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Nbi Magazine Issue3

  1. 1. NBI Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine Editor’s Note Welcome! OCTOBER 2008 ISSUE Contents When evaluating a business, the most important thing that you naturally look into is the rate of return. This is the figure that determines how profitable an investment could be. It is the measure from which you decide how to invest your money; moreover, what Telecom Industry to Boost Sales to do with the profits. A careful look into this with Business Intelligence P3 figure is crucial for any firm, especially those in the telecom industry, who rely mainly on long term profitability to survive. IRACIS - A Roadmap to Business Any Telecommunication company worth its salt ensures that Intelligence ROI P5 it is generating enough revenue through the use of robust network monitoring practices. Efficient network monitoring, coupled with the knowledge of Business Intelligence principles TEOCO Brings Powerful Network is essential to propel a company to thrive in today’s competitive Cost Management, Revenue... P7 industry. To that end, this issue of NBI Magazine features two articles that Brazil’s Leading Telecom Builds tackle various factors behind increasing revenue. The first article Revenue, Market Share... P8 by Vinod Plakkal discusses the implementation of Business Intelligence in the telecommunication industry to increase sales. Jesse Purdue’s article on the other hand, takes an in-depth look An Effective Business Intelligence at Business Intelligence. Specifically, he presents how one can quantify Business Intelligence in terms of ROI. Strategy is the Key... P9 We also feature news articles to further illustrate how Business Intelligence serves as a key factor that contributes greatly to business success. We hope that you find this magazine interesting and useful. It is our clear ambition to enhance and develop the NBI Magazine in every issue. We sincerely hope that you, our readers, can contribute to our growth. If you would like to submit an article, or if you have topics that you would like us to focus on, please let us know by mailing us at feedback@nbi-magazine.com. Associate Publisher - Jonnadeth Mesa Editor In Chief - Mark Olanday Art Director - John Joseph Quirante Mark Anthony Olanday NBI Magazine Editor One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, mark.olanday@nbi-magazine.com 885 Second Avenue, 18th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10017-2201, USA Email: feedback@nbi-magazine.com www.nbi-magazine.com 2
  2. 2. Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine NBI Telecom Industry to Boost Sales with Business Intelligence by Vinod Plakkal Telecom industries Any business can be successful only if the sales end is strong. possible? Some of the focus areas are: are facing huge The same principle could also be applied for the telecom industry 1. Providing strong marketing most especially with telecom support: challenges of ever service providers. Business To give a good marketing support Intelligence plays a large role it is necessary to understand changing market in telecom service providers especially in making profit because the market well. Having a good strategy is the foundation for conditions. it deals with large amount of customer data. Hence getting this a strong marketing. Two basic strategies, which can be pursued, customer data in a useful format is are: They therefore need information “Business Intelligence”. to anticipate these changes and General strategy: quickly make smart decisions. As mentioned previously, in any Companies usually come up with Decision-making in the telecom business to be successful, sales products that are quite generic. industry today demands high- plays a very prominent role and Advertising plays a major role quality intelligence. This is where should be supported by strong in selling these products. Even Business Intelligence (BI) solutions marketing practices. Well next though this has been a common play the critical role. question would be how is this practice, profit margins from 3
  3. 3. NBI Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine these products are quite low the product pricing (tariff plans) will help customers to view and because the specific needs of the becomes efficient. analyze easily their own bills. customers are not met. • Advertising plans - advertising Business Intelligence also helps plays major role because major in giving valued-added services Customer strategy: money is involved in this. Thus to get more customer satisfaction Basically understanding the channeling advertising according thus improving business. customer needs and tailoring to to customers is very important. their individual needs are part of Advertising conveys the right business strategy. Thus Business Intelligence plays a major role message to the right customer and can be achieved by profiling the Building customer in analyzing the customers that customer’s data and checking their retention models optimize profits by nurturing value behavior patterns. This can bring Customer retention is one of the added customer relationships. more profit on the company. major challenges faced in any industry. Retaining a customer Strong customer relationships are 2. Sales Analysis: is always cheaper than getting attained by customer centricity. Analysis can be in terms of a new customer in case of any Customers drive the business and customers, performance, revenue, business. Business Intelligence it is very important to understand volume, and margin. This can helps in building certain the following: be viewed in terms of reports or customer retention models by charts and competitive planning basically looking