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Vintage consp theory_10.28.12
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Vintage consp theory_10.28.12


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. OUTLINE FOR JESUS’“TALK” 4:17- 5:1-20 5:21- 6:1-34 7:1-12 7:13- 25 48 27What Ordin Concr Chara Warni BlessiJesus ary ete cter of ng ngs &Assu Peopl Exam God & Again Troubl mes e Are ples Warni st esto Be Salt & of the ng Contr That True Light Kingd Again ol & ComeAbout om st Judg If We Life Heart False ment; Obey
  • 2. MATTHEW 4:20From that time on Jesus began topreach,“Repent, for the kingdom of heavenMATTHEW 5:1-12has come near.”Blessed are the poor in spirit...thosewho mourn...the meek...those who hunger &thirst for righteousness...
  • 3. MATTHEW 5:20For I tell you that unless yourrighteousnesssurpasses that of the Pharisees &the teachers of the law, you willMATTHEW 5:48kingdom ofcertainly not enter theYou therefore must be perfectheaven.(whole),as your heavenly Father is perfect
  • 4. A BRIEF-BUT-HELPFULREMINDER ILLUSTRATIONS of- What follows arehow the Kingdom heart – with it’s newrighteousness – functions- What follows are not LAWS to bemindlessly adhered to or repetitious SCRIPTS to be chanted
  • 5. JESUS’ WARNINGS...- Don’t be fooled by – or becomeobsessed with the need to cultivate – the the false securityblanket of your own REPUTATION- Don’t be fooled by – or becomeobsessed with the need
  • 6. JESUS UNDERLYINGASSUMPTIONS- We will GIVE- We will PRAY- We will FAST- We will be TEMPTED to do thesethings to be SEEN- We will be REWARDED if we do themwith the right HEART (which is to BLESS OTHERS & to put
  • 7. MATTHEW 6:1-2Beware of practicing yourrighteousness before otherpeople in order to be seen bythem,for then you will have no rewardfrom yourFather who is in heaven. Thus,when you give
  • 8. MATTHEW 6:3-4But when you give to theneedy,do not let your left hand knowwhat yourright hand is doing, so thatyour givingmay be in secret. And yourFather
  • 9. MATTHEW 6:5-6And when you pray, you mustnot be likethe hypocrites. For they love tostand and prayin the synagogues and at thestreet corners,that they may be seen byothers. Truly, I say
  • 10. MATTHEW 6:7-8And when you pray, do notheap upempty phrases as the Gentilesdo,for they think that they will beheardfor their many words. Do notbe like them,
  • 11. MATTHEW 6:9-11Pray then like this(paraphrase):Dear Father who is alwaysnear us,may Your name be set apartfrom all others.May Your rule and reign becomplete in us
  • 12. MATTHEW 6:12-13Please don’t put us throughtrials,but deliver us from everythingbad.Because You are the One incharge,and all the glory belongs toYou – forever –
  • 13. MATTHEW 6:14-15For if you forgive others theirtrespasses,your heavenly Father will alsoforgive you,but if you do not forgive otherstheir trespasses, neither willyour Father forgive yourtrespasses.
  • 14. THE HEXAGON – TheFather’s...
  • 15. THE HEXAGON – TheFather’s...
  • 16. MATTHEW 6:16-18And when you fast, do not lookgloomy likethe hypocrites, for they disfiguretheir facesthat their fasting may be seenby others.Truly, I say to you, they havereceived their reward.