Vol. No. 44 Issue No. 10, April 2012                                                                   For Private Circula...
Celebrations                    CCC&B        Rtn. Pres. Kersi Hilloo, Rtn. Mehli Cama, Rtn. Robert and           R/Anns Ha...
Celebrations(Left to Right) Rtn. Kishore Jhaveri, Rtn. PP S. B. Anand, and        R/Ann Usha Pandya, R/Ann Cathrin Lenzen ...
ProjectsThe Gardening HavenOn March 7, 2012, the Environment Committee, headedby Rtn. PP Lalit Goculdas, organised a revie...
ProjectsTransforming LivesThe ninth plastic surgery camp was held at the Jalna Mission Hospital betweenFebruary 18 and Mar...
Projects• The single, binding common thread of selfless service          him — who overseesfor someone who just could not ...
Meetings4th Club AssemblyThe periodic meeting of the office bearers of the Club was held on Wednesday,February 22, 2012, a...
MeetingsBiomechanics made simple“Scientific way to remain mobile and pain-free – at any age!”                             ...
MeetingsMiracles in Lonavala"The hills are live with the music of service!" Ms. Shazar Robinson (Centre) with Satish Moon ...
MeetingsNo More a Chook-Chook GadiThe members of the Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town were thrilled with Dr. P.C.Sehgal’s ta...
Rotaract  Dr. Sehgals Wise Counsel                                  A Joint Celebration  When planning a major development...
Tête-à-tête                                           The Legal Eagles                                                You ...
Tête-à-têteas family is concerned, for both of us, family time is         professional contacts, I have made many wonderfu...
Website NewsSpecial Feature  Rotary Online  The Internet is a place where almost everyone is present these days ­ so is th...
Humour NoticesKindly note the change in Moorad Fazalbhoy’s private email ID. His new E-Mail ID ismooradfazalbhoy@gmail.com...
Milestones - AprilROTARY CLUB OF BOMBAY MID-TOWN                                                          Birthdays OF...
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Rotary Club of Midtown Bulletin

  1. 1. Vol. No. 44 Issue No. 10, April 2012 For Private CirculationR. I. President District Governor Club PresidentKalyan Banerjee Vijay Jalan Kersi Hilloo April is Magazine month Presidents Address Dear Fellow Rotarians, The second half of the Blind gave a moving performance during February was made our meeting on February 15, which was memorable by the applauded by all present. visiting doctors from Due to the unstinting efforts of Rtns. Narendra Germany, who came and Gaurav, we are now second in the District to India once again in our contribution to the ISKCON midday to perform plastic meal project, having paid for feeding over surgeries in Jalna. Ten 1,200 children for the year. German doctors and nurses, accompanied Our Matching Grant projects are flourishing by some of our Rotarians, carried out free and are the talk of the District. In spite of surgeries on poor children and burn patients his illness, Rtn. PP Arrow (with the able help in Jalna. Over 150 surgeries were performed of Rtn. Yogesh) continues to manage these during the 10 days of this camp, with the projects efficiently, and has received several doctors working ceaselessly from morning to compliments from our colleagues in India night. Visiting this camp was indeed a moving and abroad. experience for me. I must acknowledge the Our bulletin is going from strength to strength, tremendous contribution made by Rtn. Dr. and I am sure we will receive prizes and B.R. Barwale for this camp, which was jointly accolades from the District for our efforts. carried out with the Rotary Club of Jalna. I Thank you, Nargis, and congratulations to also thank Rtn. Dr. Anil Tibrewala. Without you and your team. the tireless efforts of these two stalwarts, this effort would not have been possible. Thank you all for your continuing support. The children of the Kamla Mehta School for - Kersi Hilloo www.bombaymidtown.org April 2012 I Mid-Town Musings I 1
  2. 2. Celebrations CCC&B Rtn. Pres. Kersi Hilloo, Rtn. Mehli Cama, Rtn. Robert and R/Anns Hansa Kejriwal and Cathrin Lenzen with First Lady R/Ann Cathrin Lenzen Binaifer Hilloo Rtns. Kishore Jhaveri, Kiran Shah, Dr. Varsha Vadera, R/Ann Dr. Sandhya, Rtn. Anand and R/Ann ShivaniRtn. PP Anil Kamath making a point Didwania Rtns. R.C. Sinha and R.P. Anand Rtns. Gaurav Kapadia and Robert LenzenCake cutting ceremony greet each other Rtn. PP Mohan Lalvani with Mrs. Madhu MehraRtn. PP Shalehbai, Rtn. Ashwin Shah and Rtn. PP First Lady Binaifer Hilloo and R/Ann Rajul Shah, Rtn. Prasanna Bhagat andAnil Kamath Rtn. B.D. Kataria Rtn. Suruchi Chand 2 I Mid-Town Musings I April 2012