at customer • Customers’ requirements that can be developed. By this data and their call behaviors. • Customers’ expectations analysis any strategic decision A well-designed customer • Customers’ changing behavior taken by management will be retention model can reduce pattern based on proof and not by just customer churn to a greater guessing and can also predict the extent. The positive impact By understanding the above points performance of the company for of this is in customer loyalty it is possible to build a strong the next quarter or so. Business that delivers a large increase customer strategy model. This Intelligence capabilities are in profitability. Business customer strategy model directly illustrated below to improve Intelligence can also identify influences the following: customer loyalty services: the behavior of customer data, therefore helping the company • Product pricing / tariff plans Fraud control - with Business to determine which customers are likely to leave and take the - product pricing plays a key Intelligence it is possible to appropriate action in advance. role in pushing business, by track the call pattern and its understanding the customers it is abnormalities, call duration, etc. On a conclusion, we can say possible to categorize them into Timely intervention can reduce the that if Business Intelligence is different groups based on their profit loss of the company. properly implemented and used needs. Pricing can be decided in the telecom industry can help by striking a balance between Call records - with Business in boosting the profits to greater customers’ group needs and Intelligence it is possible to extent. profits of the company. This can view call pattern and possible also be easily tested with the to understand their call history. help of Business Intelligence. Thus it becomes easy to get any Implementation of the model for a records of particular customer or About the Author: trial period and comparing the sale a group of customer with common Vinod Plakkal figures is possible to get the profit call fashion. Telecommunication Engineer margin. Business Intelligence Working as B.I. Analyst useful information can be provided Billing and other services - with +919951989599 to different departments in Business Intelligence it is possible vinodplakkal@gmail.com making the right decisions in a to send electronic billing to short period of time thus analysis customer on related dates without http://www.articlesbase.com becomes easier and designing any manual intervention. This 4
  4. 4. Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine NBI IRACIS - A Roadmap to Business Intelligence ROI by Jesse Purdue So often when companies are Improve Service Intelligence and now with these considering a Business Intelligence Will this application affect our diverse offerings the small and project or software purchase, a client base noticeably? Will we mid sized companies are also question arises that seems to be able to provide more timely taking advantage. However, any stump everyone involved. and valuable information to Business Intelligence project is our customers, prospects, and only as good as the planning, suppliers? effort, and data that go into “Where is the ROI whatever software platform you in this project?” Many times in a Business Intelligence effort, there are are using. Hence another phrase often heard in many BI projects, outcomes that are deemed This question has stopped many desirable. Things like ad-hoc a Business Intelligence project in report generation, more informed “...garbage in, its tracks. Maybe it’s asked by the CFO or CEO. Maybe it’s brought operations staff, and less lag time in financial reporting are nice. garbage out” up in one of the meetings with a vendor or consultant presenting a solution. The sad truth is if you B.I. is all about putting By using the I.R.A.C.I.S. model to quantify the value of the solution can not answer this question with hard numbers in specific areas, the right information to the company, you provide everyone with a clear roadmap the ROI probably isn’t there. into the right hands at to what is deemed a successful project. From the executive I.R.A.C.I.S. is a simple acronym that can be used to quantify a the right time. sponsor at the company, to the vendor you are working with, Business Intelligence project’s there is no ambiguity as to what worth to a company. It stands for But they will not justify the is expected as a final outcome. I the following: investment in a Business would challenge any company Intelligence solution from a quality that is considering a Business Increase Revenue software vendor without direct and Intelligence project of some sort, How will this application and secondary benefits quantified in that if you can’t find a solution that functionality drive more sales to the areas mentioned above. addresses at least one of the three new or existing customers, shorten areas above, if not all three, that the sales cycle, and/or bring down Let’s face it, Business Intelligence the project is probably not worth the cost of sales? solutions are not cheap. There doing at all. And if the solution or are many scalable solutions software product is incapable of Avoid Costs on the market today that scaling to address all three areas By far the area most focused on in range from traditional software in the long run, then it probably BI project justifications. How will implementations, to SaaS isn’t the best product for you. this application help us improve (Software as a Service), and This may seem like harsh criteria, efficiency, put more information in even open source solutions. but in an era where most large the hands of our business people Large companies have long companies own 3 or 4 separate and eliminate wasteful processes? embraced the benefits of Business Business Intelligence tools, it’s 5
