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Narayan murthy on ndtv

  1. 1. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comFull transcript: Narayana Murthy speaks on NDTVs YourCall New Delhi: Speaking on the Indian economy on NDTVs Your Call, founder chairman and chief mentor of Infosys, NR Narayana Murthy, says that he feels UPA 2 has failed in taking any major economic decision since it came back to power. The main reason, Mr Murthy says, is the lack of clear leadership and quick decision-making, with two people being in charge - Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime MinisterManmohan Singh.Heres the full transcript of the interview:NDTV: Your Call. Its the only show on Indian television where you, the viewer, can askyour questions directly to our newsmaker of the week. Tonight, a man who is one of themost respected business leaders of the country, Mr NR Narayana Murthy, joins us. Thankyou so much Sir for coming in.Narayana Murthy: Pleasure.NDTV: Lets just look first at the highlights of your life and career. Mr. Narayan Murthy,as an Indian and as someone who is very concerned about the state of the country, whatare your views on the current environment that we are in, the current mood of pessimism?Narayana Murthy: Well, I think this too will pass. After all, every economy goesthrough business cycles. Therefore, I dont think we should get too much worried.However, having said that, it is very very important that we take quick action, we speedup in areas where we have not done and we reduce corruption. We bring in the secondslew of reforms which, which will in fact accelerate our economic growth. Therefore weshouldnt be despondent, we shouldnt be pessimistic, but take quick action.NDTV: You have just said sir, at the Vikram Sarabhai Memorial lecture that in fact ifthere hadnt been corruption, our GDP wouldve been much higher, it couldve been indouble figures. Why do you think that?Narayana Murthy: Well the economists have made a study and they have said that acountry suffers from anywhere between 0.5% to 1.5% in GDP growth rate because ofcorruption. And given that we have been anywhere between 8 and 8.5%, if we hadPursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  2. 2. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comcontained corruption in a serious way then we could have reached the double figures.NDTV: Yet we have an economist Prime Minister. A man who you yourself have saidyou have known personally, to be honest, and I think thats a view held all over India.Why do you think the government seems to have slowed, or perhaps lacks in respondingto this then?Narayana Murthy: Well, you know we have a culture of taking slow decisions, we havea culture of dithering. This is not just at Delhi, it happens in every state. It happens incorporations, it happens in educational institutions. Therefore the need of the day is forall of us to realise that nothing is gained by dithering. Nothing is gained by postponingdecisions. You have to take decisions quickly, no matter that they appear unpalatable inthe short term.NDTV: But you see, that is the UPA government, or the governments crisis, now thatthere apparently is a paralysis in the administration.Narayana Murthy: Well, if I look at the facts and data then it is true that we havent had,or you know, taken any decisions ever since this government came back in power in2009. Which means it is already two years and about three months old. So, to that extent Ithink we should all be concerned.NDTV: Did that disappoint, did that disappoint you? I mean, you are of course a personalfriend of the Prime Minister. Well, what would you tell him today?Narayana Murthy: You know, I mean, I understand that he leads a coalition. Iunderstand that, that we have two leaders in, in the whole set-up. There is a leader of theparty, there is a leader of the government. So all these things do slow down the decisionmaking; but I think thats precisely why the reason that the Prime Minister must, in fact,take acute note of that and perhaps accelerate decisions. My request would be, to him,would be to take quicker decisions.NDTV: So are you saying that you dont think this UPA experiment actually works, ofhaving two people in charge?Narayana Murthy: Well, the reality is that somehow it has not been able to takedecisions in the last two years and three months. Thats the reality, I mean its not mystatement, it is based on data and facts.NDTV: Whats interesting of course, that I know at Infosys you have enforced thisrigidly, is that everyone has a retirement age, including you yourself. Do you think weneed that in politics today? I mean we have had the Home Minister come on the showand say that, you know, politicians need to retire after 60, but weve seen increasinglyPursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  3. 3. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comthat our most powerful politicians are well over their sixties?Narayana Murthy: Well, you know the reality is simply this, that in a developingcountry like India, has to do a lot of things in double quick time. Therefore people willhave to work from morning to late night, and that requires that you have lots of energy.And if you want lots of energy, if you want new ideas, if you want a lot of enthusiasm,then it is generally agreed that all over the world, its not me who is making thatstatement, data says that younger people would be better doing this. Therefore I think itsa good idea to have politicians retire at 60, when you have bureaucrats retiring at 60.NDTV: Right. Thats an interesting point of view Sir, and frank as always. Your Call isabout people asking you questions form different walks of life, and tonight I have asenior CPI-M politician who wanted to ask you something. We have Mohammed Salim.Lets just hear what Mr Salim has to say.Mohammad Salim: Mr Narayana Murthy, recently you had visited Gujarat. Gujarat is avery enterprising state. You met the Chief Minister also there. You know since 2002there is a big debate about this genocide, and communal programme and then theviolence that took place, the role of the government, the role of the Chief Minister, therole of the top cops, in dealing with the situation that arose during the communal violenceand genocide, now is being looking into by the Special Investigation Team, the SupremeCourt and a host of agencies. But what is your take on this? The last one decade I dontthink that, never you have been drawn to such controversies and you have steered clear ofall such things. But as a senior citizen, as a role model, as a universally acceptedpersonality, whats your view on such things?Narayana Murthy: Well lets remember that I was at Ahmedabad, for delivering theconvocation at Ahmedabad University. I was delivering the Vikram Sarabhai lecture.Therefore, when the first citizen of the state invites me, it is my responsibility to showcourtesy. Of course I went. And after all what was requested of me, was to be an advisorto an incubation centre, where children of all religions, of all castes, of all classes, werecoming together to become entrepreneurs. And therefore, if I were to add value to that itwould have children of all religions, all castes, all classes, etc. So, I dont see anythingwrong in trying to help the children of Gujarat. Because I have as much love for thechildren of Gujarat, youngsters of Gujarat, as I have for Karnataka, as I have for Delhi.NDTV: So, its not an endorsement for Narendra Modis politics?Narayana Murthy: I, I you know as I said, I am not in politics, I dont go into thoseissues and therefore I think it is my responsibility to add value in my own little sphere,and that is what I am doing.NDTV: Thats a very interesting point really because that is a different form of nationalPursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  4. 4. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comservice, in a way creating jobs.Narayana Murthy: Absolutely.NDTV: But in Karnataka, however, of course the controversy is that IT giants likeyourself arent giving those jobs to local people. They were asking for something like areservation system as it were, in various states. Why do you think that doesnt work?Narayana Murthy: Well, the reality in our business is that no matter how hard you try,at best 65% of the jobs will go to local people. We have looked at it at Chennai, in TamilNadu, we have looked at it in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, we have looked at it inOrissa, Kerala, wherever we operate, Andhra Pradesh, etc. Because this industry is allabout talent, and unfortunately you dont get enough talent from one state, therefore youhave to be open to welcome talent from other states. And after all, this is India, we havelured citizens to move from one state to another.NDTV: Of course.Narayana Murthy: I mean, you know, I was born in Karnataka, I studied in UttarPradesh, Kanpur, I went and worked in Gujarat, Ahmedabad. I mean unless theconstitution prevents me from going from one state to another, we should not discourageyoungsters to seek opportunities. Therefore, it is the responsibility of companies toembrace meritocracy and give opportunity to people from all states.NDTV: And of course we see that globally, where Indian are all over the world, onlybecause they are being allowed there despite recent rules perhaps. Lets just go across tosomebody who has cited the Infosys model globally - Thoman Friedman joins us on thephone line to ask you a question. Lets just go ahead and hear what Mr Freidman has tosay. Go ahead, sir.Thomas Freidman: Yes, my question is, has the world gotten even flatter? And whatwill that mean for India, what kind of opportunities and what kind of challenges will thatpose for India?NDTV: Its interesting, the world gotten even flatter despite President Obama and hispolicies. Mr Narayana Murthy?Narayana Murthy: Well in some dimensions world has gotten flatter, but in certainother dimensions world is not as flat as we all want it to be. And what is in India, in aflatter world? It is all about opportunities, it is all about jobs, it is about the ability tocontribute to the global welfare, it is about solving the problem of poverty, it is aboutbetter recognition for India, it is about better opportunities for our young people, it isabout many nations coming together, working together, collaborating. So I think its allPursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  5. 5. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comabout peace, harmony and prosperity.NDTV: Mr Freidman if I may ask you a question. Sir, as somebody who analyses trendsglobally, what is your view on the current corruption issues or the government issues thatIndia is facing at the moment?Thomas Freidman: Honestly, they havent been reported very much in America. Youknow, to be honest, weve got our own corruption scandals to be worried about. And rightnow, so Murdoch seems to have a monopoly on that. So, the answer is no. I mean I cantsay it yet, but maybe because we arent following India close enough, I dont mean todiminish their importance, but I know because theyre very important in India, but theyhavent been reported much in my country.NDTV: Whats interesting Sir, is that we are also celebrating 20 years of Indian reformsand I think you of course have lived through that period. But I think many people todaydont realise when we talk about corruption and what that system is, what that system waslike 20 years ago. Could you perhaps tell us the biggest change you have seen now, andwe are debating corruption, but what was it like 20 years ago, when you had to waitmonths to get clearances or had to pay? The only choice was pay a bribe or have to waitto not get it.Narayana Murthy: Well, you know, for us, those days, it took us about 50 visits toDelhi and about three years to get a licence to import a computer of about $50,000.Second, every month, every month without exception, I had to wait in the corridors of theReserve Bank of India to send maintenance memos to my own colleagues, Nandan andothers who were in the United States doing an important project. Those days you had tocome to Delhi and spend perhaps a year or two to get approval from the Controller ofCapital Issues to issue your, to have your IPU at almost no premium at all. And youknow, we waited for about two years to get a telephone connection in Bangalore.NDTV: So India, Sir, when you look back at those 20 years, I mean you are not apessimist, you do feel that India has come a long way, that India has changed so muchthat we shouldnt write it off at this moment?Narayana Murthy: Oh India has made enormous progress, absolutely. But, only thingis, a certain section of India has made enormous progress, people like you and me havebenefited tremendously from economic reforms, our lives have been transformed in a bigway. For example, my children think that I am exaggerating when I am telling themstories of how we were spending times in the corridors of the government, and they dontbelieve because they have international credit cards, they travel easily, all of that. Sotherefore, for urban, middle class, and elite India, globalisation or sorry, economicreforms have indeed transformed India. But for the poor, I am not so sure that we havemade much difference. Even for them there is an upliftment...Pursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  6. 6. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comNDTV: A trickle down process.Narayana Murthy: There is a certain trickle down stuff but not as much as you and Iwould like.NDTV: So 20 years later, time for another wave of reforms, I mean Dr Manmohan Singhdid it 20 years ago?Narayana Murthy: Well, I think we have to look at the second slew of reformsparticularly in labour flexibility. You know we have to bring about huge reforms in thearea of education because talent is going to become a big bottleneck to our growth. Forexample, Mckinsey estimates that our industry in India can indeed garner about 300billion dollars of exports in the next ten-fifteen years. And for that to happen we need tohave a huge jump in the talent availability, and that talent has to be employable today.According to Mckinsey only 25% of the talent today is employable and we have to raiseit to perhaps about 80%.NDTV: True, as we talk about the demographic divided, I think that really is the keychallenge. But you mentioned education, lets just go across to, I think, an institution thatis a shining example of that. Patna Super 30, it produces IIT students every year frombackgrounds, I mean some of the most backward, economically backward. Lets just goacross for some questions to the students of Patna Super 30.Student: I want to ask you sir that for all the success in life, do you give the credit tohard work or luck or both?Narayana Murthy: Well, you know, I think whatever little success has come our way isdue to two factors, I mean three factors, really. One is character, which is all about valuesystem, hard work, integrity, etc, etc, and