is difference between UNIQUE constraint and PRIMARY KEY constraint ?What is Index Cluster ?What is the effect of setting the value "ALL_ROWS" for OPTIMIZER_GOAL parameterof the ALTER SESSION command ? What are the factors that affect OPTIMIZER inchoosing an Optimization approach ?What is the effect of setting the value "CHOOSE" for OPTIMIZER_GOAL, parameter ofthe ALTER SESSION Command ?How does one create a new database? (for DBA)What database block size should I use? (for DBA)What are the different approaches used by Optimizer in choosing an execution plan ?What does ROLLBACK do ?How does one coalesce free space?(for DBA)How does one prevent tablespace fragmentation? (for DBA)Where can one find the high water mark for a table? (for DBA)What is COST-based approach to optimization ?What does COMMIT do ?How are extents allocated to a segment? (for DBA)Can one rename a database user (schema)? (for DBA)Define Transaction ?What is Read-Only Transaction ?What is a deadlock ? Explain .What is a Schema ?What is a cluster Key ?What is Parallel Server ?What are the basic element of Base configuration of an oracle Database ?What is clusters ?What is an Index ? How it is implemented in Oracle Database ?What is a Database instance ? ExplainWWhat is the use of ANALYZE command ?What is default tablespace ?What are the system resources that can be controlled through Profile ?What is Tablespace Quota ?What are the different Levels of Auditing ?What is Statement Auditing ?What are the database administrators utilities avaliable ?How can you enable automatic archiving ?What are roles? How can we implement roles ?What are Roles ?What are the use of Roles ?What is Privilege Auditing ?What is Object Auditing ?What is Auditing ?
  3. 3. How does one see the uptime for a database? (for DBAWhere are my TEMPFILES, I dont see them in V$DATAFILE or DBA_DATA_FILE?(for DBAHow do I find used/free space in a TEMPORARY tablespace? (for DBAWhat is a profile ?How will you enforce security using stored procedures?How can one see who is using a temporary segment? (for DBAHow does one get the view definition of fixed views/tables?What are the dictionary tables used to monitor a database spaces ?How can we specify the Archived log file name format and destination?What is user Account in Oracle database?When will the data in the snapshot log be used?What dynamic data replication?What is Two-Phase Commit ?How can you Enforce Referential Integrity in snapshots ?What is a SQL * NET?What is a SNAPSHOT ?What is the mechanism provided by ORACLE for table replication ?What is snapshots?What are the various type of snapshots?Describe two phases of Two-phase commit ?What is snapshot log ?What are the benefits of distributed options in databases?What are the options available to refresh snapshots ?What is a SNAPSHOT LOG ?What is Distributed database ?How can we reduce the network traffic?Differentiate simple and complex, snapshots ?What are the Built-ins used for sending Parameters to forms?Can you have more than one content canvas view attached with a window?Is the After report trigger fired if the report execution fails?Does a Before form trigger fire when the parameter form is suppressed?What is SGA?What is a shared pool?What is mean by Program Global Area (PGA)?What is a data segment?What are the factors causing the reparsing of SQL statements in SGA?What are clusters?What is cluster key?Do a view contain data?What is user Account in Oracle database?How will you enforce security using stored procedures?What are the dictionary tables used to monitor a database space?Can a property clause itself be based on a property clause?If a parameter is used in a query without being previously defined, what diff. exist 2.0 and 2.5 when the query is applied?
  4. 4. What are the sql clauses supported in the link property sheet?What is trigger associated with the timer?What are the trigger associated with image items?What are the different windows events activated at runtimes?When do you use data parameter type?What is difference between open_form and call_form?What is new_form built-in?What is the "LOV of Validation" Property of an item? What is the use of it?What is the diff. when Flex mode is mode on and when it is off?What is the diff. when confine mode is on and when it is off?What are visual attributes?Which of the two views should objects according to possession?What are the two types of views available in the object navigator(specific to report 2.5)?What are the vbx controls?What is the use of transactional triggers?How do you create a new session while open a new form?What are the ways to monitor the performance of the report?If two groups are not linked in the data model editor, What is the hierarchy betweenthem?An open form can not be execute the call_form procedure if you chain of called formshas been initiated by another open form?Explain about horizontal, Vertical tool bar canvas views?What is the purpose of the product order option in the column property sheet?What is the use of image_zoom built-in?How do you reference a parameter indirectly?What is a timer?What are the two phases of block coordination?What are Most Common types of Complex master-detail relationships?What is a text list?What is term?What is use of term?What is pop list?What is the maximum no of chars the parameter can store?What are the default extensions of the files created by library module?What are the Coordination Properties in a Master-Detail relationship?How do you display console on a window ?What are the different Parameter types?State any three mouse events system variables?What are the types of calculated columns available?Explain about stacked canvas views?How does one do off-line database backups? (for DBAWhat is the difference between SHOW_EDITOR and EDIT_TEXTITEM?What are the built-ins that are used to Attach an LOV programmatically to an item?How does one do on-line database backups? (for DBAHow does one backup a database using RMAN? (for DBAWhat are the different file extensions that are created by oracle reports?