  5. 5. NBI Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine apparent that more critical thinking same coverage over one year, that people, only then can you realize is needed before a solution or would be a compelling e-mail to your full ROI on the purchase of a platform is purchased. receive. It would probably motivate Business Intelligence solution. you to pick up the phone or go to a Not only is this acronym a good website to instigate further. So the next time a discussion way to quantify a project’s worth breaks out about a Business to a company, but it can become This would in turn Improve Service Intelligence project or initiative, a brainstorming tool for the and Avoid Costs. Being able to think of the I.R.A.C.I.S. model as types of applications you are present this kind of accurate and a way to discuss and evaluate a looking to create. Above I noted timely information to a prospective projects worth to your company. that the Avoid Costs portion customer shows them that you You might be surprised what of this acronym is by far the have systems in place to save you can come up with when most focused on for Business them money and provide the best your thinking turns towards Intelligence projects. Why is that? possible service. It shortens the revenue generation and service Is Business Intelligence only good sales cycle and the cost of sales, improvement. Just remember, for eliminating waste and making driving up margin and profitability. after you’re done creating a new an organization more efficient? It instills confidence in the company line of business or increasing an Can it not be used to increase from a customer standpoint and existing one, to ask your boss for a revenue by putting valuable also gets people talking about your commission. information in front of prospects product or service. you haven’t been reaching yet? Jesse Purdue - I am a Business I would argue that some of In the Information Intelligence professional that works for Information Builders. We are the best and most successful Business Intelligence applications Age we live in, the a firm with a mission to help our customers better manage their I know of, focus on the first category of Increasing Revenue. data and information business through mission critical integration and the pervasive Business Intelligence is all about putting the right information into that companies use of Business Intelligence. I have been providing Business have are their most the right hands at the right time. Intelligence and technology For some company’s that might solutions for over 7 years and have be an internal business analyst. But for so many others it can valuable assets by far. experience with many different types of solutions. I strive to be putting information in front of exceed my clients expectations your customers, prospects, and Getting this information out in by listening to their stated needs partners to provide new insight a usable format to the correct and providing customized on a purchasing decision. When audience can be the role of solutions based on their feedback. companies are selling complex Business Intelligence in any Information Builders provides me products and services, sometimes company. This should be a goal an excellent opportunity to exceed you need to track the customer when looking at what Business my clients expectations with their down where they live. You Intelligence can do for a company. products and professional services. need to reach out to them with a compelling message about your Don’t limit yourself to just product or value proposition and eliminating waste and automating give them a reason to act on that internal processes. I certainly information. think projects that focus on those topics are worthwhile and If you got an e-mail from a major car valuable to a business. But when insurance provider, showing your you expand your thinking and current car insurance provider and remember that using the internet the estimated rate you are paying, to deliver information in a variety of and then a graph showing a $700 formats is the most cost effective Source: www.EzineArticles.com savings in rate comparisons for the way to reach a critical mass of 6
  6. 6. Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine NBI LATEST NEWS offers this solution in terabyte increments to satisfy cable providers’ current wireless usage volumes and to scale over time as their operations grow. “Expanding our focus to address the specific needs of the cable industry is a natural fit for TEOCO,” said John Devolites, Vice President and General Manager of TEOCO’s Communications and Entertainment Solutions group. “As communications carriers and cable operators team up to drive next-generation, content-based services, their invoice automation, cost management and revenue TEOCO Brings Powerful Network Cost Management, assurance needs grow more complex. TEOCO is uniquely Revenue Assurance and Business Intelligence positioned to support this area of emerging need, and to likewise Solutions to the Cable Industry boost operators’ profitability with our Business Intelligence TEOCO Corporation, the BillTrak ProTM, ViewLogic, solutions.” recognized leading provider XTrak and Claim Center – to of network cost management, aid cable providers in reducing revenue assurance and additional costs, improving efficiency and Business Intelligence solutions, achieving regulatory compliance. About TEOCO announced that it is leveraging In addition, TEOCO will provide its historical strength in the its robust Business Intelligence Founded in 1994, TEOCO (The communications market to offer its