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Virtualized Infrastructures Workshop [07]

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  1. 1. 魂▪創▪通 1
  2. 2. 魂▪創▪通 22 IV III Introduction to the GLORY-FSII Future RoadmapV Highlights of the GLORY-FS GLORY-FS use in Korea About ETRII Other ProjectsAppendix
  3. 3. 魂▪創▪通 33 I. About ETRI Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute ( • Government funded Research Institute (since 1976) • Personnel status: Total 1,894 (Researcher/Technical Staff: 1,737) • 8 Division (Bigdata SW, SW-SOC, Broadcasting & Communication, …) • Project Status: 547 Projects/547,618 million won ( 2011 Transparent display 2010 4G LTE-advanced technology 2007 3.6Gbps 4th generation mobile communication system 2006 Wireless Home Network (UWB) 2005 Terrestrial DMB service 2004 WiBro 1999 IMT 2000(CDMA2000) STP system 1996 ATM Exchanging Machine 1995 Commercialization of CDMA 1991 TDX-10, TiCOM II 1989 256M DRAM 1988 8bit Educational Computer 1982 Korea’s first semiconductor product “32K ROM chip” Daejon (大田)
  4. 4. 魂▪創▪通 44 II. Introduction to the GLORY-FS Multimedia metadata management/retrieval Multimedia Data distribution Large-scale distributed data management Large-scale distributed parallel processing Large-scale File management Large-scale cluster management Low-power platform OS & HW Retrieval: thousands of pages per second(for hundreds of millions of web pages) Data parallel processing: 3,000 nodes Storage capacity: Up to Petabytes I/O performance: Up to 100Gb/sec Cluster management: 10,000 nodes Power saving: 20% reduction Contents-based retrieval for large-scale video data 10 ,000-node distributed data processing middleware Global cluster management Global file management Linux based 20% power saving Internet service solution test Provide global internet service solution specialized in UCC & IPTV by developing open source-based GLORY platform Global internet service solution S/W (GLORY-FS, GLORY-DB, GLORY-DP, GLORY-CL) Multi-IDC testbed (256 nodes * 3 data centers) Overview of the GLORY project (2007~2012) This work was supported by the IT R&D program of MKE/KEIT. [K1001703, Development of Cost Effective and Large Scale Global Internet Service Solution]
  5. 5. 魂▪創▪通 55 UCC Retrieval Service IPTV Service E-learning Service Authoring Tagging Storing Retrieval Delivery Dynamic Service Management Internet Services Video Data Management Components Internet Services Community Components Distributed job Scheduling Job Partitioning & Merging Data Distribution Service Data Management Data Access and Recovery File Metadata Management Distributed Data Storing & Replication Remote Backup & Archiving Low-Cost Server Platform Node Manager Low-Power OS & H/W Resource Monitoring Cluster Orchestration Automatic Provisioning II. Introduction to the GLORY-FS SW Architecture of GLORY platform
  6. 6. 魂▪創▪通 66 GLORY-FS Metadata Server GLORY-FS Data Server GLORY-FS Data Server GLORY-FS Metadata Server GLORY-FS Client Filesystem GLORY-FS Client Filesystem Global Namespace Storage TCO minimization by utilizing commodity servers as storage servers High Performance by linearly scalable I/O performance High Availability by efficient failure management High Compatibility by supporting POSIX-FS standards II. Introduction to the GLORY-FS
  7. 7. 魂▪創▪通 77 Internet Applications Service based on Videos (UCC/IPTV/e-Learning/etc.) Large-scale and highly available File Services Lustre PVFS2 Panasas Google FS Mogile FS GLORY-FS (SW) GlusterFS Isilon (Appliance) II. Introduction to the GLORY-FS HPC Storage Object Store Hadoop FS Swift FS Scale-out NAS High Performance High Cost Full POSIX Compliance High Capacity Low Cost No POSIX Compliance High Throughput Low Cost Near POSIX Compliance