  5. 5. What is strip sources generate options?How does one put a database into ARCHIVELOG mode? (for DBAWhat is the basic data structure that is required for creating an LOV?How does one backup archived log files? (for DBADoes Oracle write to data files in begin/hot backup mode? (for DBAWhat is the Maximum allowed length of Record group Column?Which parameter can be used to set read level consistency across multiple queries?What are the different types of Record Groups?From which designation is it preferred to send the output to the printed?what are difference between post database commit and post-form commit?What are the different display styles of list items?Which of the above methods is the faster method?With which function of summary item is the compute at options required?What are parameters?What are the three types of user exits available ?How many windows in a form can have console?What is an administrative (privileged) user? (for DBAWhat are the two repeating frame always associated with matrix object?What are the master-detail triggers?How does one connect to an administrative user? (for DBAHow does one create a password file? (for DBAIs it possible to modify an external query in a report which contains it?Does a grouping done for objects in the layout editor affect the grouping done in the datamodel editor?How does one add users to a password file? (for DBAIf a break order is set on a column would it affect columns which are under the column?Why are OPS$ accounts a security risk in a client/server environment? (for DBADo user parameters appear in the data modal editor in 2.5?Can you pass data parameters to forms?Is it possible to link two groups inside a cross products after the cross products group hasbeen created?What are the different modals of windows?What are modal windows?What are the different default triggers created when Master Deletes Property is set toNon-isolated?What are the different default triggers created when Master Deletes Property is set toisolated?What are the different default triggers created when Master Deletes Property is set toCascade?What is the diff. bet. setting up of parameters in reports 2.0 reports2.5?What are the difference between lov & list item?What is the advantage of the library?What is lexical reference? How can it be created?What is system.coordination_operation?What is synchronize?What use of command line parameter cmd file?
  6. 6. What is a Text_io Package?What is forms_DDL?How is link tool operation different bet. reports 2 & 2.5?What are the different styles of activation of ole Objects?How do you reference a Parameter?What is the difference between object embedding & linking in Oracle forms?Name of the functions used to get/set canvas properties?What are the built-ins that are used for setting the LOV properties at runtime?What are the built-ins used for processing rows?What are built-ins used for Processing rows?What are the built-in used for getting cell values?What are the built-ins used for Getting cell values?Atleast how many set of data must a data model have before a data model can be base onit?To execute row from being displayed that still use column in the row which property canbe used?What are different types of modules available in oracle form?What is the remove on exit property?What is WHEN-Database-record trigger?What is a difference between pre-select and pre-query?What are built-ins associated with timers?What are the built-ins used for finding object ID functions?What are the built-ins used for finding Object ID function?Any attempt to navigate programmatically to disabled form in a call_form stack isallowed?Use the Add_group_row procedure to add a row to a static record group 1. true or false?What third party tools can be used with Oracle EBU/ RMAN? (for DBAWhy and when should one tune? (for DBAHow can a break order be created on a column in an existing group? What are the varioussub events a mouse double click event involves?What is the use of place holder column? What are the various sub events a mouse doubleclick event involves?What is the use of hidden column? What are the various sub events a mouse double clickevent involves?What database aspects should be monitored? (for DBAWhere should the tuning effort be directed? (for DBAWhat are the various sub events a mouse double click event involves? What are thevarious sub events a mouse double click event involves?What are the default parameter that appear at run time in the parameter screen? What arethe various sub events a mouse double click event involves?What are the built-ins used for Creating and deleting groups?What are different types of canvas views?What are the different types of Delete details we can establish in Master-Details?What is relation between the window and canvas views?What is a User_exit?How is it possible to select generate a select set for the query in the query property sheet?
  7. 7. How can values be passed bet. precompiler exits and Oracle call interface?How can a square be drawn in the layout editor of the report writer?How can a text file be attached to a report while creating in the report writer?How can I message to passed to the user from reports?Does one need to drop/ truncate objects before importing? (for DBAHow can a button be used in a report to give a drill down facility?Can one import/export between different versions of Oracle? (for DBAWhat are different types of images?Can one export to multiple files?/ Can one beat the Unix 2 Gig limit? (for DBAWhat is bind reference and how can it be created?How can one improve Import/ Export performance? (for DBAGive the sequence of execution of the various report triggers?What are the common Import/ Export problems? (for DBAWhy is it preferable to create a fewer no. of queries in the data model?Where is the external query executed at the client or the server?Where is a procedure return in an external pl/sql library executed at the client or at theserver?What is coordination Event?What is the difference between OLE Server & Ole Container?What is an object group?What is an LOV?At what point of report execution is the before Report trigger fired?What are the built -ins used for Modifying a groups structure?What is an user exit used for?What is the User-Named Editor?My database was terminated while in BACKUP MODE, do I need to recover? (for DBAWhat is a Static Record Group?What is a record group?My database is down and I cannot restore. What now? (for DBAIve lost my REDOLOG files, how can I get my DB back? (for DBAWhat is a property clause?What is a physical page ? & What is a logical page ?Ive lost some Rollback Segments, how can I get my DB back? (for DBAWhat are the differences between EBU and RMAN? (for DBAHow does one create a RMAN recovery catalog? (for DBAHow can a group in a cross products be visually distinguished from a group that does notform a cross product?What is the frame & repeating frame?What is a combo box?What are three panes that appear in the run time pl/sql interpreter?What are the two panes that Appear in the design time pl/sql interpreter?What are the two ways by which data can be generated for a parameters list of values?What are the various methods of performing a calculation in a report ?What are the default extensions of the files created by menu module?What are the default extensions of the files created by forms modules?
