Google's Latest Algorithm Changes and How It Can Affect Your Website


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Search Engine giant Google has tweaked its algorithms in a bid to make search results cleaner, more informative and more relevant.

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Google's Latest Algorithm Changes and How It Can Affect Your Website

  1. 1. Googles Latest Algorithm Changes and How It Can Affect Your WebsiteSearch Engine giant Google has tweaked its algorithms in a bid to make search results cleaner, moreinformative and more relevant. The goal for the company has been to penalize websites which are ‘overoptimized’. Codenamed “Panda” this algorithm change will lower the rank of ‘low-quality sites’ and returnhigher-quality sites near the top of the search results. Matt Cutts the brain behind Google claims that thechanges would give internet users the ultimate experience while using the search engine. There havebeen many takes on the changes with some even writing obituary for Search Engine Optimization but thecompany clearly states it is not against ‘white hat SEO’ techniques. Tricksters will likely face the heat ofthe moment while genuine optimization with sail through.What Are The Improvements?•It’s All about Freshness – Fresh content will figure on top of the results pages and the search engineclaims this new trend is likely to affect 35% search results. What this means corporate websites whichdon’t update their content regularly are not likely to meet the cut. You can overcome this problem using ablog and writing regular posts. But make sure that the content is unique or else you won’t be able to drawthe mileage.•Local Results – This is something that most search engines including Google have tried to perfect overthe years. The new system allows it to smartly detect both queries and documents which are local to theuser. So irrelevant page views are likely to come down and you will see much more targeted traffic toyour website.•PageRank Downgraded – Over the years most website optimizers went gaga over PageRank and thiswas touted as a benchmark of quality and popularity of the website. However the latest changes havedowngraded the importance of PageRank. If your website didn’t have a high PageRank and it worried youit is time to relax!•Official Page Detection – Some official websites had to face the heat from SE optimizers and theirwebsite would rank lower than those which copied their content. But the new change will give weightageto the official page. You don’t need to spend your time and effort posting the same content everywhere ina bid to get backlinks. Others who copy your content will drive more traffic to your website.Should You Be Worried?The answer is both ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’. Websites which have relied too much on optimization (read black hattechniques) are likely to see the maximum impact on their websites. The new algorithm change will affectwebsites which have too many keywords on a page; too many backlinks to a site and most importantlyirrelevant content which doesn’t meet user’s expectations are likely to see a sharp decline in theirrankings. So if you haven’t used any unfair means to scale up your rankings you need not be worried plusyou are likely to benefit from more targeted traffic to the website and have a higher conversion rate.About Cartedge:-Cartedge is a leading eCommerce services provider in India offers complete eCommerce web solutionsfor your website.