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How v is working to engage young people via innovative presentation of research insight.

How v is working to engage young people via innovative presentation of research insight.

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  • 1. Graphs are boring G h b i Voicebox is an open project curating young peoples‘  views and visualising the findings through graphics, g g g g p , animation, robots and more. Going live online on 25th June 2009
  • 2. Inspiration I i ti Data visualisation is increasingly being used as  an effective way of communicating  information online.
  • 3. Our Ambition O A biti To ensure that v is successfully and authentically  To ensure that v is successfully and authentically youth led. To make a hub for youth insight.
  • 4. How do we achieve this? By creating a platform through which we can have regular ‘conversations’ with young  people. l Using opinion polls, surveys and a blog to  Using opinion polls s r e s and a blog to facilitate debate we intend to probe for the  opinions of young people on a range of social  opinions of young people on a range of social issues.
  • 5. How does this help? H d thi h l ? These insights will help v not only speak  h i i h ill h l l k about issues relevant to 16‐25s but provide  programmes that are in tune with these  programmes that are in tune with these issues. As an organization we will be able to highlight  problem areas that need to be addressed.   problem areas that need to be addressed. The insights will give us good reason to speak  p y to policy makers.
  • 6. The Topics Th T i • Labels ( Labels (perceptions of young people) ti f l ) • What do you care about?  (in no more than 250 characters!) ( h h !) • How do young people spend their time? • Places to go – the provision of things to do in local areas • Values • Community y
  • 7. And there’s a robot… A d th ’ b t
  • 8. What s What’s the plan for today? • T di To discuss some of the areas around our  f th d launching theme, Labels • To give you the opportunity to listen in on  some of our discussions with young people some of our discussions with young people • To allow you a chance to direct some of your To allow you a chance to direct some of your  own questions
  • 9. How can you get involved? • Go to and answer the  surveys yourself surveys yourself • Pose questions on the blog and register your  viewpoint, get involved in the debate i i t t i l d i th d b t • Download the data and use it, maybe even  y create your own visualisations • Encourage the young people you encounter to Encourage the young people you encounter to  do the same, let them get their voice heard