  8. 8. To display the page no. for each page on a report what would be the source & logicalpage no. or & of physical page no.?It is possible to use raw devices as data files and what is the advantages over file. systemfiles ?What are disadvantages of having raw devices ?What is the significance of having storage clause ?What is the use of INCTYPE option in EXP command ?What is the use of FILE option in IMP command ?What is a Shared SQL pool?What is hot backup and how it can be taken?List the Optional Flexible Architecture (OFA) of Oracle database? or How can weorganize the tablespaces in Oracle database to have maximum performance ?How to implement the multiple control files for an existing database ?What is advantage of having disk shadowing/ Mirroring ?How will you force database to use particular rollback segment ?Why query fails sometimes ?What is the use of RECORD LENGTH option in EXP command ?How will you monitor rollback segment status ?What is meant by Redo Log file mirroring ? How it can be achieved?Which parameter in Storage clause will reduce no. of rows per block?What is meant by recursive hints ?What is the use of PARFILE option in EXP command ?What is the difference between locks, latches, enqueues and semaphores? (for DBAWhat is a logical backup?Where can one get a list of all hidden Oracle parameters? (for DBAWhat is a database EVENT and how does one set it? (for DBAWhat is a Rollback segment entry ?What database events can be set? (for DBAHow can one dump internal database structures? (for DBAWhat are the different kind of export backups?How free extents are managed in Ver 6.0 and Ver 7.0 ?What is the use of RECORD option in EXP command?What is the use of ROWS option in EXP command ?What is the use of COMPRESS option in EXP command ?How will you swap objects into a different table space for an existing database ?How does Space allocation table place within a block ?What are the factors causing the reparsing of SQL statements in SGA?What is dictionary cache ?What is a Control file ?What is Database Buffers ?How will you create multiple rollback segments in a database ?What is cold backup? What are the elements of it?What is meant by redo log buffer ?How will you estimate the space required by a non-clustered tables?How will you monitor the space allocation ?What is meant by free extent ?
  9. 9. What is the use of IGNORE option in IMP command ?What is the use of ANALYSE ( Ver 7) option in EXP command ?What is the use of ROWS option in IMP command ?What is the use of INDEXES option in EXP command ?What is the use of INDEXES option in IMP command ?What is the use of GRANT option in EXP command?What is the use of GRANT option in IMP command ?What is the use of FULL option in EXP command ?What is the use of SHOW option in IMP command ?What is the use of CONSTRAINTS option in EXP command ?What is the use of CONSISTENT (Ver 7) option in EXP command ?What are the different methods of backing up oracle database ?What is the difference between ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger and a POST-CHANGEtrigger ?When is PRE-QUERY trigger executed ?How do you trap the error in forms 3.0 ?How many pages you can in a single form ?While specifying master/detail relationship between two blocks specifying the joincondition is a must ? True or False. ?EXIT_FORM is a restricted package procedure ?a. True b. FalseWhat is the usage of an ON-INSERT,ON-DELETE and ON-UPDATE TRIGGERS ?What are the types of Pop-up window ?What is an SQL *FORMS ?How do you control the constraints in forms ?What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted package procedure ?A query fetched 10 records How many times does a PRE-QUERY Trigger and POST-QUERY Trigger will get executed ?Give the sequence in which triggers fired during insert operations, when the following 3triggers are defined at the same block level ?State the order in which these triggers are executed ?What the PAUSE package procedure does ?What do you mean by a page ?What are the type of User Exits ?What is the difference between an ON-VALIDATE-FIELD trigger and a trigger ?Can we use a restricted package procedure in ON-VALIDATE-FIELD Trigger ?Is a Key startup trigger fires as result of a operator pressing a key explicitly ?Can we use GO-BLOCK package in a pre-field trigger ?Can we create two blocks with the same name in form 3.0 ?What is Post-Block is a. ???What does an on-clear-block Trigger fire?Name the two files that are created when you generate the form give the filex extension ?What package procedure used for invoke sql *plus from sql *forms ?What is the significance of PAGE 0 in forms 3.0 ?What are the different types of key triggers ?What is the difference between a Function Key Trigger and Key Function Trigger ?Committed block sometimes refer to a BASE TABLE ?
  10. 10. Error_Code is a package proecdure ?When is cost based optimization triggered? (for DBAHow can one optimize %XYZ% queries? (for DBAWhat Enter package procedure does ?Where can one find I/O statistics per table? (for DBAMy query was fine last week and now it is slow. Why? (for DBAWhy is Oracle not using the damn index? (for DBAWhen should one rebuild an index? (for DBAWhat are the unrestricted procedures used to change the popup screen position during runtime ?What is an Alert ?Deleting a page removes information about all the fields in that page ? a. True. b. False?Two popup pages can appear on the screen at a time ?Two popup pages can appear on thescreen at a time ? a. True. b. False?Classify the restricted and unrestricted procedure from the following: ...What is an User Exits ?What is a Trigger ?What is a Package Procedure ?What is the maximum size of a form ?What is the difference between system.current_field and system.cursor_field ?List the system variables related in Block and Field?What are the types of TRIGGERS ?Identify package function from the following ?Can you attach an lov to a field at run-time? if yes, give the build-in name.?Is it possible to attach same library to more than one form?Can you attach an lov to a field at design time?List the windows event triggers available in Forms 4.0?What are the triggers associated with the image item?What is a visual attribute?How many maximum number of radio buttons can you assign to a radio group?How do you pass the parameters from one form to another form?What is a Layout Editor?List the Types of Items?List system variables available in forms 4.0, and not available in forms 3.0?What are the display styles of an alert?What built-in is used for showing the alert during run-time?What built-in is used for changing the properties of the window dynamically?What are the different types of windows?What is a predefined exception available in forms 4.0?What is a radio Group?What are the different type of a record group?What are the menu items that oracle forms 4.0 supports?Give the equivalent term in forms 4.0 for the following. Page, Page 0?What triggers are associated with the radio group?What are the triggers associated with a check box?Can you attach an alert to a field?