second I would say, I mean two factors, secondI would say is chance, luck. But again, I mean, as Louis Pasteur said, "Chance favours theprepared mind", and that is where mehnat, hard work becomes very important. As YogiBerra once said, "Why is it that as I keep working harder and harder and harder, I getluckier and luckier and luckier?" So there, the answer is that character and chance are thetwo ingredients for whatever little luck, whatever little thing we have done.NDTV: Well go across from Patna to Srinagar, where we have got a young man whobeat all odds to join the IAS. Dr Shah Faisal joins us from Srinagar, lets just go across tohim right now. Thank you so much for joining us and go ahead with your question to MrNarayana Murthy.Dr Faisal: Thank you very much. Sir, we have recorded the unprecedented touristarrivals in Kashmir this year, but unfortunately the investors are still not convinced, theyPursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  7. 7. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comare not still ready to come into the valley. And given that we have a very huge populationof educated, unemployed youth and Kashmir does have an advantage when it comes tothe software industry, I would just ask you that when is Infosys coming to Kashmir?Mr Narayana Murthy: Well, first of all congratulations on your very wonderfulsuccess. You know I...NDTV: You had heard about him, of course, he was really a role model to youngerpeople as well.Mr Narayana Murthy: Absolutely. You know I was one of the earlier business peopleto go to Srinagar with Prime Minister Vajpayee and Barkha was also there, and at thatpoint of time I did express that we would like to leverage the enormous strength of thewonderful youngsters that you have. But having said that, the reality is simply this, ourbusiness requires that our customers travel time and again in the course of a project. Andfor that to happen there will have to be, you know, stability, there will have to be a senseof peace, a sense of harmony, a sense of comfort, a sense of safety, and I think withofficers like you in charge I have no doubt that we will reach that stable state pretty soon.And I can assure you that once we have that stable state, it will be an absolute privilegefor us to come there. But let me assure you, let me tell you that we have lots of Kashmirisemployed in Infosys in different development centres, absolutely.NDTV: Dr Faisal is there anything else youd like to ask?Dr Faisal: I would say that that period of stability has come, I mean how long more dowe have to wait to see that this is the time to come around?Narayana Murthy: Well, you know its a good point that you have raised but kindlysend me an e-mail stating the various, you know, issues and give us some data and factsbecause we make decisions based on data and facts. Certainly I would pass it on to therelevant people and well come to some conclusion, definitely.NDTV: Thats great sir, lets hope something works out. Thank you so much for joiningus Dr Faisal.What is life for you after Infosys? I mean its always hard to let go. Youve done itextremely graciously, but do you ever sometimes disagree with the decision or you wantto pass a tip on or just give some advice?Narayana Murthy: No I dont think that I have had any regrets. I am very happy that atthe age of 60 I became non-executive, now at 65, I am walking out of the company.Because I personally believe that you will have to leave when people are asking why,rather than why not. And many times it happens. So therefore, as somebody who hasPursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  8. 8. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comtalked about politicians retiring at an early age, if I dont walk the talk, it doesnt makeany sense.NDTV: Well your presence of course is always felt, so I have to go across now to someInfosys-ians who have this to ask you.Caller James: Hello, my name is James and Im over from Cambridge. Im in the UKworking on an internship here at Infosys. I was just wondering, Mr Murthy, weve heard alot about how difficult it was to start a business in India in the 80s and I was justwondering, what kept you, what drove you on despite all of the difficulties, and whatadvice would you offer to an younger entrepreneur starting a business in India orelsewhere today?Narayana Murthy: Well, I think India of today has changed a lot. There is no doubtabout it. I think, thanks to the economic reforms, thanks to removing of licences, thanksto the decentralisation of power, in our industry, by and large you know, we dont comeacross these situations in our industry. Whatever these 2G scams and stuff, because theinterface between the government and the industry is so much cleaner today. And I thinkthe moral of the story is whatever Dr Manmohan Singh did in 1991 for our industry, thatis, you know, remove current account convertibility, remove licences, and allow 100%equity to multinationals so that there is greater competition and global