and analytics solutions, which are Employee Owned Company) is full suite of products and services the recognized leading provider built on leading data warehouse to the cable industry. Today, of network cost management, appliances and can help operators revenue assurance and additional TEOCO provides auditing services address critical issues such as Business Intelligence solutions to and software solutions to many customer and product profitability, the global communications and premier global cable operators, margin management and network entertainment industry. TEOCO including Charter Communications optimization. incorporates decades of in-depth (Nasdaq:CHTR) in the U.S. telecom domain and auditing One TEOCO offering of particular knowledge into our renowned TEOCO will partner with leading relevance to cable providers software solutions to help cable operators to implement is TEOCO’s wholesale usage customers achieve measurable solutions that can fully automate auditing capability, which allows results, gain actionable insights and end-to-end communications cable companies to load all boost decision-making capabilities. expense processing from invoice invoice data from their wireless TEOCO’s customers include receipt, through auditing, claim and wireline partners and utilize three of the five largest global management and resolution. data warehouse technology to communications providers, all Tier TEOCO will provide its renowned perform in-depth auditing and 1 U.S. carriers and most major cost and revenue management high-speed queries to identify North American cable operators. software applications – including billing anomalies. TEOCO 7
  7. 7. NBI Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine LATEST NEWS management for timely Business Intelligence, and by sales and marketing for consolidated customer and household views to power marketing campaigns and fuel up-sell and cross- sell activities. Customer service also leverages these up-to-the-minute consolidated views to respond quickly and decisively to customer requests. Additionally, Oi leverages the integration of its various disparate systems to help power competitive Brazil’s Leading Telecom Builds Revenue, new product and service initiatives, including bringing advantageous Market Share and Customer Loyalty with new programs, plans and product bundles to market faster and Informatica Business Intelligence Platform supporting them effectively. For example, when the company customer loyalty and reduces launched a prepaid service plan Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq: churn. But we needed a single called “Oi Controle,” it used INFA), the leading independent view of the customer and near PowerCenter to link its CRM, provider of data integration real-time updates to our enterprise billing and in-house pre-paid software and services, today data warehouse to support these systems. The billing system flags announced that Oi, the largest programs,” said Vera Helena customers eligible for a credit telecommunications company de Avila Duarte, enterprise IT recharge, the recharge notice is in Brazil, is successfully using manager, Oi. “Informatica gave us validated against business rules in the Informatica data integration the single platform we needed. It the CRM system, and the notice platform to simplify its IT has also given us agility so we can is sent over the pre- paid system infrastructure and help increase continue to lead in our market.” to enable recharge for voice and revenue, market share and data services. Consequently, Oi customer loyalty. Created from the “Oi” is Portuguese for “Hi,” and Controle customers are able to consolidation of 16 state state- the company’s tagline is “Oi, recharge their credits on schedule run utilities into a single private as simple as that.” Seeking to while the company has been able entity in 1998, the US$14.5 billion maximize business agility and to respond to the ramping demand company leverages the Informatica competitiveness, Oi implemented for recharging, thus helping to platform to enable the right-time the Informatica platform to drive the on-going success of the Business Intelligence and single simplify the consolidation and Oi Controle program. views of customers that drive its highly competitive program and management of data across its service plan offerings, targeted numerous predecessor companies marketing and sales activities, and and multiple incompatible systems, exemplary customer service. including information on more than 36 million customers. The “Our competitive advantage is the Informatica PowerCenter platform ability to mix bundles, combining now provides the underpinnings wire line, wireless, broadband, for Oi’s right-time enterprise and television; this increases data warehouse, leveraged by 8
  8. 8. Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine NBI LATEST NEWS Robust, scalable infrastructure An Effective Business About Oi Informatica has also provided Oi with a robust, scalable infrastructure Intelligence Strategy to help sustain its business Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Oi is the largest is the Key to Business agility and growth. For example, the PowerCenter Pushdown telecommunications company in Brazil with annual revenues Success, Says IDC Optimization option has enabled Oi of USD 14.5 billion, more than to take advantage of the processing 36 million customers, and about A new report from analyst group power of its Teradata data 10,000 employees. IDC reinforces that a key factor warehouse platform when running contributing to the performance of data integration and loading routines. organisations is the ability to manage This has allowed Oi to accelerate the explosive growth of information. its