  11. 11. Can a root window be made modal?What is a list item?List some built-in routines used to manipulate images in image_item?Can you change the alert messages at run-time?What is the built-in used to get and set lov properties during run-time?What is the built-in routine used to count the no of rows in a group?Give the Types of modules in a form?Write the Abbreviation for the following File Extension 1. FMB 2. MMB 3. PLL?List the built-in routine for controlling window during run-time?List the built-in routine for controlling window during run-time?What is the built-in function used for finding the alert?List the editors availables in forms 4.0?What buil-in routines are used to display editor dynamicaly?What is an Lov?What is a record Group?Give built-in routine related to a record groups?List the built-in routines for the controlling canvas views during run-time?System.effective_date system variable is read only True/False?What are the built_in used to trapping errors in forms 4?What is Oracle Financials? (for DBAWhat are the design facilities available in forms 4.0?What is the most important module in Oracle Financials? (for DBAWhat are the types of canvas-views?What is the MultiOrg and what is it used for? (for DBAWhat is the difference between Fields and FlexFields? (for DBAExplain types of Block in forms4.0?What is an Alert?What are the built-in routines is available in forms 4.0 to create and manipulate aparameter list?What is a record Group?What is a Navigable item?What is a library in Forms 4.0?How image_items can be populate to field in forms 4.0?What is the content view and stacked view?What is a Check Box?What is a canvas-view?Explain the following file extension related to library?Explain the usage of WHERE CURRENT OF clause in cursors ?Name the tables where characteristics of Package, procedure and functions are stored ?Explain the two type of Cursors ?What are two parts of package ?What are two virtual tables available during database trigger execution ?What is Fine Grained Auditing? (for DBAWhat is a package ? What are the advantages of packages ? What is PragmaEXECPTION_INIT ? Explain the usage ?What is Fine Grained Access Control? (for DBA
  12. 12. What is a Virtual Private Database? (for DBAWhat is Raise_application_error ?What is Oracle Label Security? (for DBAGive the structure of the procedure ?What is OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager)? (for DBAQuestion What is PL/SQL ?What are the components of OEM? (for DBAWhat happens if a procedure that updates a column of table X is called in a databasetrigger of the same table ?Is it possible to use Transaction control Statements such a ROLLBACK or COMMIT inDatabase Trigger ? Why ?How many types of database triggers can be specified on a table ? What are they ?What are the modes of parameters that can be passed to a procedure ?Where the Pre_defined_exceptions are stored ?Write the order of precedence for validation of a column in a table ?Give the structure of the function ?Explain how procedures and functions are called in a PL/SQL block ?What are advantages fo Stored Procedures?What is an Exception ? What are types of Exception ?What are the PL/SQL Statements used in cursor processing ?What are the components of a PL/SQL Block ?What is a database trigger ? Name some usages of database trigger ?What is a cursor ? Why Cursor is required ?What is a cursor for loop ?What will happen after commit statement ?How packaged procedures and functions are called from the following? a. Storedprocedure or anonymous block b. an application program such a PRC *C, PRO* COBOLc. SQL *PLUS??What is a stored procedure ?What are the components of a PL/SQL block ?What is difference between a PROCEDURE & FUNCTION ?What is difference between a Cursor declared in a procedure and Cursor declared in apackage specification ?What are the cursor attributes used in PL/SQL ?What are % TYPE and % ROWTYPE ? What are the advantages of using these overdatatypes?What is difference between % ROWTYPE and TYPE RECORD ?What are the different types of PL/SQL program units that can be defined and stored inORACLE database ?What are the advantages of having a Package ?What are the uses of Database Trigger ?What is a Procedure ?What is a Package ?What is difference between Procedures and Functions ?What is Database Trigger ?Can the default values be assigned to actual parameters?
  13. 13. Can a primary key contain more than one columns?What is an UTL_FILE.What are different procedures and functions associated with it?What are ORACLE PRECOMPILERS?Differentiate between TRUNCATE and DELETE?What is difference between a formal and an actual parameter?What should be the return type for a cursor variable.Can we use a scalar data type asreturn type?What are different Oracle database objects?What is difference between SUBSTR and INSTR?Display the number value in Words?What is difference between SQL and SQL*PLUS?What are various joins used while writing SUBQUERIES?What a SELECT FOR UPDATE cursor represent.?What are various privileges that a user can grant to another user?Display the records between two range?minvalue.sql Select the Nth lowest value from a table?What is difference between Rename and Alias?Difference between an implicit & an explicit cursor.?What is a OUTER JOIN?What is a cursor?What is the purpose of a cluster?What is OCI. What are its uses?How you open and close a cursor variable.Why it is required?Display Odd/ Even number of records?What are various constraints used in SQL?Can cursor variables be stored in PL/SQL tables.If yes how. If not why?Difference between NO DATA FOUND and %NOTFOUND?Can you use a commit statement within a database trigger?What WHERE CURRENT OF clause does in a cursor?There is a string 120000 12 0 .125 , how you will find the position of the decimal place?What are different modes of parameters used in functions and procedures?How you were passing cursor variables in PL/SQL 2.2?When do you use WHERE clause and when do you use HAVING clause?Difference between procedure and function.?Which is more faster - IN or EXISTS?What is syntax for dropping a procedure and a function .Are these operations possible?How will you delete duplicating rows from a base table?Difference between database triggers and form triggers?What is a cursor for loop?How you will avoid duplicating records in a query?What is a view ?What is use of a cursor variable? How it is defined?How do you find the numbert of rows in a Table ?What is the maximum buffer size that can be specified using theDBMS_OUTPUT.ENABLE function?What are cursor attributes?
