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PentActiv presentation English


Слайд-презентация "PentActiv"на английском языке …

Слайд-презентация "PentActiv"на английском языке

Published in Health & Medicine
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  • Заменить русский текст в картинке на : Stylish, beautiful, healthy


  • 1. Millions of people all over the world enjoy the beneficial effect ofmagnetic therapy.This method of alternative medicine is usually referred to under thewidespread title “magnetotherapy”, which presupposes applicationof static magnetic field (usually created by means of permanentmagnets recommended for wearing on the body).
  • 2. Insomnia Strokes Depression Problems with eyesight Headaches Tympanophony Migraine Stress Arthritis Problems with Atherosclerosisthe thyroid gland Backache Hypertension Menstrual cramps Adynamia Rheumatism Injuries Arthrosis Fractures Overfatigue Circulatory failure
  • 3. PentActiv–effective means to strengthen health and enhancethe energy potential;PentActiv are unique therapeutic bracelets with bioceramicinserts that impact biologically active spots on the wrists andankles;PentActiv allows to normalize bioelectric current within thebody and consequently harmonize functioning of all vitalsystems.
  • 4. PentActiv are unique articles that couple stylish design andinnovative scientific research technologies;PentActiv are manufactured from special top-qualityJapanese surgical steel and coated with 23-carat gold;Thanks to the bioceramic and magnetic inserts, PentActivensures a health-promoting effect of five natural elements onthe body: silver and oxygen ions, infrared waves, germaniumelectrons and magnetic waves.
  • 5. Acting integrally, these five elements enhance one another’seffect and: have antibacterial properties; have antiviral action; improve overall body resistibility; boost energy; improve blood circulation; normalize metabolism; ensure tissues’ regeneration; slow down ageing processes; provide an anti-inflammatory effect; strengthen the immunity; help stabilize blood pressure.
  • 6. NanosilverTeq MagTeq SolarTeq GermaTeq AeroTeq
  • 7. NanosilverTeq (silver colour) —inserts withnegatively charged nanosilver ions of the size ofapproximately 3-5 nanometres, that provide apronounced antibacterial and antiviral effect.According to the scientific research silver ionseffectively destroy 650-700 types of pathogenicmicroorganisms, viruses and fungi, whereas even thebest antibiotics can only destroy up to 5-10 types ofbacteria.
  • 8. SolarTeq (red colour) —bioceramic inserts that emitfar IR-rays.Penetrating into the skin IR-rays come in contact withwater molecules and subsequently promote dilation ofblood vessels. Better blood circulation in vesselsfacilitates normalization of metabolism and tissues’regeneration.
  • 9. AeroTeq (white colour)—bioceramic inserts that emitoxygen anions.Anions in nature spring up near the waterfalls or waterreservoirs. Once they get into the blood flow, they enterinto biochemical reactions and increase the level ofserotonin that produces a calming and anti-depressantaction and surges energy and vitality. They helpimprove mood, mental and physical working capacities.
  • 10. MagTeq (black colour) —inserts with themagnetotherapeutic effect to improve sleep,normalize pressure and prevent inflammations andpains in joints and muscles.Promote better blood flow and easier transfer ofoxygen and nutrients into cells. Make up for the lack ofenergy, alleviate fatigue and consequences ofstresses.
  • 11. GermaTeq (blue colour)—bioceramic inserts withgermanium 200 PPM, that emit conversion electronsof small wavelength (10-1–10-6 nm).Germanium promotes saturation of cells with oxygenand stimulates them to produce energy. Germaniumalso has vasodilating, antiedemic and immune-stimulating effects and enhances anti-tumour defenseof the body.
  • 12. All well-known manufacturers of therapeutic bracelets confine toincluding just 3 or 4 types of active inserts. And it is only Visioncompany that worked further on in its research and providedPentActiv bracelet with 5 special bioceramic and magnetic inserts,each type multiply recurring in the bracelet.
  • 13. Fasten the bracelet on the wrist. In approximately 10 minutesyou will feel warmth and tingling. However in some cases itmay require several hours or even days. You can wear thebracelet as often as you wish. The size of bracelet may beadjusted to the wrist;PentActiv bracelets are offered in two versions: classicaldesign for men and exquisite design for women.
  • 14. those who want to look stylish and have insignia of Vision;everybody to improve health;everybody to improve mood;those who want to enhance the immune system;those who aspire to boost physical and mental workingcapacities;those who want to diminish the effect of adverseenvironmental factors.