  3. 3. Celebrations(Left to Right) Rtn. Kishore Jhaveri, Rtn. PP S. B. Anand, and R/Ann Usha Pandya, R/Ann Cathrin Lenzen and First LadyRtns. Ramesh Sinha and Ram Prakash Anand Binaifer Hilloo Rtn. Santosh Kejriwal, Rtn. Pres. Kersi HillooRtns. Ramgopal Mehra and B.D. Kataria R/Anns Urmila Mehra and Elinor Mirza and Rtns. Robert Lenzen and Mehli CamaRtn. Santosh Kejriwal, Rtn. PP Ajit Kamlani and Rtn. PP Rtns. Dr. Varsha Vadera and Kiran ShahMohan Lalvani with R/Ann Usha and Rtn. Yogesh Pandya Rtns. Aditi Choksey and Kiran ShahR/Anns Sonali Jalan and Sapna Punjabi Rtns. Robert Lenzen and Kiran Shah with Rtn. PP S.B. Anand April 2012 I Mid-Town Musings I 3
  4. 4. ProjectsThe Gardening HavenOn March 7, 2012, the Environment Committee, headedby Rtn. PP Lalit Goculdas, organised a review visit to theVictoria Memorial School For Blind at Tardeo, to see theprogress made on the beautification of the garden in thepremises. The members visiting the site were Rtn. Pres.Kersi Hilloo, along with First Lady Binaifer, Rtn. PP AnilKamath, and Rtn. PP Firoze and R/Ann Elinor Mirza.The members went around the school accompanied bythe head teacher and were shown the various plantsblooming with flowers – beautiful and colourful, it wasan artistic view of perfect, natural scenery. A teacher, R/Ann Elinor Mirza, First Lady Binaifer and Rtn. Pres. Kersi Hilloo, Rtn. Dr. Firoz Mirza and Rtn. PP Lalit GoculdasWe have helped the school a lot over the last five years.Rtn. Dr. Kirit Mody also examined the eyes of 50 of thestudents studying in the school. r – Reported by Rtn. PP Lalit Goculdas Students in the schools garden Rtn. Pres. Kersi Hilloo and First Lady Binaifer walking through the garden A teacher explains something to the First Lady, R/Ann Elinor and Rtn. PP Anil Kamath Rtn. PP Lalit Goculdas viewing the plants A view of the beautified garden4 I Mid-Town Musings I April 2012
  5. 5. ProjectsTransforming LivesThe ninth plastic surgery camp was held at the Jalna Mission Hospital betweenFebruary 18 and March 2, 2012.The members of the team from Germany were receivedat the airport and taken to Atithi Hotel, near thedomestic airport, for the night. We reached Jalna on themorning of February 18. Here, we were welcomed bythe Rotarians from Jalna in the traditional Indian style oftika and flower garlands. After breakfast, we went on tothe Jalna Mission Hospital, where a brief but mandatoryopening ceremony was held. In his speech, team leaderDr. Schlosser stated that the main attraction of returningto Jalna was that the camp was getting more efficient.Thus, more people were able to benefit from it.Screening of patients for surgery started immediatelyafter the inaugural function. The teams separated into thecleft lip and palate teams (headed by Dr. Jihan Mohasseband Dr. Gerhard Schlosser) and the reconstructivesurgery team (headed by Dr. Fons van der Hoofd and Dr.Detlef Cramer), and the work began! Over 300 patientswere screened, so that about 125 could be selected forsurgery. These were patients who had already beenscreened by the Rotarians from Jalna — including Rtn.Dr. Christopher Moses, Medical Superintendent, JalnaMission Hospital — and had been specifically selectedfor the camp. The selection was based purely on theneed for surgery, and the feasibility of performingthese operations, given our circumstances. Patientswho had been operated upon in the past few years alsocame for follow-ups and to meet us and express theirgratitude. I had personally sent 4-5 patients from 100 patients were operated, and over 130 proceduresMumbai to this camp, as they were unable to afford were performed on them.treatment in Mumbai. The beauty of this work is manifold:Both teams made operative schedules for the entire • The joining of hands from diverse parts of the world.duration of the camp. As a matter of fact, the surpluspatients’ addresses were noted down, so that they can • The understanding and friendship that it is helping tobe informed about the next camp by post. More than bring about. April 2012 I Mid-Town Musings I 5
