Bullying and Hate in Media


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  • 'Bullying is a serious problem and the major issue
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Bullying and Hate in Media

  1. 1. TYPES OF BULLYING IN THE MEDIAThere are two types of bullying,o Direct bullying Messages sent to your kids directlyo Cyber bullying ► Using others to help cyber bully the victim, either with or without the accomplices knowledge Direct Cyber Bullying Bullying NEXT
  2. 2. EXAMPLES OF DIRECT BULLYING1. Instant Messaging/Text Messaging Harassment2. Stealing Passwords3. Blogs4. Web Sites5. Sending Pictures through E-mail and Cell Phones6. Internet Polling7. Interactive Gaming8. Sending Malicious Code9. Sending Porn and Other Junk E-Mail and IMs10. Impersonation Back
  3. 3. CYBER BULLYING• Cyber bullying by proxy is when a cyberbully gets someone else to do their dirty work.• Cyber bullying by proxy is the most dangerous kind of cyber bullying because it often gets adults involved in the harassment and people who dont know they are dealing with a kid or someone they know.• The most typical way a cyberbullying by proxy attack occurs is when the cyberbully gets control of the victims account and sends out hateful or rude messages to everyone on their buddy list pretending to be the victim.• For example...• Mary wants to get Jennifer back for not inviting her to her party. She goes online and, posing as Jennifer, posts "I hate Brittany, she is so stupid, ugly and fat!" on buddyprofile.com. Mary may tell Brittany and her friends that she read the post on buddyprofile.com and blames Jennifer for being mean. Brittany and her friends now start attacking Jennifer, and may report her to buddyprofile.com or her school. They are doing Marys dirty work for her. Mary looks like the "good guy" and Jennifer may be punished by her parents, lose her account with buddyprofile.com and get into trouble at school. And Brittany and her friends may start to cyber bully Jennifer too. Back
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  5. 5. INFLUENCES IN THE MEDIA• Music videos campaign against bullying, and are effective as they use famous artist to help promote it.• Such as:• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV2ssT8lzj8• Eminem „No love‟.• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocDlOD1Hw9k&feature=branded• Pink „Perfect‟• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZjr0heZNIw• Christina Aguliera „Beautiful‟ NEXT
  6. 6. INFLUENCES IN THE MEDIA• Pressure to feel like everybody else can lead to anorexia, suicide and bulimia.• Modeling Campaigns in Madrid have helped to promote a healthy body and dissuade young girls from wanting to be the “perfect” size 0.• Also TV shows spend episodes on the fact that zero isn‟t a size and promote a healthy body.• E.G• One Tree Hill• Super size vs. Super Skinny• Gok Van- how to look good naked NEXT
  7. 7. INFLUENCES IN THE MEDIA• The promotion of anti bullying – Anti Bullying Week• Provides services such as child line to help those being abused, bullied or neglected.• The promotion of sport stars, and healthy curved women.• Friends and happy family promotion in adverts such as pizza hut and freederm.