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Stanzione Portfolio
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Stanzione Portfolio


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Published in: Design, Business

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  • 1. Table of Contents STUDENT Dr. Kennedy Homes Design X WORK Las Olas Boulevard Master Plan + Mixed-Use Building Design IX Tater Town Master Plan + Mixed-Use Building Design IX Fort Lauderdale Drama Theater Design VIII Student Union: 3rd Iteration Design VIIPROFESSIONAL New Broward County Courthouse: Breezeway Glavovic Studio WORK Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale: Sign Glavovic Studio Graphic Design: Board Room + Grafika Apparel Grafika Apparel MISCELLA Plastic Moment Florida Atlantic University Charette NEOUS Moving Threshold (Construct) Color, material and space class Graphic Design (Samples) Taken from various projects
  • 3. Proposed view along Broward Boulevard Existing flow diagram Proposed flow diagramDr. Kennedy Design X The project was to design a low-income housing complex in Homes the heart of Fort Lauderdale. The site’s surroundings and it’s historic background provided for a great starting point. The challenge was to take advantage of all the already public amenities around, while at the same time give the future residents a sense of belonging.
  • 4. Site plan
  • 5. The idea behind the design was to create a project which would reflect the history of the site. By mixingboth, the natural history; the everglades, and the man-made history; the old Dr. Kennedy Homes, thedesign started to unfold. The vistas that cut through the site, and the clustering of the units, are derived bythe previous architecture, while the movement, transition and connections are inspired by the everglades.The design is intended to improve the connection between the neighborhood and Broward Boulevard,which is the gateway into the city. The paths of the site are designed in order to create a pleasant andbeautiful transition, just as the everglades flows from Lake Okeechobee to the Miami Bay, the peoplepassing through the site will go from a small neighborhood to a big city.Floor plans Studio One (1) bedroom Two (2) bedroom Three (3) bedroom
  • 6. View from a 3 bedroom unit’s patio
  • 7. View into the 3 bedroom units cluster
  • 8. Entire Las Olas Blvd. master plan Master plan: business area Master plan: mix-use area Master plan: residential area Master plan: boulevard areaLas Olas Blvd Design IX A 3 people project which had as an objective to improve Master Plan + the whole corridor of Las Olas Bvld. from the heart of downtown to the beach front. After doing so, we had to Mix-Use Building pick a lot within the master plan and design a structure responding to the site and the master plan. Before we embarked on this project, we did a lot of field research of what was and was not working on the corridor, plus we looked at future issues that could affect the area.
  • 9. Master plan: beach area and mix-use building site
  • 10. Our objective was to provide every different sector of the corridor with useful and well though outamenities, connections, parks, among others, that would be consistent giving it a unique atmosphere.One of the main things we worried about, was to make it walkable, so small urban pockets were providedat approximately 5 minutes walks apart. Another big change was to make the area of “Las Olas Blvd.Shops” totally pedestrian by closing the flow of automotive traffic.The idea behind the tall mix-use building on the beach front was to give an end to the corridor. The groundprovides public areas related to the beach, while hiding the parking on top. Residences were designed onthe top floors in order to locate the rapidly growing population of Las Olas Blvd. Ground floor Generic parking level Residential lobby level Generic residential level
  • 11. Mix-use building on the beach front at Las Olas Blvd.
  • 12. Street detail Proposed linear parks Proposed building footprintTater Town Design IX For this project we worked in groups of 3, and we had the task Master Plan + of designing a master plan for Boulevard Gardens; referred as Tater Town by the locals, and to re-imagine and expand on anMix-Use Building existing farmers market within the master plan, while following the codes and regulations for the area. This low income neighborhood had no identity plus the public amenities within and around it felt disconnected.
  • 13. Master plan and site for mix-use building
  • 14. The driving force for the design was to reconnect and emphasise the important amenities available in thearea. Interconnecting linear parks allowed us to redefine how people would move through thecommunity, while providing them with easier and faster access to important areas. These large green andmuch needed areas would not only serve as circulation, but would be useful space for many activities.The owner of the existing farmers market, wanted a multi-storey mix-use building to be design on his site.The “L” shaped lot allowed us to give emphasis to the market area which would welcome the pedestrians.Skinny duplexes were designed with the intention to provide a more playful view which could potentiallyhelp give a sense of place not only to the market, but to the whole community. Ground floor (Market & retail) 2nd floor (Parking & roof garden) 3rd & 4th floors (Duplex units) Mix-use building North elevation
  • 15. Mix-use building
  • 16. Site planFt. Lauderdale Design VIII The project was to design a drama theater rightDrama Theater next to a historic house (Stranahan House) in Fort Lauderdale. The program required seating for at least 500 people. The site was located in front of the New River, which gave a beautiful backdrop. The inspiration for the project had to be taken from any ecosystem present in Florida.
  • 17. Abstract representation of a “Gator Hole (Dry season)”. Ink on mylar
  • 18. Taking the everglades and the alligators as inspiration, helped me obtain at the end of the semester thestrongest concept of the class. “Gator Hole (Dry season)” depicts an alligator hole/pool full of life, while it’ssurroundings are bare. “Alligator Vertebrae” shows the contrast of the strong vertebrae, yet fragileappearance, of the animal’s rib cage.In order to represent this fragile ecosystem through architecture, folding planes and skinny fracturedcolumns were used. The ground level of the site, is public and open to the air, except for the entranceswhich lead to the Main (2nd) floor. The enclosed theater area is surrounded with open air terraces roofedwith dramatic falling and folding planes. These create various spaces with different perspectives to the city. Looking towards New River (South - 2nd floor) West elevation
  • 19. Ground floor view towards New River (South)
  • 20. North-West cornerStudent Union Design VII Throughout the whole semester we did 5 different 3rd Iteration iterations of a student union building for FAU. The lot was between a 12 story building (FAU) and a 7 story parking garage. The program for this project was very broad, including retail, dinning, classrooms, offices, a gallery, and even some living areas for the students of the University.
  • 21. Looking up in the main atrium
  • 22. For the 3rd iteration of this project the intention was to create a strong connection between the differentlayers of uses that were required by the program. The structure was designed in order to follow the rigidurban grid present in Fort Lauderdale, but the “box” will be carved out towards the front (East side facesother FAU buildings) so that the internal layers of the building could be revealed.The big atrium, which created the main space of the strucuture, allowed for people to be connected andhave cross-views of all the floors. Therefore, during class time or high traffic hours the building public areaswould come alive with people talking from one floor to another, or just watching the flow of students. Moreprivate terraces, were also provided on the back and sides of the building for activities such as studing. 2nd floor 3rd floor 8th floor 9th floor
  • 23. Looking down into the main atrium
  • 25. Schematic perspective of the breezeway entrance Conceptual East section Conceptual West sectionNew Broward Glavovic Studio Drawings for an art project called FLOW, which is to beCounty Courthouse: incorporated into the new Fort Lauderdale County Courthouse breezeway, were done and developed by Breezeway me. I was also involved in the making of some schematic 3D images. These conceptual images were presented to the city of Fort Lauderdale for revision and approval of the project.
  • 26. Concept art for “FLOW”
  • 27. Diagram of angle study Museum of Glavovic Studio For this project I had a small task, it was to develop aArt Fort Lauderdale: 3D model of the sign, in order to study and find the best angle for the leave. The importance of this angle was Sign because of the shadow that the sign will cast, while at the same time having the letters be legible for the pedestrians. There are currently 3 signs at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale.
  • 28. MoA Ft. Lauderdale sign
  • 29. T-shirt graphics Monochromatic flyerGraphic Design: Grafika Apparel Designed everything for Grafika Apparel. Board Room + Mainly logos for t-shirts were designed for Board Room, a paddle board store. Also some flyers Grafika Apparel were designed to promote the store.
  • 30. Designs for Board Room
  • 31. Business cardDesign for MoA Ft. Lauderdale & Glavovic Studio
  • 33. Perspective Frame messages detail Interlocking detailPlastic Moment 2011 This was a group project which was designed in FAU Charette and presented in 5 days. The idea was to create an intervention on the FAU plaza which used recyclable materials and represented the whole university. Our project won the charette and has been built twice since, once for a fundraiser and once for Artwalk.
  • 34. Photographs of the project’s exhibitions
  • 35. Moving Threshold end Inspiration Moving Color, material, space class The inspiration for this contruct was “dripping paint” (which was myThreshold Construct previous project for the class). The idea was to create a 3D space following the same principle. The “paint”, in this case the strips, start to twist and turn while creating the space to then, at the end stop just as paint on a canvas.
  • 36. Moving Threshold beginning
  • 37. Various slides from a Design IX presentationGraphic Design: Various Projects As students, we were required to design layouts Samples for many presentations. The following are some samples from those presentations which show the ability to express ideas graphically.
  • 38. Chair designed in Rhinoceros for Dynamic Design class
  • 39. Various slides from a Design IX presentation
  • 40. Cover for Design IX final
  • 41. 305.335.0640