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Recruiting presentation

  1. 1. Meet Our Recruiting Team Alissha Arredondo Recruitment Manager Jossiebel Mejia Sally Breton Leticia JoseRecruiting Analyst Recruiting Analyst Recruiting Analyst Proprietary and Confidential | 2
  2. 2. The Recruiting Process Could Take up to 4-5 HoursIn most cases each Candidate interview will be split up into two day appointments. First Candidate Prescreen Testing Recruiter Manager Day Arrives Interview Interview Interview InterviewSecond Candidate Group Sample Group Final Day Arrives Tour Calls Interview Decision Proprietary and Confidential | 3
  3. 3. Our Clients Proprietary and Confidential | 4
  4. 4. Our Requirements Dynamic and Persuasive Personality with high energy level Effective Communication and Listening skills Rapport Builder & Empathetic Competitive Spirit/Nature Goal Oriented Problem Solving Team Player Responsible Polite Proprietary and Confidential | 5
  5. 5. What do we have for you? Salary of RD$25,000 and up - monthly Commissions for Sales Free Private Medical & Dental Insurance Low Interest Personal Loans within 24 hours Beauty Salon Credit Transportation After 9pm Door to Door Gym Discounts & Credit Free On site Day Care- Child’s meal included Online Food Ordering with 3 providers Proprietary and Confidential | 6
  6. 6. Alorica Recruitment Mission StatementOur Commitment to our clients:We do not just fill vacancies based on the job specifications or what is written on a resume,we build partnerships by taking time to listen to the client and understand what our clientsreally expect delivered to their customers and the culture of their organization in order toensure we place a “right fit” into their program.Our Commitment to our candidates:We make the recruiting experience a “positively memorable experience” to all who comethrough our doors to apply - whether hired or not - by ensuring applicants are received andprocessed quickly in a clean and comfortable environment, treated with respect - asindividuals, and are presented with the Alorica experience and opportunities of working in ahealthy work environment. We focus on building rapport with each candidate andunderstand their needs, while ensuring their skills and attributes are a “right fit” for theclient and program they would be working on to ensure success and longevity for all parties.Our commitment to our companyWe hire employees based solely on their unique qualifications, demonstrated abilities,moral character, and their capacity to provide the exemplary service that our clients expectfrom us. Proprietary and Confidential | 7
  7. 7. Build your Career with US!! In Alorica we believe in you as a professional for that reason 70% of our management was promoted within. We have many more opportunities waiting just for You!Open Positions:• Customer Service/Technical Support Representative• Retention Sales Support Representative• Retention Sales Team Manager• Retention Sales Quality Assurance Representative• Retention Sales Operations Manager• Communication & Service Enhancement Trainer• Product Trainer• Quality Manager• Project Manager Proprietary and Confidential | 8
  8. 8. Career Development at Alorica Alorica is highly dedicated to promoting A professional Career Development program .Be sure to check out our Professional Career Development Chart in our testing area … Proprietary and Confidential | 9
  9. 9. REFERRAL BONUSBRINGYOUR FRIENDS!GET A REFERRAL BONUS OF$2,000 RD!!*Per hired candidateRules:English speaking candidates onlyBonus is paid after candidates complete 3 months in the company Proprietary and Confidential | 10