  8. 8. 魂▪創▪通 88 Scalability in performance and capacity (up to 150 GB/s, Petabytes) Availability with commodity HW (x86 server, SATA HDD) High Compatibility with no kernel dependency (compatibility with any existing SW including web server) Minimize management overhead I/O and file sharing optimized to the internet services (web-disk, video, image content services) III. Highlight of the GLORY-FS POSIX API Online storage server expansion/ maintenance *Storage reconfiguration (Migration, Rebalance) Multiple I/O data path I/O for large, seq, read- intensive workload Lock-free Cache Consistency Control (NFS sharing semantic) Sync, updatable N-way data replication Parallel Replica consistency Asynchronous MDS H/A Web-based management tool *Highly scalable metadata cluster server (3 billion scale) *Synchronous MDS H/A *M+N striped storage (RAID Double Parity) Software Development Kit Scalable Capacity Scalable Performance Scalable Availability High Compatibility Simple Management Virtual Metadata Management System Windows Support (*): Experimental Over Petabyte storage capacity Up to 100Gb/s Data input/output performance Up to 1 billion files management Disk Relocation for fast rebalance User-defined Event handling Unattended Recovery Self-Diagnosis on the SATA HDD Hot-spot Avoidance (Self-tuning) Private Replication Network support
  9. 9. 魂▪創▪通 99 GLORY-FS Data Server GLORY-FS Client File System GLORY-FS Metadata Server 1g/10g Ethernet Switch Volume // homehome shareshare big.avi Data Metadata Data III. Highlight of the GLORY-FS
  10. 10. 魂▪創▪通 1010 III. Highlight of the GLORY-FS #Client Performance Scalability Test Metadata Clustering Effect Test Data Server Cache Hit Data Server Disk Hit Client Cache Hit Linearly scales-out Linearly scales-out with multiple metadata servers
  11. 11. 魂▪創▪通 1111 III. Highlight of the GLORY-FS Data Server Data Server Data Server Data Server Each file is sliced into pieces, called CHUNK, and stored across multiple data servers While CHUNKs are stored, REPLICA chunks are made synchronously to different data servers When data server failure occurs, RECOVERS lost chunks from their replicas All REPLICAs are used for file Read Access (Read load balance) Arbitrary range of file are UPDATABLE at any time (Hadoop FS don’t allow file update operation) Write performance with synchronous replication Less than 5% replication overhead C0 C1 C2 File C0 C0C0 C0 C0 Memory Buffer
  12. 12. 魂▪創▪通 1212 III. Highlight of the GLORY-FS REPLICAted file may become a Distributed RAID file when their access rate decreases Generate PARITY chunks to different data servers from existing CHUNK Remove REPLICA to save storage usage after PARITY coding completes When data server failure occurs, RECOVERS lost chunks from their CHUNK & PARITY Currently read-only access is allowed to RAID files . (for update access, revert to REPLICAed file) Data Server Data Server Data Server Data Server C0 Memory Buffer C1 C2 P R0 R1 R2C0 C1 C2 100GB files (1GB each) conversion time Read performance
  13. 13. 魂▪創▪通 1313 III. Highlight of the GLORY-FS Filesystem Client Data Servers Service I/O Traffic Data Replication Traffic Gigabit Switch 1/10 Gigabit Switch Data Servers New Data Server (Empty) Old Data Server (Full of data) Capacity Balanced
  14. 14. 魂▪創▪通 1414 III. Highlight of the GLORY-FS Data Server Data Server Data Server Data Server Data Server H H File “H” is HOT H HH HH HH HH H File “H” is REPLICATED For instant explosive read access such as hot movie Hot file will be detected and replicated among more data servers automatically to distribute load to other servers Youtube Hot File Rank
  15. 15. 魂▪創▪通 1515 III. Highlight of the GLORY-FS
  16. 16. 魂▪創▪通 1616 III. Highlight of the GLORY-FS Built-in CPU, Disk, NIC, file access statistics monitoring Accumulated statistics are visualized with MRTG-like chart (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly statistics are also provided)