  14. 14. There is a % sign in one field of a column. What will be the query to find it?What is ON DELETE CASCADE ?What is the fastest way of accessing a row in a table ?What is difference between TRUNCATE & DELETE ?What is a transaction ?What are the advantages of VIEW ?How will you a activate/deactivate integrity constraints ?Where the integrity constraints are stored in Data Dictionary ?What is the Subquery ?How to access the current value and next value from a sequence ? Is it possible to accessthe current value in a session before accessing next value ?What are the usage of SAVEPOINTS ?value in a session before accessing next value ?What is ROWID ?in a session before accessing next value ?Explain Connect by Prior ?in a session before accessing next value ?How many LONG columns are allowed in a table ? Is it possible to use LONG columnsin WHERE clause or ORDER BY ?What is Referential Integrity ?What is a join ? Explain the different types of joins ?If an unique key constraint on DATE column is created, will it validate the rows that areinserted with SYSDATE ?How does one stop and start the OMS? (for DBAWhat is an Integrity Constraint ?How does one create a repository? (for DBAIf a View on a single base table is manipulated will the changes be reflected on the basetable ?The following describes means to create a OEM V1.x (very old!!!) repository onWindowsNT:What is a database link ?How does one list ones databases in the OEM Console? (for DBAWhat is CYCLE/NO CYCLE in a Sequence ?What is correlated sub-query ?What are the data types allowed in a table ?What is difference between CHAR and VARCHAR2 ? What is the maximum SIZEallowed for each type ?Can a view be updated/inserted/deleted? If Yes under what conditions ?What are the different types of Coordinations of the Master with the Detail block?Use the ADD_GROUP_COLUMN function to add a column to a record group that wascreated at design time? I) TRUE II)FALSEUse the ADD_GROUP_ROW procedure to add a row to a static record group? I) TRUEII)FALSEmaxvalue.sql Select the Nth Highest value from a table?Find out nth highest salary from emp table?How you will avoid your query from using indexes?What utility is used to create a physical backup?What are the Back ground processes in Oracle and what are they.How many types of Sql Statements are there in Oracle
  15. 15. What is a Transaction in OracleKey Words Used in OracleWhat are Procedure,functions and PackagesWhat are Database Triggers and Stored ProceduresHow many Integrity Rules are there and what are theyWhat are the Various Master and Detail Relation ships.What are the Various Block Coordination PropertiesWhat is in all those X$ tables? (for DBAWhat are the Different Optimisation TechniquesHow does one change an Oracle users password?(for DBAHow does one create and drop database users?Who created all these users in my database?/ Can I drop this user? (for DBAHow does one enforce strict password control? (for DBAHow does one switch to another user in Oracle? (for DBAWhat are snap shots and viewsWhat are the OOPS concepts in Oracle.What is the difference between candidate key, unique key and primary keyWhat is concurrencyPrevileges and GrantsTable Space,Data Files,Parameter File, Control FilesPhysical Storage of the DataWhat are the Pct Free and Pct UsedWhat is Row ChainingWhat is a 2 Phase CommitWhat is the difference between deleting and truncating of tablesWhat are mutating tablesWhat are Codd RulesWhat is NormalisationWhat is the Difference between a post query and a pre queryDeleting the Duplicate rows in the tableCan U disable database trigger? How?What is pseudo columns ? Name them?How many columns can table have?Is space acquired in blocks or extents ?what is clustered index?what are the datatypes supported By oracle (INTERNAL)?What are attributes of cursor?Can you use select in FROM clause of SQL select ?Which trigger are created when master -detail rela?which system variables can be set by users?What are object group?What are referenced objects?Can you store objects in library?Is forms 4.5 object oriented tool ? why?Can you issue DDL in forms?What is SECURE property?
  16. 16. What are the types of triggers and how the sequence of firing in text itemCan you store pictures in database? How?What are property classes ? Can property classes have trigger?If you have property class attached to an item and you have same trigger written for theitem . Which will fire first?What are record groups ? Can record groups created at run-time?What are ALERT?Can a button have icon and lable at the same time ?What is mouse navigate property of button?What is FORMS_MDI_WINDOW?What are timers ? when when-timer-expired does not fire?Can object group have a block?How many types of canvases are there.What are user-exits?Can you pass values to-and-fro from foreign function ? how ?What is IAPXTB structure ?Can you call WIN-SDK thruo user exits?Does user exits supports DLL on MSWINDOWS ?What is path setting for DLL?How is mapping of name of DLL and function done?what is precompiler?Can you connect to non - oracle datasource ? How?What are key-mode and locking mode properties? level ?What are savepoint mode and cursor mode properties ? level?Can you replace default form processing ? How ?What is transactional trigger property?What is OLE automation ?What does invoke built-in do?What are OPEN_FORM,CALL_FORM,NEW_FORM? diff?What is call form stack?Can u port applictions across the platforms? how?What is a visual attribute?Diff. between VAT and Property Class? impWhich trigger related to mouse?What is Current record attribute property?Can you change VAT at run time?Can you set default font in forms?What is On-line Redo Log?Which parameter specified in the DEFAULT STORAGE clause of CREATETABLESPACE cannot be altered after creating the tablespace?What are the steps involved in Database Startup ?What are the steps involved in Instance Recovery ?Can Full Backup be performed when the database is open ?What are the different modes of mounting a Database with the Parallel Server ?What are the advantages of operating a database in ARCHIVELOG mode over operatingit in NO ARCHIVELOG mode ?
  17. 17. What are the steps involved in Database Shutdown ?What is Archived Redo Log ?What is Restricted Mode of Instance Startup ?Can you have OLE objects in forms?Can you have VBX and OCX controls in forms ?What are the types of windows (Window style)?What is OLE Activation style property?Can you change the mouse pointer ? How?How many types of columns are there and what are theyCan you have more than one layout in report?Can you run the report with out a parameter form ?What is the lock option in reports layout?What is Flex ?What are the minimum number of groups required for a matrix reportWhat is a Synonym ?What is a Sequence ?What is a Segment ?What is schema?Describe Referential Integrity ?What is Hash Cluster ?What is a Private Synonyms ?What is Database Link ?What is index cluster?What is hash cluster?When can hash cluster used?When can hash cluster used?What are the types of database links?What is private database link?What is public database link?What is network database link?What is data block?How to define data block size?What is row chaining?What is an extent?What are the different types of segments?What is a data segment?What is an index segment?What is rollback segment?What are the uses of rollback segment?What is a temporary segment?What is a datafile?What are the characteristics of data files?What is a redo log?What is the function of redo log?What is the use of redo log information?What does a control file contains?
