Know about canada permanent resident visa requirements


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In the light of the modified laws and rules of permanent residence permit, you must update your knowledge base and approach us to Know About Canada Permanent Resident Visa Requirements. The Canadian government has initiated a big change in the erstwhile immigration policy to put the immigration policy of the country back on track.

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Know about canada permanent resident visa requirements

  1. 1. Know About Canada Permanent Resident Visa Requirements Seeking Canadian Permanent Resident Visa? Did you know that the parameters and stipulations for this much prized possession have changed significantly. If no, then you must read this and get all the correct inputs about different programs and the modifications these schemes carry along. The authorities of this awesome destination have instituted large scale changes in the fundamental composition of all the Canadian immigration routes which include business and skilled migration. The government of Maple country had suspended all the immigration routes in July 2012 in order to carry out a comprehensive revision of the migration policy, and take up thing with a different perspective altogether. The authorities and the erstwhile immigration minister were facing an uphill task of addressing multiple tasks which seemed untenable and insurmountable, due to several reasons.
  2. 2. The authorities needed to find a way of reducing a huge pile of backlog which had been building up since 2004. Several requests from skilled and business migration aspirants had been waiting in numbers. This aspect, on one hand was damaging the credibility of the Canada immigration, and, also hampering the smooth process to a great extent. Back home, the stakeholders of the economy were raising demands of rationalizing the immigration policy. They all wanted a policy that could guarantee of only qualified and suitable people into the country. Under the former policy, the immigrants being granted entry permissions were found unsuitable for the employment due to several reasons, i.e. they were found incompatible for employment on grounds on language handicaps, irrelevant professional exposure and academic qualifications. This situation further deepened the skilled labor shortage crisis and created a void between the requirements and availability.
  3. 3. The business migration was being used my immigration enthusiasts to gain the Permanent Resident Visa of the country. The people who promised to set up an enterprise and paid CAD 75000 as security, backed out of the promises and let the government forfeit their securities. This although, did mean financial increments for the government, but this activity occupied valuable spots in the business migration and robbed other immigrants really interested in establishing business in the country. The business migration policy was established to attract business expertise and investible funds into the country, in order to boost economic activity, and generate employment opportunities in the country. The immigrants who had gained entry into the country on the basis of the skilled immigration found it hard to settle down. They could not gain employment in the nominated trades because of reported linguistic skills deficits and other reasons (including inappropriate academic qualifications and professional exposure). Due to this they were forced to take up employment in most unlikely fields, and earn much less than what they deserved. This factor was consistently damaging the credibility of Canada as a lucrative destination.
  4. 4. As a result the Canadian government carried a comprehensive introspective process and embarked on the mission of putting the immigration policy back on the right track. It explored different options and established a new policy with updated parameters. The implementation of these laws drastically changed the Requirements Of Canada Permanent Visa. The government changed the whole draft and procedure of the inwards migration laws, and it established a mechanism that enabled the immigration authorities to screen and monitor the probable much before they actually moved their requests for immigration. If you are wondering what has changed and what has remained same in the Canadian immigration system, you should approach us to Know About Canada Permanent Resident Visa Requirements. We are a through and a professional agency and carry a successful consultation experience of 2 decades with us.