warehousing loading process by a factor of 2x, which in turn has About Informatica The report titled, ITEyewitness: resulted in faster answers to sales Keys to a Successful Business and marketing queries and more Informatica Corporation Intelligence Strategy shows rapid updates to customer views. (Nasdaq: INFA) is the leading that the creation of a Business Similarly, Oi is taking advantage independent provider of Intelligence Competency Centre enterprise data integration of Informatica’s Enterprise Grid (BICC) is the strategic answer software and services. With option to help optimize both the to enterprise-wide information Informatica, organizations performance and scalability of its overload. A BICC is the centre can gain greater business data integration environment. value by integrating all their within an organisation that information assets from across provides guidance and vision to Oi is also using Informatica the enterprise. More than 3,300 the enterprise as it deploys BI PowerExchange data access companies worldwide rely solutions and creates BI success. software to source difficult- on Informatica to reduce the “Today’s markets are faster to-access mainframe data for cost and expedite the time to moving, more diverse and more subsequent integration with other address data integration needs competitive than ever before. Data enterprise data. of varying complexity and scale. generation continues to skyrocket For more information, call +1 on a daily basis fuelled by new “Oi’s impressive post-merger 650 385 5000 (1 800 653 9871 technology innovations such as growth underscores the value of in the U.S.), or visit http://www. RFID chips, nanotechnology, grid the Informatica platform in making informatica.com. computing and video streaming,” complex environments appear said Melissa Martin, Senior Market simple to internal data users and, Analyst, IT Spending and Vertical ultimately, to customers,” said Informatica, PowerCenter and Markets, IDC. Girish Pancha, general manager, PowerExchange are registered Enterprise Data Integration, trademarks of Informatica Corporation “One of the key factors that Informatica. “Encapsulating the in the United States and in contribute to the successful jurisdictions throughout the world. All former operations of well over a performance of organisation is the other company and product names dozen separate enterprises, Oi may be trade names or trademarks of ability to manage this explosive now presents a single, responsive their respective owners. growth of information that society face to customers across South is experiencing. The enterprise America’s largest economy -- a must empower all stakeholders unified image anchored in the with the right information and at ability to integrate and deliver the right time. A clearly defined, comprehensive, accurate data in purpose-built Business Intelligence right time across a widely divergent Source: Informatica Corporation strategy can support this business spectrum of information sources.” need,” concludes Martin. 9
  9. 9. NBI Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine The report provides guidance ITEyewitness: Keys to a on how to establish a vision for Successful Business Intelligence an enterprise-wide Business Strategy also contains a buyer About IDC Intelligence strategy. It highlights case study of the evaluation, IDC is the premier global the key issues for leaders to design, architecture and provider of market intelligence, consider before embarking on a BI implementation of an in-house advisory services, and events implementation, including steps on BICC at utility provider, Sydney for the information technology, establishing a successful BICC. Water. It highlights key milestones telecommunications, and achieved during the process and consumer technology markets. develops an in-depth roadmap for IDC helps IT professionals, IDC research shows the the project. The study evaluates business executives, and benefits of a successful BICC the results and the benefits for the investment community are numerous and can include: the utility provider to-date, and make fact-based decisions provides a forward-looking vision on technology purchases and • Increased usage of data / for future expansions of its BI business strategy. More than Business Intelligence capabilities. 1000 IDC analysts provide global, regional, and local • Increased collaboration among On IDC’s website, www.idc. expertise on technology and business units com, this media release relates industry opportunities and to document #AZ616101Q trends covering over 110 • Increased business user ITEyewitness: Keys to a countries worldwide. For satisfaction Successful Business Intelligence more than 44 years, IDC has Strategy. provided strategic insights to • Increased decision making help our clients achieve their This report is now available. To key business objectives. IDC is capabilities and speed purchase this report, please contact a subsidiary of IDG, the world’s Lady Gueco, Business Development leading technology media, • Increased information analysis Manager on +61 2 9925 2261 or research, and events company. and business agility You can learn more about IDC lgueco@idc.com. by visiting www.idc.com or www. • Increased standardisation of idc.com.au. business practices and processes • Increased level of data quality • Forum for repeatable results • Decreased staff time wastage looking for information • Decreased software costs • Decreased risk of project failures • Better understanding of the value that BI brings to the organisation 10
  10. 10. Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine NBI 11
  11. 11. Your Official Network Business Intelligence Magazine Please visit us at www.nbi-magazine.com