  18. 18. What is the use of control file?Is it possible to split the print reviewer into more than one region?Is it possible to center an object horizontally in a repeating frame that has a variablehorizontal size?For a field in a repeating frame, can the source come from the column which does notexist in the data group which forms the base for the frame?Can a field be used in a report without it appearing in any data group?The join defined by the default data link is an outer join yes or no?Can a formula column referred to columns in higher group?Can a formula column be obtained through a select statement?Is it possible to insert comments into sql statements return in the data model editor?Is it possible to disable the parameter from while running the report?When a form is invoked with call_form, Does oracle forms issues a save point?Explain the difference between a hot backup and a cold backup and the benefitsassociated with each.You have just had to restore from backup and do not have any control files. How wouldyou go about bringing up this database?How do you switch from an init.ora file to a spfile?Explain the difference between a data block, an extent and a segment.Give two examples of how you might determine the structure of the table DEPT.Where would you look for errors from the database engine?Compare and contrast TRUNCATE and DELETE for a table.Give the reasoning behind using an index.Give the two types of tables involved in producing a star schema and the type of datathey hold.What type of index should you use on a fact table?Give two examples of referential integrity constraints.A table is classified as a parent table and you want to drop and re-create it. How wouldyou do this without affecting the children tables?Explain the difference between ARCHIVELOG mode and NOARCHIVELOG mode andthe benefits and disadvantages to each.What command would you use to create a backup control file?Give the stages of instance startup to a usable state where normal users may access it.What column differentiates the V$ views to the GV$ views and how?How would you go about generating an EXPLAIN plan?How would you go about increasing the buffer cache hit ratio?Explain an ORA-01555Explain the difference between $ORACLE_HOME and $ORACLE_BASE.How would you determine the time zone under which a database was operating?Explain the use of setting GLOBAL_NAMES equal to TRUE.What command would you use to encrypt a PL/SQL application?Explain the difference between a FUNCTION, PROCEDURE and PACKAGE.Explain the use of table functions.Name three advisory statistics you can collect.Where in the Oracle directory tree structure are audit traces placed?Explain materialized views and how they are used.
  19. 19. When a user process fails, what background process cleans up after it?What background process refreshes materialized views?How would you determine what sessions are connected and what resources they arewaiting for?Describe what redo logs are.How would you force a log switch?Give two methods you could use to determine what DDL changes have been made.What does coalescing a tablespace do?What is the difference between a TEMPORARY tablespace and a PERMANENTtablespace?Name a tablespace automatically created when you create a database.When creating a user, what permissions must you grant to allow them to connect to thedatabase?How do you add a data file to a tablespaceHow do you resize a data file?What view would you use to look at the size of a data file?What view would you use to determine free space in a tablespace?How would you determine who has added a row to a table?How can you rebuild an index?Explain what partitioning is and what its benefit is.You have just compiled a PL/SQL package but got errors, how would you view theerrors?How can you gather statistics on a table?How can you enable a trace for a session?What is the difference between the SQL*Loader and IMPORT utilities?Name two files used for network connection to a database.What is the function of Optimizer ?What is Execution Plan ?Can one resize tablespaces and data files? (for DBA)What is SAVE POINT ?What are the values that can be specified for OPTIMIZER MODE Parameter ?Can one rename a tablespace? (for DBA)What is RULE-based approach to optimization ?What are the values that can be specified for OPTIMIZER_GOAL parameter of theALTER SESSION Command ? )How does one create a standby database? (for DBA)How does one give developers access to trace files (required as input to tkprof)? (forDBA)What are the responsibilities of a Database Administrator ?What is a trace file and how is it created ?What are the roles and user accounts created automatically with the database?What are the minimum parameters should exist in the parameter file (init.ora) ?Why and when should I backup my database? (for DBAWhat strategies are available for backing-up an Oracle database? (for DBAWhat is the difference between online and offline backups? (for DBAWhat is the difference between restoring and recovering? (for DBA
  20. 20. How does one backup a database using the export utility? (for DBAWhat are the built_ins used the display the LOV?How do you call other Oracle Products from Oracle Forms?What is the main diff. bet. Reports 2.0 & Reports 2.5?What are the Built-ins to display the user-named editor?How many number of columns a record group can have?What is a Query Record Group?What does the term panel refer to with regard to pages?What is a master detail relationship?What is a library?What is an anchoring object and what is its use? What are the various sub events a mousedouble click event involves?Use the add_group_column function to add a column to record group that was created ata design time?What are the various sub events a mouse double click event involves? What are thevarious sub events a mouse double click event involves?What is the use of break group? What are the various sub events a mouse double clickevent involves?What tuning indicators can one use? (for DBA813. What tools/utilities does Oracle provide to assist with performance tuning? (forDBAWhat is STATSPACK and how does one use it? (for DBAWhat are the common RMAN errors (with solutions)? (for DBAHow can you execute the user defined triggers in forms 3.0 ?What ERASE package procedure does ?What is the difference between NAME_IN and COPY ?What package procedure is used for calling another form ?When the form is running in DEBUG mode, If you want to examine the values of globalvariables and other form variables, What package procedure command you would use inyour trigger text ?The value recorded in system.last_record variable is of type a. Number b. Boolean c.Character. ?What is mean by Program Global Area (PGA) ?What is hit ratio ?How do you implement the If statement in the Select StatementHow many types of Exceptions are thereWhat are the inline and the precompiler directivesHow do you use the same lov for 2 columnsHow many minimum groups are required for a matrix reportWhat is the difference between static and dynamic lovHow does one manage Oracle database users? (for DBA831. How does one tune Oracle Wait events? (for DBAWhat is the difference between DBFile Sequential and Scattered Reads?(for DBAWhat is the use of PARFILE option in EXP command ?What is the use of TABLES option in EXP command ?What is the OPTIMAL parameter?
