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Twitter for brands   karthik ramanujam
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Twitter for brands karthik ramanujam


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A Quick Guide to how "Twitter" can be an effective tool for Brands...More importantly "What brands should do on Twitter"

A Quick Guide to how "Twitter" can be an effective tool for Brands...More importantly "What brands should do on Twitter"

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Twitter for Brands. A basic guide to growing your brand on Twitter.
  • 2. “Twitter is not a technology.It’s a conversation. And it’shappeningwith or with you.” CharleneLi.
  • 3. Twitter is big.…as if you neededanyconvincing. Today: 500m users, 340m tweets/day, 400m unique/month
  • 4. The biggest mistakewe seecompanies makewhen they first hit Twitter is to think about it as a channel to push out information” Tim O’Reilly.
  • 5. Avoid making that mistakewith these five guidelines: 1. Listen 2. Beauthentic 3. Becompelling 4. Find the influencers 5. Extendoff-Twitter, onsite as well
  • 6. Too many people failto realizethat real communicationgoes inboth directions.” LeeIacocca.
  • 7. Your customers are on Twitter. …Whetheror not you are. They are talkingaboutyou!! good or bad. Listento whatthey aresaying.
  • 8. Listening: Search Twitter searchis enormously useful… and under-utilized. Byquery/ phrase By username By location Bysentiment Save your searches!
  • 9. Example: Local Search Search: People looking for best coffee in San Francisco area. Useful for: local coffee shops, bigger chains, customer support,etc
  • 10. Example: Customer Sentiment
  • 11. Listening: 3rd Party Apps Themostpowerful“listeningplatforms”are from3rd partytools. Betterwaytocreatebranddashboard: -setsavedsearches,profiles -managemultipleaccounts -integratedanalytics -scheduletweets -manageworkflowwithteam
  • 12. Listening: Data Listen to the data…. figure outwhat’s working: - Best time to tweet - Most effective tweets - Characteristics of most retweeted,replied tweets - Characteristics of highest traffic drivers off-Twitter
  • 13. Listening: Real-Time Listen,and respond, in real-time. From @jamwithkarthik: “What kind of experiences? Please do let us know, so that we can assistyou with the same.” Example:I tweeted bad Tata DoCoMo Services experience. They responded < 4 minutes.
  • 14. “The keyto successful leadershiptodayis influence, notauthority.”Ken Blanchard.
  • 15. Beforeengaging withusers, you should understand their: 1. influence 2. relevance 3. background … THEN determine response, speed, etc. Who are You Talking To?
  • 16. How? Try tools like “Klout” Usetools like“Klout” tounderstand individual user’s: -influenceandreach -topics of expertise -network& similarusers
  • 17. Use Influence for: 1. CustomerService:Manage&prioritize CS workflows 2. Acquisition:Identifypotential customers& partners 3. Marketing:Runtargetedcampaigns, grow your following.
  • 18. “Authenticity, honesty,and personal voice underliemuch of what’s successful on the web.” Rick Levine.
  • 19. Relate: Peoplewanttohear &interactwith real voices. Thebest brands on Twitterare personable&real. Why sopopular? Non-corporate,unique,fun, relatable, responsive.
  • 20. Create Conversation. Twitteris not an advertisement. It is a conversation. People relate to conversation. Not to advertising and broadcasts. Broadcast (i.e.TV) Conversation
  • 21. “I am allforconversation. But youneed to have amessage” ReneeBlodgett.
  • 22. What “IS” Compelling? Simpleanswer:Wouldyou wantto gettheseupdatesvia SMS? - Unique content, spin - Current / real-time focus - Promotes more than themselves - Exclusiveaccess: photos, deals, insights - Conversational: two-wayplatform - Fun, smart and worththe read
  • 23. Examples: CompellingBrands (In my opinion) Big brands Personal brands E-commerce Emerging
  • 24. Examples: CompellingBrands(in Twitter’sopinion) TwitterCase Studies
  • 25. What is NOT Compelling? - Corporate-onlyvoice - Broadcastonly - Highvolume - Stalecontent - Ordinary content - Mostlyself-serving - Self-infatuated
  • 26. Example: NOT Compelling 80+tweets in 24 hrs Ordinary / useless content: Untargeted content:
  • 27. “Successful brands don’t stop on –they build social directly intotheirweb and mobile experiences.”
  • 28. Basic: Tweet Button
  • 29. Better:Displayof multi-useractivitywithin-linereply,re- tweetfunctions
  • 30. Great: Fab’s “Feed”shows real-time purchases and socialactivity
  • 31. Socialfrom the Ground Up: Flipboardreimagines Twitter reading& publishing
  • 32. Summary: 1. Createconversation, not ads 2. Your voice:be compelling 3. Their voice: who’s talking? 4. Apply this toyour web, off-Twitter 5. Success requires dedicationto it(mentality,product, people,tools)
  • 33. Lastly,According to Twitter…
  • 34. Want more? Let’s Connect. :Jamwithkarthik :