benchmarking, andfinally have the market-base pricing; I think this kind of stuff, certainly in terms ofremoving licencing has to be done in other areas too. And as long as, in those areas whereit cannot be done, there is total transparency and fairness and accountability, I believethat the chances of corruption will get reduced.NDTV: Right. Well, we talked about Infosys and I remember reading your farewell letterto your shareholders this time. You said that there was, perhaps, one regret you had,which was, perhaps, when there was of course the recent incident with Mr Pai, but Mr Paiactually wanted to ask you this question so lets just hear what he has to say.Mohandas Pai: If youre the Prime Minister today, what is your prescription to makeIndia grow in the next five years? Thank you.Narayana Murthy: Well, Mohan you know me very well, so whatever I say, its notgoing to be new. I would say Id focus on speed of decision making, I would focus onexcellence in execution, I would focus on making it easy for businesses to expand, toscale out. Ill make it easier for foreigners to visit India. I will make it easier forforeigners to invest easily in India. I would enhance the, I would bring tremendousreforms in the area of education. And I would bring about flexible labour policy byproviding a good safety net for workers through better insurance mechanisms, bettersocial security mechanisms and I would make sure that every child in the country hasdecent access to basic education, basic health care, basic nutrition and basic shelter.Pursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  9. 9. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comNDTV: No hard feelings there now between you and Mr Pai?Narayana Murthy: No no no, absolutely not. No no no, he is, I mean I have greatappreciation for him. He is one of the most intelligent people I have come across. Wework together even now. In fact, both Mohan and I continue to be advisers to Ramdaswho is head of infrastructure. No, no, no, no, no, I mean Mohan is a brilliant man and Ihave learnt so much from him. Ive enjoyed some of the finest moments with him, so no,no, no, there are no hard feelings.NDTV: Right. So, you said that bit about walking the talk and I think thats why youhave so many people today wanting to talk and I have a young caller, Karishma, who is astudent in Jai Hind College in Mumbai who has a question for you. Go ahead Karishma.Caller Karishma: Hi Mr Murthy. My question to you is why did you work so hard andmake so much money, when you did not have any inclination to spend it on yourself?Narayana Murthy: No, no, I think our aspiration when we founded Infosys was tocreate lots of jobs, jobs with good disposable income so that we can start our marchtowards abolition of poverty in this country. I always believe that the only way you solvepoverty in India is by creating jobs. So this was our small attempt in that direction. Andin the process you create lot of wealth, and we distributed it. Infosys has you know, hasgiven away 56,000 crores, and if I include the kind of initial equity that I gave to my sixcolleagues, it is something like 85,000 crores which is the largest in the history of thiscountry, so...NDTV: But when do, I mean did, these figures actually strike you? That Im a billionairemany times over? How did that change your lifestyle in any way? Did it changeNarayana Murthy?Narayana Murthy: Not really, you know, for example, today one of the friends hadcome to see me, and at our guest house and he said, do you really stay here in this? And Isaid yes, all my younger colleagues stay here and these are the people who work so hardto make the company better, and therefore the least respect I can give them is by stayingwith them. So I dont feel anything wrong with that.NDTV: No, nothing wrong at all, in fact, such a rare example at a time when youve seenthe controversy over Mukesh Ambanis house, the controversy over Vijay Mallyasyachts. Do you feel that sometimes there is a bit, when you feel that two Indias there, aresome very glaring examples which do put off people?Narayana Murthy: You know as long as youve earned your money legally andethically, you should be allowed to spend it whatever way you want. And also letsPursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  10. 10. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comremember that all the wonderful corporate leaders that we have in the country, they haveincreased their focus on philanthropy. More and more people are giving more and moremoney out of their own personal wealth in this country. This had not happened earlier.Earlier it was only Tatas, Birlas and a few others. But today, lots of people you knowShivnath has done, Nandan has done, Chris has done, you know, Mohan has done. Manypeople have done that. Therefore, I think we will have to be a little bit more forgiving ofpeople, because after all you know, they give a certain percentage of it to people whoneed it much more than they do and they will use parts of it to build houses and buyyachts, so be it. I dont see anything you know, I dont think what is good for me is whatis good for everybody. Each of us will do what we are comfortable with.NDTV: I read an earlier interview and correct me if I am wrong and you said you donteven have a problem cleaning the toilets in your own house. You dont keep domestichelp in your house.Narayana Murthy: We dont, we dont.NDTV: You still dont. Did you ever think that you should change or how is it that youmanaged to stay true to the principles that you set out with so many years ago?Narayana Murthy: Well, because you know I came from a middle class and I am verycomfortable with my middle class upbringing and these things appear very natural to me.I dont think I am doing anything extraordinary by cleaning my toilet or by helping mywife in some of the domestic chores. Its nothing extraordinary.NDTV: Youve mentioned your wife and of course shes got something to say to you, solets just hear what Sudha Murthy has to say.Sudha Murthy: Hi, I want to convey this message to Mr Murthy that he should take lifemore easy, he has worked hard. He should accept life as it comes. He should not set veryhigh standards of Infosys in real life because now we have to accept life as it comes andenjoy whatever time we have and that is my sincere message to him.NDTV: Can you just enjoy life? Can Mr Murthy just take it easy and relax?Narayana Murthy: Well I think shes right you know, I mean we have run this marathonso far. It is time for us to enjoy our grandchildren. You know, enjoy the fact that my sonis now married and we have a wonderful daughter-in-law, the fact that we have a greatson-in-law. Shes right but then its easier said than done.NDTV: Right. And I just want to take you down memory lane and show you some ofyour earlier photographs with Mrs Murthy. Lets just have a look at those pictures. Thereyou are a young Mr Narayana Murthy. And apparently in the beginning your father-in-Pursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  11. 11. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comlaw wasnt too sure of your prospects as a good son-in-law. How did you convince him?Narayana Murthy: Well you know when I met him first, he asked me what I wanted todo and I was still under the influence of socialism and leftism. Then I said look, maybe...NDTV: You were a communist once?Narayana Murthy: Yes I was. Maybe I said maybe I want to start an orphanage. MaybeI want to enter politics and those were not the words that he would expect to hear fromyour son-in-law or prospective son-in-law, so he was a little bit surprised.NDTV: Now many years later, as you are looking at life after Infosys, is there anychance of you going into politics?Narayana Murthy: No, not in politics per se, certainly not.NDTV: Not politics per se, but you remember of course that so many people had, whenthe last presidential election came up, said why not somebody like Mr Narayana Murthyfor President? Do you think thats a viable, I mean in our current political system it isnt,but do you think perhaps you should change that system?Narayana Murthy: Well you know, let me not take my example. But I do believe thatwe have to continue the extraordinary work that Dr Abdul Kalam did when he was thePresident. And that is, we need a President, we need a Vice President who is veryarticulate, who is very modern, who can go and exhort the youngsters in the country towork hard, to be disciplined, to realise the importance of this country, to understand ourculture, our background and make this country a better place. And that requires the powerof articulation. And therefore, I think we should get back to the example set by Dr AbdulKalam and therefore, I hope the next President and the next Vice President will be peoplewho will bring back the confidence of youngsters in the country, who will realise that thiscountry has had an extraordinary past and it is their responsibility to create anextraordinary future.NDTV: Well Sir, you have so many ideas, why not share them in public life? We haveseen Nandan Nilikani doing it, do you visualise yourself in public life at all, perhaps notpolitics?Narayana Murthy: Public life you know, in some way, as we discussed you know, I amgoing to be the advisor to the incubation centre in Gujrat, Ive just accepted to be anadvisor to the West Bengal government in the area of IT. I was involved in a committeefor evolving the job opportunities for youth in J&K. So, Ill continue to do something,definitely.Pursuing excellence in rotational moulding.
  12. 12. Vinodrai Engineers Pvt. Ltd., 12 Km. Stone, Jalna-Aurangabad Road, Village Dawalwadi, District : Jalna Jalna – 431 203 ( India ) Ph: +91-2482-262000 Fax: +91-2482-262400 Web: , E-Mail : vinodraieng@rediffmail.comNDTV: Very well, as always an asset for India. Sir, we hope that will become a full timerole for you Sir. Thank you so much for joining us tonight Mr Narayana Murthy, it was apleasure.Narayana Murthy: Thank you.Pursuing excellence in rotational moulding.