  21. 21. How does one use ORADEBUG from Server Manager/ SQL*Plus? (for DBAAre there any undocumented commands in Oracle? (for DBAIf the maximum record retrieved property of the query is set to 10 then a summary valuewill be calculated?What are the different objects that you cannot copy or reference in object groups?What is an OLE?Can a repeating frame be created without a data group as a base?Is it possible to set a filter condition in a cross product group in matrix reports?What is Overloading of procedures ?What are the return values of functions SQLCODE and SQLERRM ? What is PragmaEXECPTION_INIT ? Explain the usage ?What are the datatypes a available in PL/SQL ?What are the two parts of a procedure ?What is the basic structure of PL/SQL ?What is PL/SQL table ?WHAT IS RMAN ? (for DBAWHY USE RMAN ? (for DBAExplain UNION,MINUS,UNION ALL, INTERSECT ?Should the OEM Console be displayed at all times (when there are scheduled jobs)? (forDBADifference between SUBSTR and INSTR ?What kind of jobs can one schedule with OEM? (for DBAWhat are the pre requisites ?How does one backout events and jobs during maintenance slots? (for DBAWhat are the types of SQL Statement ?What is the Oracle Intelligent Agent? (for DBAHow does one start the Oracle Intelligent Agent? (for DBAWhere can one get more information about TCL? (for DBAAre there any troubleshooting tips for OEM? (for DBAWhat is import/export and why does one need it? (for DBAwhat is a display item?How does one use the import/export utilities? (for DBAWhat are the types of visual attribute settings?Can one export a subset of a table? (for DBAWhat are the two ways to incorporate images into a oracle forms application?Can one monitor how fast a table is imported? (for DBACan one import tables to a different tablespace? (for DBAWhat do you mean by a block in forms4.0?How is possible to restrict the user to a list of values while entering values forparameters?What is SQL*Loader and what is it used for? (for DBAHow does one use the SQL*Loader utility? (for DBAHow can a cross product be created?Is there a SQL*Unloader to download data to a flat file? (for DBACan one load variable and fix length data records? (for DBACan one modify data as it loads into the database? (for DBA
  22. 22. Can one load data into multiple tables at once? (for DBAWhat is the difference between boiler plat images and image items?What are the triggers available in the reports?Why is a Where clause faster than a group filter or a format trigger?Can one selectively load only the records that one need? (for DBACan one skip certain columns while loading data? (for DBAHow does one load multi-line records? (for DBAHow can get SQL*Loader to COMMIT only at the end of the load file? (for DBACan one improve the performance of SQL*Loader? (for DBAHow does one use SQL*Loader to load images, sound clips and documents? (for DBAWhat is the difference between the conventional and direct path loader? (for DBAWhat are the various types of Exceptions ?Can we define exceptions twice in same block ?What is the difference between a procedure and a function ?Can you have two functions with the same name in a PL/SQL block ?Can you have two stored functions with the same name ?Can you call a stored function in the constraint of a table ?What are the various types of parameter modes in a procedure ?What is Over Loading and what are its restrictions ?Can functions be overloaded ?Can 2 functions have same name & input parameters but differ only by return datatypeWhat are the constructs of a procedure, function or a package ?Why Create or Replace and not Drop and recreate procedures ?Can you pass parameters in packages ? How ?What are the parts of a database trigger ?What are the various types of database triggers ?What is the advantage of a stored procedure over a database trigger ?What is the maximum no. of statements that can be specified in a trigger statement ?Can views be specified in a trigger statement ?What are the values of :new and ld in Insert/Delete/Update Triggers ?What are cascading triggers? What is the maximum no of cascading triggers at a time?What are mutating triggers ?What are constraining triggers ?Describe Oracle databases physical and logical structure ?Can you increase the size of a tablespace ? How ?What is the use of Control files ?What is the use of Data Dictionary ?What are the advantages of clusters ?What are the disadvantages of clusters ?Can Long/Long RAW be clustered ?Can null keys be entered in cluster index, normal index ?Can Check constraint be used for self referential integrity ? How ?What are the min. extents allocated to a rollback extent ?What are the states of a rollback segment ? What is the difference between partlyavailable and needs recovery ?What is the difference between unique key and primary key ?
  23. 23. An insert statement followed by a create table statement followed by rollback ? Will therows be inserted ?Can you define multiple savepoints ?Can you Rollback to any savepoint ?What is the maximum no. of columns a table can have ?What is the significance of the & and && operators in PL SQL ?Can you pass a parameter to a cursor ?What are the various types of RollBack Segments ?Can you use %RowCount as a parameter to a cursor ?Is the query below allowed : Select sal, ename Into x From emp Where ename = KING(Where x is a record of Number(4) and Char(15))Is the assignment given below allowed : ABC = PQR (Where ABC and PQR are records)Is this for loop allowed : For x in &Start..&End LoopHow many rows will the following SQL return : Select * from emp Where rownumHow many rows will the following SQL return : Select * from emp Where rownum = 10;Which symbol preceeds the path to the table in the remote database ?Are views automatically updated when base tables are updated ?Can a trigger written for a view ?If all the values from a cursor have been fetched and another fetch is issued, the outputwill be : error, last record or first record ?A table has the following data : [[5, Null, 10]]. What will the average function return ?Is Sysdate a system variable or a system function?Consider a sequence whose currval is 1 and gets incremented by 1 ...Definition of relational DataBase by Dr. Codd (IBM)?What is Multi Threaded Server (MTA) ?Which are initial RDBMS, Hierarchical & N/w database ?What is Functional DependencyWhat is Auditing ?While designing in client/server what are the 2 imp. things to be considered ?When to create indexes ?How can you avoid indexes ?What is the result of the following SQL ...Can database trigger written on synonym of a table and if it can be then what would bethe effect if original table is accessed.Can you alter synonym of view or view ?Can you create index on viewWhat is the difference between a view and a synonym ?What is the difference between alias and synonym ?What is the effect of synonym and table name used in same Select statement ?Whats the length of SQL integer ?What is the difference between foreign key and reference key ?Can dual table be deleted, dropped or altered or updated or inserted ?If content of dual is updated to some value computation takes place or not ?If any other table same as dual is created would it act similar to dual?