  17. 17. 魂▪創▪通 1717 Category References within Korea Year Capacity (TB) Service Company KTH ('09) Internet portal/UCC service '09~ 630 14,418 UCC service (Image/Video) '09.04~ 190 5GB mail attachment service '09.10 80 Mail service '09.12~ 300 N-Screen service '10.10 60 LG U+ ('10) LG U+ Internet Portal/UCC '10.11~ 8,700 Multimedia N-Screen service (U+ Box) '10.11~ 8,000 Dacom web-disk service '10.12 700 SKT ('10) Cloud storage service similar to the Amazon S3 (Ez-storage) '12.4~ 4,000 GS Neotech Storage for Content Delivery Network Service ‘12.1~ 200 Storage Company PSPACE ('07, '08, '09, '10) InfiniStore (Appliance) '07~ 570 3D render farm storage '07~ 210 KBSn (IPTV, VOD) '10 72 MBN (IPTV, VOD) '10 48 KT (IPTV, VOD) '10 80 Neowiz (game portal) '10 60 BBMC (internet broadcasting) '10 100 MacroImpact ('09) Sanique SFS '09~ 318 Storage for Content Delivery Network Service '09.10 318 Gluesys ('11) Cluster NAS (Applicance) '11~ - IV. GLORY-FS References within Korea 2007: NAS for High Capacity 2008~10: Storage intensive internet Services like web-mail, web-disk and image/video hosting service 2011~: Cloud Storage Service, Cloud CDN Service
  18. 18. 魂▪創▪通 1818 V. Future Roadmap Project Name Period Status Global Internet Service Solution (MKE) –Global File System(GLORY-FS) ’07.3~’12.2 (5 year) Closed Supercomputing System for Genome Analysis (MKE) – High Performance File System (MAHA-FS) ’11.3~’15.2 (5 year) Open Unified Storage Solution for Peta-scale (MKE) ’11.12~’13.11 (2 year) Open File System SW for Large-Scale Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (MKE) ‘12.5~’15.4 (3 year) Open GLORY-FS Unified Storage High Performance File System VDI File System 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 Current Projects related with GLORY-FS
  19. 19. 魂▪創▪通 19 -19- Category File Create File Open LOOKUP GETATTR CREATE LOOKUP GETATTR NAS NFSv4 SYNC 222 3,278 692 - 8,808 ASYNC 4,728 54,436 11,839 - 9,045 Cloud FS MogileFS - - 100 - 1,000 Hadoop FS - - 1,300 - 9,000 GLORY-FS - 4,352 1,523 - 7,932 HPC FS Lustre - - 15,000 - 25,000 MAHA-FS 0.1 71,899 107,611 12,000 86,905 101,320 V. Future Roadmap Plan for Performance Upgrade for virtualization & HPC workload GLORY-FS GLORY-FS
  20. 20. 魂▪創▪通 20
  21. 21. 魂▪創▪通 21 Unified Storage Solution for Peta-Scale - Commercialization Project for GLORY-FS (World-best SW Program, MKE) § Low Cost/Large Scale à Low Cost/Large Scale/Higher Efficiency (Higher Storage Utilization) § iSCSI, NFS/CIFS support § Amazon S3 like API support (Restful API) § Sophisticated Management Objectives Appendix
  22. 22. 魂▪創▪通 22 File System SW for Large-scale virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service - Commodity storage strategy for large-scale VDI service § Cost Wall: SAN storage à Commodity storage (50% cost saving) § Performance Wall: Low latency storage for VDI service (less than 20ms of VDI experience) § Scalability Wall: Up to 10,000 VDI user support Objectives Source Users Boot (IOPS) Login (IOPS) Steady (IOPS) NetApp 2,500 46,000 29,000 10,000 EMC 500 63,500 14,500 10,500 Nimble 200 12,400 - 4,000 Estimated (Worst) 1 127.0 112.0 32.0 10,000 1,270,000 1,120,000 320,000 Appendix
  23. 23. 魂▪創▪通 23 High Performance File System for Genome Analysis - Overcome performance limitation of GLORY-FS for Petabyte-scale Genome Analysis § Hybrid Use of SSD + HDD (100 Million IOPS) § Totally Re-design of I/O subsystem for HPC - Lower storage power consumption with the MAIS and MAID technology § MAIS: Massive Array of Idle Server (power on/off un-accessed storage server actively) § MAID: Massive Array of Idle Disk (power on/off un-accessed disks actively) Objectives Bandwidth IOPS Built-in Data Availability (Replica, Distributed RAID) Metadata OPS Sharing Level (POSIX Compliance, Locking) TCO Lustre MAHA-FS CloudFS Appendix