  6. 6. Projects• The single, binding common thread of selfless service him — who overseesfor someone who just could not afford it. the running of the camp and much more, long• The treatment is done compassionately (the German after we have all left,team actually gets soft toys for the children who come deserves a very specialfor surgery!). mention.• Surgically, complex, state-of-the-art procedures are I needn’t add that thebeing done by experts, purely for charity. deep interest taken by our very own Rtn. Dr. B.D. Barwale smoothens out all I must vociferously the bumps in the ride. Starting from clearing the team in laud the role of the Customs, to arranging their tickets and generally being members of the there at every step of the way to financially support Rotary Club of Jalna, the camp when it is teetering – a big thank you, Sir! including seniors A very special mention must also be made of Ms. Aban like Mundhraji and Kapadia from Dr. Barwale’s office, who works behind the Sharmaji, who spare scenes quietly and patiently, making sure that all the no effort to make organisation is completely seamless. Thanks, Aban! All this camp a success. in all, another wonderful year! r Dr. Moses — or Christo, as we call – Rtn. Dr. Anil TibrewalaHealth first The womenfolk from the village line up for lunch Rtn. Kishore Sharma helping in lunch distributionThe Club’s fourth agriculture, health and hygiene shivar the Centre. Thereafter, individuals’ questions about theirwas held on February 8, 2012, at the Ramakrishna Mission particular problems were answered.Rural Health and Welfare (RMRHW) Centre, Sakwar. Besides this, the doctors and staff of RMRHW also gaveAbout 180 participants from Mokhada, Javahar, Palghar, instructions on sanitation and preventive healthcare. TheWada, Shahpur and Vasai talukas attended the shivar. next shivar was scheduled for March 28, 2012. rField training on subjects such as harvesting vegetables,dairy upkeep, biogas plant upkeep and organic fertiliser – Text and Photos by Rtn. Kishore Sharma,production was imparted by specialists in each field at Chairman, Sakwar Adivasi Area Development Committee6 I Mid-Town Musings I April 2012
  7. 7. Meetings4th Club AssemblyThe periodic meeting of the office bearers of the Club was held on Wednesday,February 22, 2012, at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. Here’s a report.The Club Assembly was chaired by Asst. District GovernorGul Kripalani. All the major committee directors werepresent and many of the committee chairmen reported inperson on their activities. The one person who was unableto attend due to health reasons, was the indefatigableRtn. PP Arrow, who has overseen the Club’s major thrustin water harvesting and rural upliftment programmes.Everyone wished him a speedy recovery.Asst. DG Gul Kriplani was extremely pleased with theefforts of the Club in a wide variety of service-orientedprojects, and praised Rtn. Pres. Kersi Hilloo and histeam. This was in reference to the Club as one of thenavratnas of the District. (Left to Right) Asst. DG Gul Kripalani, Rtn. Pres. Kersi Hilloo and Coussnet Octava from BrusselsOne area which needs to improve is attendance – aproblem apparently shared by many clubs!To end, Rtn. Pres. Kersi thanked the directors andchairmen for their continued support. rDate: Wednesday, February 22, 2012Subject: 4th Club Assembly – Reported by Rtn. Nargis Wadia The 4th Club Assembly in session (Left to Right) Rtn. PP Tilak Raj Mehta, Rtn. Kishore Sharma,Rtn. Dr. Deepak Garg making a point Rtn. PP S.B. Anand, Rtn. PP Lalit Goculdas April 2012 I Mid-Town Musings I 7
  8. 8. MeetingsBiomechanics made simple“Scientific way to remain mobile and pain-free – at any age!” treatments of several problems. “Do you experience lower back or foot pain, or even impaired mobility without being sure of the cause?” she asked. She then proceeded to explain, in detail, various problems caused by a faulty posture and walking habits. She stressed the need for a balanced posture, likening it to the importance of ensuring the strength of a building’s foundation. Dr. Sanover described the various Orthofit products – these are used in the treatment of knee joints, for relief to the feet and, most importantly, diabetic numbness in the soles of the feet. This last condition, if not treated correctly and on time, can lead to gangrene and even amputation of the feet. Speaker Chaitanya Shah Correct evaluation of the cause of the problems is the most important step in finding a permanent solution. Usually,Chaitanya Shah, an Engineering graduate from North the treatment suggested is only of a temporary nature,Carolina State University, USA, made a presentation since the actual cause is not addressed. This causes afor the Bombay Mid-Towners about Biomechanics – the recurrence after a few weeks or months. Orthofit clinicsscience of movement of a human body. He explained how conduct a thorough examination of a patient for aboutmuscles, bones, tendons and ligaments work together 45 minutes to find out the cause, before prescribing ato produce movement. Faulty biomechanics can lead treatment. Mr. Shah suggested that it is best not to carryto poor posture, muscle tightness and misalignment, on with the injury or disability but to find its root cause.causing severe pain and reduced mobility. Orthofit’s mission is to enhance the physical performance of the individual, at any age! rChaitanya Shah currently operates Orthofit, representingcompanies of international repute in the health industry, Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2012to market their clinical products in India. A unique Speaker: Mr. Chaitanya Shahbusiness model has been developed on the principles of Subject: Biomechanicsworking with a network of medical practitioners who will Introduced by: Rtn. Dr. Deepak Gargdispense the appropriate products only after conducting Vote of thanks: Rtn. Suruchi Chanda thorough evaluation and educating the customers.Orthofit remains committed to providing dedicated – Reported by Rtn. Nargis Wadiacustomer service. It represents the following companiesin India:(1) McDavid Knee Guard Inc., USA, for orthopaedicbraces and supports.(2) Vasyli Int’l, Australia/USA, for prefabricated custom-molded orthotic insoles and ready-to-wear footwear.(3) Dr. Comfort, USA, for diabetic and complicated feet.(4) Otto Bock, Germany, for marketing orthopaedic andrehabilitation products (Western Zone).Mr. Shah’s colleague, physiotherapist Tejal Sanover, Dr. Tejal Sanover made a powerpoint presentationmade a powerpoint presentation on the causes and8 I Mid-Town Musings I April 2012
  9. 9. MeetingsMiracles in Lonavala"The hills are live with the music of service!" Ms. Shazar Robinson (Centre) with Satish Moon and a guest Ms. Robinson speaks about Strong Village and other projectsIn the hills of Lonavala, there is a planned miracle taking rudimentary education. There were no communityplace in the lives of several homeless and destitute activities and social values. In a nutshell, the childrenchildren who roam the streets by day, and seek shelter lacked ‘role models’ and had no one to guide them.at the railway stations by night. These kids, several ofwhom are addicted to drugs, alcohol and tobacco, are To provide role models for the kids, Satish involved 30being nurtured back into the world of love and caring volunteers and a karate expert to teach them the art.by two Samaritans – Satish and Yogita Moon. The volunteers were also trained in nurturing skills. Today, all of them are helping to build and set up theSome call it a mission, some a commitment or a passion. new home for these homeless children.For Satish and Yogita Moon, the Strong Village project issimply their life’s work. All their efforts are focused on The Moons started an educational project calledthe 86 children whom they care for (incuding two of their ‘Shikshan Gram Shelter for Homeless Children’ in a shed.own). The Moons themselves grew up in an orphanage. Thereafter, the Lonavala Lion’s Club donated a piece of land for expanding the activity and now a new buildingTo speak about their project, the Club had invited Ms. houses the Strong Village project. The new building willShazar Robinson, an Australian lady, who has devoted also house a library. Ms. Robinson has been speaking tothe last six months of her time to the project. several Rotary Clubs about the Strong Village project and she appealed to Mid-Town for help.Amongst many other projects, Mrs. Robinson is workingtoward aforestation in the area, as well as educational Satish answered the question about the future of theprogrammes about caring for Mother Earth. She has a children. He stressed that if the present is taken care of,background in healthcare, counselling, public speaking, the future is bound to be good. rweb design and marketing. Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2012“A conservative estimate of homeless children by Speakers: Ms. Shazar Robinson, Mr. Satish andUNICEF stands at a staggering 11 million!” said Ms. Mrs. Yogita MoonRobinson. To find out the root cause of why so many Subject: Strong Village projectchildren drift away from their homes and communities, Introduced by: Rtn. Ashwin Shaha study of three villages around Pune was done, and the Vote of Thanks: Rtn. Manoj Jalancauses identified. Most had dysfunctional families wherethe parents were alcoholics, jobless and/or lacking in – Reported by Rtn. Nargis Wadia April 2012 I Mid-Town Musings I 9
  10. 10. MeetingsNo More a Chook-Chook GadiThe members of the Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town were thrilled with Dr. P.C.Sehgal’s talk on the topic of the modernisation of Mumbai’s railway system. The Speaker, Dr. P.C. Seghal Dr. P.C. Seghal and Rtn. PP S.B. AnandThe Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town was privileged London. Unfortunately, in 1964, the tram service wasenough to be witness to an illuminating presentation stopped as trams were seen to be ‘choking’ the roads.on this crucial service, which is truly the life sustaining In most developed cities of over a million, there are atsystem of our metropolis. Dr. P.C. Sehgal, the recently least four transport systems, including metros.retired CEO and MD of the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation,made a comprehensive audiovisual presentation which • In the ‘20s, railway lines ran right up to Colaba, butcovered the early years of the Railways from the British later they were restricted to Churchgate.era to current times. • The two railway systems run north-south only, andHaving joined the Railways in 1974, Dr. Sehgal’s vast there is no east-west connectivity, causing hardships forknowledge and familiarity with the service helped him the commuters.describe the enormous hurdles a public utility faces incoping with the problem of the unbridled growth of the • The Railways are a highly subsidised service – thecity’s population. He also spoke about the consequent charges are as low as $1 for 500km. The resulting losspressure on its utilities, compounded by a lack of urban of profit is taken care of by the government.planning, which is skewed to the needs of the elite. • In 1940, the load factor was one person sitting : twoDr. Sehgal rued the fact that although 60-70 per standing. Today, the ratio is 1:16!cent of the population cannot afford personalvehicles and depends upon public transport, judiciousinvestments in the latter are lacking and investmentsin projects such as flyovers and the sea-link arefavoured – which only results in increased congestion incentral and south Mumbai!Here are a few observations from Dr. Sehgal’spresentation which was replete with facts and figures:• In 1925, there were trams and two railway companies –the Bombay, Baroda, and Central India (BB&CI) Railwayand the Great Indian Peninsula (GPI) Railway. Later, The audience pays attention as Dr. Sehgal delivers his talkthe British introduced buses identical to those plying in10 I Mid-Town Musings I April 2012
  11. 11. Rotaract Dr. Sehgals Wise Counsel A Joint Celebration When planning a major development project, ensure that it is: • Socially sustainable The Rotaract Club of Lala Lajpat Rai College of Commerce • Customer-wise sustainable & Economics successfully undertook a seminar and • Energy-wise sustainable a joint meeting with the Interact Club of Walsingham • Politically sustainable House School and its parent, Rotary Club of Bombay • Environmentally sustainable and Mid-Town, on March 17, 2012, at Lalas College. The • Financially sustainable seminar was held in the celebration of World Rotaract Week. It was a one-of-a-kind meeting, as all the Dr. Sehgal has authored books on management three partners were present for the same – Rotarians, and has also written several articles. Interactors and Rotaractors. Rtn. PP Anil Ambo of Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-TownThis kind of overloading results in accidents and deaths. was the main speaker. He spoke to the InteractorsIn the Kargil war, we lost about 3,000 jawans. In our and Rotaractors on the important topic of ‘Personalitytrains, we lose 3,000 commuters annually! Development’, and made a presentation on the roles of the members of Rotaract and Interact.The lack of modernisation over the past three decadeshas been due to the lack of finance/investment, even Rtn. PP Anil Ambo spoke on the topic of Personalitythough the city’s tax collection from stamp fees is Development for 45 minutes. He also shared his personalR11,000 crores. Builders charge premium rates on life experiences with the Interactors and Rotaractors.properties, proportional to their proximity to the railway Interactor Vidhi, the President of the Interact Clubstations. “Why can’t they be made to contribute to the of Walsingham House School, said, “This was a greatdevelopment of the railways?” asked Dr. Sehgal. morning, and this session will help a lot.”The modernisation was only possible thanks to the Rtn. Kiran Shah, the RCC, was also present at thefunding and involvement of the World Bank. The Railway meeting and was witness to this extraordinary meeting.Vikas Corporation was set up with the central and state Rtr. Neha Kayal, the District Chairman, T.R.S, andgovernments, with 50 per cent shares being held by Secretary Designate for the year 2011-2012, madeeach. The study took 17 years to complete and several a presentation about the origin of the Interact andforeign consultants were involved in the project. Rotaract movements.It was hoped that funding could be raised from selling The interaction between the three arms of the Rotarysurplus land belonging to the Railways, but that was movement was truly inspiring. It was a session whichnot possible, and neither was the hope of increasing the gave guidelines for the future and had a positive effectcost of tickets. Both of these things have resulted in a on all of us. We are thankful to the Rotaractors of Lala’srevenue shortfall of R5,000 crores. College, who invited us for such an amazing session. rIn order to expand the service, additional land is – Reported by Rtr. Mudassir Mozawala, Vice President &required to enable the laying down of extra tracks. Entrepreneurship Director, RC Lalas, and Vidhi Vaghela,However, slums have heavily encroached upon railway President Interact Club, Walsingham House Schoolland and to release these, the Railways undertook theenormous task of constructing new housing for about15,000 families! The task of convincing the people who Congratulationslived in unhealthy shanties to move to their new homes, Rtn. PP Anil Kamath has beenwas only successful thanks to the involvement of NGOs. appointed by the DGE Dr. Bal InamdarIt’s heartwarming to hear the stories of the people who as the District Jointreceived this boon – as to how their dismal lives have Secretary for Projectbeen changed for the better. r 11, which includes the Rotary Club of BombayDate: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Mid-Town and 10 otherSubject: Rail Vikas Talk by Dr. P.C. Sehgal clubs. Congratulations to him! – Reported by Rtn. Nargis Wadia April 2012 I Mid-Town Musings I 11
  12. 12. Tête-à-tête The Legal Eagles You don’t want to cross this couple! Nainu and Shaunak Thacker are both high-powered lawyers, and eminent members of their field. With great difficulty, I was able to get an interview with them, and was rewarded with some fascinating answers. Nainu and Shaunak on a holiday in Egypt Family time for the ThackersTell us about your early years. Did your parents In hindsight, I feel that Shaunak saw a potential naginfluence your career path? in me and decided that it was the best way to keep meShaunak: I grew up in a family of lawyers. My grandfather busy and out of his way!was one of the four magistrates of Bombay Presidencyduring the British Raj. My father was a solicitor and Tell us about your profession.senior-most partner of Mulla & Mulla & Craigie Blunt S: After taking my Solicitor’s exam, I switched to& Caroe. While I was still in school, my elder brother counsel practice in the Bombay High Court. My workwas studying Law. Often, I used to overhear discussions involves drafting and appearing in litigations in ourbetween him and my father on the topic. Growing up High Court, Supreme Court and various tribunals,in this environment, I had little difficulty deciding what including commercial arbitrations. My field of practice iscareer to pursue. After I took the Solicitor’s exam, I Commercial and Business Laws (such as Corporate Laws,switched to the Bar. Admiralty, Trademark and Copyright Laws); Construction Laws; Environment Laws and Electricity Laws. The LegalNainu: Although my father is a lawyer and an income tax profession is very competitive and very exciting.consultant, it was Shaunak who insisted that I completemy studies and take up legal practice thereafter. I was N: I have joined a law firm called DSA and mainlystudying Law and Design when we got married and, with practice Property Law.the birth of both my children shortly after our marriage,my studies got disrupted. Shaunak, however, encouraged How do you and Nainu juggle your professionalme to complete both my courses. This took several lives with family time?years; I finished studying Law when my children were S: We try and plan our appointments in advance. Ourgiving their 10th and 12th standard exams respectively. place of work and fields of practice are different. As far12 I Mid-Town Musings I April 2012
  13. 13. Tête-à-têteas family is concerned, for both of us, family time is professional contacts, I have made many wonderfulcompletely sacrosanct. friends and have met people from so many different walks of life, whom I wouldnt have met otherwise.As parents, what is your philosophy on the issue ofraising children? India is not a litigious society by the standards ofS: Francis Bacon once said, “He that gives good advice, the US. Is that good or bad?builds with one hand; he that gives good counsel and S: It is a good sign if it reflects tolerance, patience andexample, builds with both.” We believe in giving our alternative dispute resolution systems. However, if thischildren a good education, proper values, exposure to means that people do not know their civil rights, or theythe world and timely counsel. Thereafter, they can soar do not stand up for themselves and other weaker sectionshigh in the sky in the direction they choose. or when things are going wrong in our society, then such ignorance or apathy is extremely unfortunate andHow did you meet Nainu? reflects a social problem which needs to be addressed.S: That was a long, long time ago! Even before we met, If the affected people are avoiding legal action due toNainu followed me everywhere! She was born in the indefinite delays in getting results or the exorbitant costs involved for the same, then it is an even more serious problem which needs to be addressed urgently. What changes are required in the legal system to make it more streamlined and time sensitive? S: Society cannot exist without law and order. But what we need is stricter implementation of existing laws, rather than having new laws. We all know that when the state is more corrupt, the laws are most multiplied. ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’. The way to get a speedier disposal of litigations is by increasing the number of judges at all levels of our judiciary. We need more judicial manpower to do the work that is required to clear the huge backlog of litigation, and deliver speedy justice. Courts should think of introducing some deterrents such as levying penal adjournment costs. Nainu and Shaunak share a laugh Are you a pessimist or an optimist?same hospital as I. She went to the same colleges too S: I am an optimist. When there is hope, there is a(Sydenham College and Government law College) and it possibility of success. But I do plan for many eventualitiesseemed like Providence had decided my fate. and I prepare for the worst in any matter.If you were not in this profession, what would you Do you have faith in God or something else?have wanted to do? S: I do not like to personify God. I believe there is aS: I enjoy photography, so maybe I would have been a supernatural force that has created us and our sense ofwildlife photographer. perceptions of this world and life. I have faith in this life force and I believe it loves us and that is why it gives us aDo you feel that life is a rat race? If so, what can new day every morning filled with so many opportunitiesone do about it? and challenges, and makes it worth living!S: I guess life can be a rat race if you look at it that wayand play like a rat. Ever wondered how an eagle looks at Is life complicated, or do we make it so?the world and at life? S: I think life is simple if we decide to live truthfully and simply. The choice is entirely ours.How do you relax and unwind?S: I stay out of Nainu’s way! And I play tennis, go for Let’s end with your philosophy on life.long walks, listen to music, read, etc. S: The art of life is to deal with problems as they arise, rather than destroy one’s spirit by worrying about themHow has Rotary affected your life? too far in advance. rS: It has opened a great new window to the worldand thrown up many opportunities. Besides building – Interviewed by Manika Krishnamurti April 2012 I Mid-Town Musings I 13
  14. 14. Website NewsSpecial Feature Rotary Online The Internet is a place where almost everyone is present these days ­ so is the Rotary – Club of Bombay Mid-Town. Rtn. Pres. Kersi Hilloo explains our Clubs online presence. You will be glad to know that our Rotary Club of • Attract new, like-minded and committed members Bombay Mid-Town has a website, which is operational (popularising our Facebook page, liking and and regularly updated. Apart from the website, we sharing content on Facebook, mailing Mid-Town Musings have a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and our own PDFs, etc.). domain-related email. • Increase interaction and camaraderie among Rotarians We are also publishing Mid-Town Musings in PDF (Adobe (wishing fellow Rotarians on their birthdays and Acrobat) format, which will enable you to share the same anniversaries etc.). with your family, friends and associates. The electronic copy will be in addition to  the usual printed copy that • Give wider coverage to our activities and projects (more you receive. Over a period of time, we are also building photographs and video recordings will help in content an online archive of Mid-Town Musings that is easily for the website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and accessible. This can be found at: Mid-Town Musings). Exemplary social work, which is documented and recorded well, has a good chance of http://www.bombaymidtown.in/ going viral on the Internet and getting us more funding for projects. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rotary-Club- of-Bombay-Mid-Town/150717345020704 While attendance at our weekly meetings is absolutely essential, we could explore the possibility of video http://www.youtube.com/bombaymidtown recording some of the more interesting talks to be put up on the YouTube channel. Those who missed attending An Internet presence is required for most organisations a meeting could, thus, have a chance to catch up. (whether social, government or commercial) in the current scenario. However, the real benefit from this Screenshots of our website and Facebook page are given presence will be reaped when our Club uses the power below for your reference: of the Internet to effectively: Yours in Rotary, Kersi Hilloo 14 I Mid-Town Musings I April 2012
  15. 15. Humour NoticesKindly note the change in Moorad Fazalbhoy’s private email ID. His new E-Mail ID ismooradfazalbhoy@gmail.com. The old ID, mfazalbhoy@hotmail.com, is now defunct. He can also becontacted at the office E-Mail ID, which is mail@comelindia.com. April 2012 I Mid-Town Musings I 15
  16. 16. Milestones - AprilROTARY CLUB OF BOMBAY MID-TOWN  Birthdays OFFICE BEARERS 2011-12President : Kersi HillooImm. Past President : Bipin JainVice President and Pres. Elect : R.P. AnandHon. Secretary : James BrunnerJt. Hon. Secretary : Manoj JalanHon. Treasurer : Mehli R. Cama 1 APRIL 7 APRIL 9 APRILSergeant at Arms : Munna Mitha Hector Mehta Prasanna Bhagat Arun JatiaDIRECTORSGaurav Kapadia, Robert Lenzen, Anil Ambo, JamsheedPatel, Piyush Khaitan, Yogesh Pandya and Nirbhay JainINVITEES TO BOARD MEETINGS 2011-12PP Dr. F.D. Mirza, PP Arrow Sinha Roy,PP M.R. Currawalla, PP Mohan Lalvani 14 APRIL 21 APRIL 24 APRIL Dr. Inge krueger Manoj Jalan Lalit GoculdasDirectors In charge and Committee ChairmenMEMBERSHIP – Dir. Gaurav KapadiaClassification : PP Yog Shankardas AprilMembership : Naren Mohatta  Wedding Anniversary Membership Development : Ashwin ShahRotary Information : PP S.B. Anand 08 Nazneen & Jamsheed Patel 07 Dinesh Vadera 13 Daisy & Hector Mehta 09 Sudha Arun MehtaCLUB ADMINISTRATION – Dir. Robert Lenzen 26 Suman & B.S. Kumar 09 Indira James BrunnerProgrammes : Mahesh Krishnamurthy 26 Shoba & Gopal Motwane 13 Rupande Bharat ParekhFellowships Activities : PP Mohan Lalvani 29 Saroj & Ravi Prakash 13 Shakuntala Narendra ShettyFinance : PP Vishnu Haribhakti 30 Kusum & Kishor Jhaveri 14 Nina Om MehraAttendance : Munna Mitha 30 Nirmal & R.P. Anand 15 Uttara Ajoy BhandareBye Laws : PP Anil Kamath 30 Pushpa & Ratan Sanghi 16 Nainu Shaunak Thacker 18 Anjana Kirit ModyPUBLIC RELATIONS – Dir. Anil Ambo  Spouses Birthdays  18 Rajul Ashwin ShahPublic Relations : Kishor Jhaveri 02 Neeta Rohit Patel 18 Saloni Ashok Sharma4 Way Test : Manoj Jalan 06 Radha Lalit Goculdas 23 Asha Amulya SinghFinancial Opportunity Forum : Parag ParikhIntouch : PP Tilak MehtaBulletin/ Magazine : Nargis Wadia  EVENTS IN APRIL Scholarships and Awards : PP Bhushan Anand Edited and published for Rotary Club 1 Sunday National Polio Immunisation Day of Bombay Mid-Town, Navjivan IIISERVICE PROJECTS – Dir. Jamsheed Patel Commercial Society Premises Ltd, 4 Wednesday CCC&B Fellowship -Sakwar Adivasi Area Wodehouse Gym at 7.00 p.m. 10th Floor, Room No.10(R),Development : Kishore Sharma Lamington Road, Mumbai - 400 008. 11 Wednesday Speaker: To be announcedNere Village and Eye Care : Nirbhay Jain • Tel: 022 2307 6265; 18 Wednesday Speaker: 2.30 p.m - 10thChild Welfare : Naren Mohatta Tel/ Fax: 022 2308 2279 BOD Meeting atMedical Interpast : Dr Anil Tibrewalla Taj Mahal Hotel • Mobile: +91 98336 85849;Career Guidance : Krishan Khanna • Email: bbyMid-Town@vsnl.net 25 Wednesday Speaker: To be announcedSenior Citizens Welfare : Kishore Jhaveri Designed and PrintedEnvironment : PP Lalit Gokuldas at Spenta Multimedia, CongratulationsPolio and Care of Handicapped : Gaurav Kapadia Editorial: Rashida S. ArsiwalaInteract : Jamshed Patel Design: Payal SumayaRotaract : Kiran Shah Peninsula Spenta,Innerwheel : PP Mohan Lalvani Kudos to Rtn. PP Ajay Gupta from the Rotary Club of Bombay Pier, Mathuradas Mill Compound,Sports : James Brunner on being elected as the District Senapati Bapat Marg,International Family Exchange Governor Nominee for the Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013.and Tours : Santosh Kejriwal RY 2014-2015 at theInternational Projects : PP Arrow Sinha Roy recently concluded District 3140 Conference, which Page coordinated by Allan ChenyenTHE ROTARY FOUNDATION – Dir. Piyush Khaitan was held in Mumbai. The paper for the MUSINGSFunds Raising : Mehli R. Cama is donated by Rtn. Bimal ShroffDistrict Meets : PP Navin Shah Please send your articles and news for for which the Club isRotary Foundation : Vicky Punjabi Musings to Nargis Wadia or Allan Chenyen extremely grateful. preferably by the 16th of every month.