  24. 24. For which relational operators in where clause, index is not used ?Assume that there are multiple databases running on one machine. How can you switchfrom one to another ?What are the advantages of Oracle ?What is a forward declaration ? What is its use ?What are actual and formal parameters ?What are the types of Notation ?What all important parameters of the init.ora are supposed to be increased if you want toincrease the SGA size ?If I have an execute privilege on a procedure in another users schema, can I execute hisprocedure even though I do not have privileges on the tables within the procedure ?What are various types of joins ?What is a package cursor ?If you insert a row in a table, then create another table and then say Rollback. In this casewill the row be inserted ?What are the various types of queries ??What is a transaction ?What is implicit cursor and how is it used by Oracle ?Which of the following is not a schema object : Indexes, tables, public synonyms,triggers and packages ?What is PL/SQL?Is there a PL/SQL Engine in SQL*Plus?Is there a limit on the size of a PL/SQL block?Can one read/write files from PL/SQL?How can I protect my PL/SQL source code?Source: For answers visit ... index.htmlsri
  25. 25. Oracle Q & As by sri on Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:44 amWhat does Opening a cursor do ?- It executes the query and identifies the Result setWhat does Fetching a cursor do ?- It reads the Result Set row by row.What does Closing a cursor do ?- It clears the private SQL area and de-allocates the memory.What are Cursor Variables ?- Also called REF CURSORS.- They are not tied to a single SQL. They point to any SQL area dynamically.- Advantage is : You can declare variables at Client side and open them Server side. Youcan thus centralize data retrieval.Why use Cursor Variables?- You can pass cursor RESULT SETS between PL/SQL stored programs and clients.What are SQLCODE and SQLERRM ?- Oracle Error code and detailed error message- They are actually functions with no arguments, that can be used only in proceduralstatements ( not SQL)What are Pseudocolumns ?- They are not actual columns. They are like Functions without arguments.- They typically give a different value for each row. - Examples: ROWNUM, NEXTVAL, ROWID, VERSION_STARTTIME Why use Truncate over Delete while deleting all rows ? - Truncate is efficient. Triggers are not fired. - It deallocates space (Unless REUSE STORAGE is given). What is a ROWID composed of ? - Its a hexadecimal string representing the address of a row. Prior to Oracle 8, its a restricted rowid comprising block.row.file. Extended rowid ( the default on higher releases) comprises data object number as well ( comprising the segment number ).
  26. 26. What is the use of a ROWID ? - Retrieve data faster with ROWID. - Shows you the physical arrangement of rows in the table. - Also unique identifier for each row.Can rows from two different tables have the same ROWID?- Possible, if they are in a ClusterWhat is ROWNUM and ROW_NUMBER ?- ROWNUM is a pseudocolumn which is the number assigned to each row retrieved.- ROW_NUMBER is an analytic function which does something similar, but has allthe capabilities of PARTITION BY and ORDER BY clauses..What is an inline view?- Its not a schema object- Its a subquery in the FROM clause with an alias that can be used as a view withinthe SQL statement.What are Nested and Correlated subqueries ?- The subquery used in WHERE clause is a nested subquery.- If this subquery refers to any column in the parent statement, it becomes a correlatedsubquery.How do you retrieve a dropped table in 10g?- FLASHBACK table <tabname> to BEFORE DROPWhat are PSPs?- PL/SQL Server Pages. Web pages developed in PL/SQLWhat is an index-organized table?- The physical arrangement of rows of this table changes with the indexed column.- Its. in-short, a table stored like an index itself.What is an implicit cursor?- Oracle opens an implicit cursor to process each SQL statement not associated withan explicit cursor.Name a few implicit cursor attributes.- %FOUND, %ROWCOUNT, %NOTFOUND, %ISOPEN, %BULK_ROWCOUNT,%BULK_EXCEPTIONSWhat are various privileges that a user can grant to another userSELECT
  27. 27. CONNECT RESOURCESQL General Qs by sri on Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:42 amWhat are the different types of joins?Explain normalization with examples.What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple recordsets?Diffrence between a "where" clause and a "having" clauseWhat is the difference between "procedure" and "function"?How will you copy the structure of a table without copying the data?How to find out the database name from SQL*PLUS command prompt?Tadeoffs with having indexesTalk about "Exception Handling" in PL/SQL?What is the diference between "NULL in C" and "NULL in Oracle?"What is Pro*C? What is OCI?Give some examples of Analytical functions.What is the difference between "translate" and "replace"?What is DYNAMIC SQL method 4?How to remove duplicate records from a table?What is the use of ANALYZing the tables?How to run SQL script from a Unix Shell?What is a "transaction"? Why are they necessary?Explain Normalizationa dn Denormalization with examples.When do you get contraint violtaion? What are the types of constraints?How to convert RAW datatype into TEXT?Difference - Primary Key and Aggregate KeyHow functional dependency is related to database table design?What is a "trigger"?Why can a "group by" or "order by" clause be expensive to process?What are "HINTS"? What is "index covering" of a query?What is a VIEW? How to get script for a view?What are the Large object types suported by Oracle?What is SQL*Loader?Difference between "VARCHAR" and "VARCHAR2" datatypes.What is the difference among "dropping a table", "truncating a table" and "deleting allrecords" from a table.Difference between "ORACLE" and "MICROSOFT ACCESS" databases.How to create a database link ?Source: