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quebec Immigration

  1. 1. Abhinav Immigration And Visa ServicesImmigration to Quebec
  2. 2.  Immigration to QuebecQuebec ImmigrationThe Province of Quebec welcomes over 45,000 immigrants every yearfrom across nearly 100 nations which actively partake in its economic,cultural and social in tegration. Quebec is the most preferred choice byworldwide immigrants desiring to settle and work in Canada. If you areaspiring to immigrate to this country for job, business or study purposes,Quebec immigration is the best route to fulfill your dream easily andswiftly.Quebec immigration system is separate fromProvincial Nominee Programs. The Quebec government has its owndistinct immigration system and related laws to fuel the economy withinvestments as well as labor-force. The government can mandate andamend the immigration rules and regulations as well as annual quotasdepending on the provincial requirements, and keeping in line with thefederal government. Read More…
  3. 3.  Immigration to QuebecQuebec General Skilled Worker ProgramQuebec Immigration is one of the specialized genres of services that ABHINAV offers. The province of Quebec in Canada offers an immigrant visa separatefrom the programs offered by Federal Canada. The Quebec Skilled WorkerProgram is an option for those who intend to permanently settle down inQuebec. This program is managed by the Quebec provincial authorities.If you are an IT professional, this program is an excellent opportunity for thoseintending to immigrate to Canada. Since, the new List of 29 Occupationsbrought out by Federal Canada does not feature this profession; Quebec isdefinitely a scorer in this regard. However, there are other niche areas foremployment as well. Read More…
  4. 4.  Immigration to QuebecQuebec Immigrant Investor ProgramQuebec has its own distinctive immigration investor program that offersPermanent Resident Visa and related benefits to the immigrants. No matteryou migrate to Canada under Quebec Immigrant Investor Program orFederal Immigrant Investor Program - you would get benefits of anunconditional permanent resident visa to Canada.Abhinav’s Quebec Immigrant Investor program specialists would organize allgovernment forms/mandatory paper work and submit them to the BIQ HongKong (or the office in Montreal) along with the necessary applicationprocessing fee.Please note that Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program favors theunconditional entry of investors and their family as PR residents in theprovince of Quebec. Under this program, the potential investors who agree tofulfill the mandates are eligible to obtain an unconditional Permanent Residentstatus in Quebec. Read More…
  5. 5.  Immigration to QuebecABHINAV as your Quebec Immigration Advisor ABHINAV is one of the very few Immigration advisory companies in the world that has extensive experience in filing and processing client applications under the Quebec Skilled Worker program. A highly demanding program with differential qualifying criteria with a complex set of factors, this program requires understanding which comes only against experience in managing applications under the program. We provide real value addition to each and every immigration application. We analyse and prepare the application as per individual needs. Our client`s files are accompanied by cover petitions that identify laws and reasons why our clients should be granted the visa. Where opted, we provide approved authorized services to our clients. Read More…
  6. 6.  Immigration to QuebecFor Immigration To Quebec, Hire Only AuthorizedRepresentatives! The province of Quebec is amongst the most well-known immigration destinations of the world. For the uninitiated, the renowned Montreal is a major and the most populated city of Quebec. One can migrate to Canada under Quebec Immigration programs. The province offers various Immigration Programs for permanent workers (Quebec skilled Immigration), or for the purpose of doing business (Quebec self employed or Quebec entrepreneur programs), or for an investor (Quebec Immigrant Investor) program. If you are hiring the services of a paid consultant for Immigration to Quebec, then such an immigration consultant must be an authorized representative. He must have been authorized by the Quebec Government. During February, 2011, the Quebec immigration department introduced a new version of Application for Selection Certificate for businessmen, investors, and permanent workers for the Quebec province. This form contains columns requiring the registration details of the authorized representatives, if you are hiring the services of an Immigration Consultant. Read More…
  7. 7.  Immigration to QuebecHow About the Quebec Skilled Worker Program There are a number of Canadian immigration programs, among which, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is considered to be the best. For potential overseas aspirants, skilled migration program is the easiest way of immigration to this country. However, there are a number of prospective immigrants who might not be completely aware of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and even those aware of it, have certain misconceptions regarding this program. If you are aware of Quebec Skilled Worker Program and want to migrate to this Canadian province under skilled category, then there are certain things that you need to know for your successful migration. Read More…
  8. 8. IMMIGRATION TO QUEBEC For More Information Visit Us @ -