Jaw crusher for sale


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Jaw crusher for sale

  1. 1. Frame Construction Contact Now Online Series Jaw Crusher Order Product Knowledge Download Based on lucubrating the theories of stone crushing, we adopt the American and European advanced technology and design this type of jaw crushers which meet customer’s requirements very well. Compared with other jaw crushers, this type of jaw crushers own advanced structure, relative lighter weight, easier installation, reliable performance, more convenient operation, higher capacity and crushing ratio and so on. Jaw crusher supply the best way to crush hard stone. Dividing the style structural design simplify the installation specially in
  2. 2. down hole operation. The speed technology fully yields strong power to improve the higher crushing ratio and capacity. Shock mitigation system protects the operating machines. Brand: VIPEAK Certificate: ISO9001 , CE , IQNET , GOST Advantage: 1、provide reasonable product selection and design 2、scientific workshop manufacturing arrangements 3、strict production process,on time delivery
  3. 3. Jaw crushers adopt the modular construction and no-welding designs remove stress concentration and improve the service life. When there is difficult to transport or install the whole machine in the site, this type of jaw crushers can be divided and then install that reduces the freight and installation cost. After long-term operation, the parts of stone crusher are easier to be checked and changed than the welding or casting contracture that reduces the maintenance and operation cost.
  4. 4. The front plate, movable jaw plate, back plate, bearing base and other parts adopt high quality cast steel. Heavy eccentric shaft adopts high alloy steels which process smithing, fault detection, impact extrusion and other special techniques. Four aligning roller bearing and high performance dustproof sealing resist the impulse load and severe atmosphere. The adjusting system of jaw crusher adopts shim block structure, staff gauge and special gear system to simplify the adjustment of
  5. 5. discharge opening. The belt wheel of motor adopts probe-drogue connection to simplify the maintenance. Customers can use their needed belt wheel to meet their capacity. Integrated motor and main frame structure saves the space shorten the length of V-belt and reduce vibration of V-belt so that the life of V-belt will be longer. The protecting covers of V-belt and flywheel protect the safety of worker. The watching- windows of covers bring the convenience for
  6. 6. the work to check the operation. Jaw plates adopt high manganese steels with metallographical checking. The connection of jaw plates are processed the mechanical workout. All of these improve the crushing ratio. Guide chute ensures the material be fed in to the crushing cavity. It is not necessary to remove the guide chute while changing the jaw plates. It is easy to unload the guide chute in other maintenance. Installing a protecting cover avoids the materials
  7. 7. splashing, protects the workers and supplies the convenience to check the operation. The special protecting cover for the belt conveyor avoids the sharp materials to hurt the belt. Specification and Technical Parameter:
  8. 8. Model C510× C670× C750× C950× C250× 800 1000 1130 1250 1200 Feed 510×8 670×1 750×1 950×1 250×1 opening 00 000 130 250 200 (mm) Feeding 430 530 630 800 210 size (mm) Discharg 40-12560-20070-200100-25 15-60 e 0 opening (mm) Speed of 320 320 300 240 360 eccentric shafte (rpm) Power 60/75 90/11090/110110/13 37 (kw) 2 Dimensio 2480× 3090× 3228× 4184× 2108× n 1460× 1642× 1990× 2321× 1940× (L×W×H 1750 2300 2500 3245 1680
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