Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics skilled immigration visa


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Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics skilled immigration visa

  1. 1. INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENT TECHNICIANS AND MECHANICS SKILLED IMMIGRATION VISA SERVICES As per the Canadian NOC 2011 code 2243 Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics carry out jobs concerned with repairing, maintenance, tuning and commissioning of industrial gauging equipment, routines and systems. The list of obligations of these specialists includes standard charter of duties. These people
  2. 2.        Reference manuals, specifications¸ schematic drawings and plans provided by manufacturing agencies to establish analysis and repair routines for devices and tools used for gauging and monitoring flow, level, pressure, temperature, chemical composition and other aspects in production and processing Evaluate, assess and verify functional aspects of tools and devices to ascertain operational problems using pneumatic, electrical and electronic analysis tools and precision measuring apparatus Perform remedial maintenance and tune system parts, like sensors, transmitters and programmable logic controllers, or take out and swap malfunctioning components Tune parts and devices as per prescribed parameters supplied by manufacturers Carry out regular upkeep as prescribed and prepare analysis and upkeep reports Commission monitoring and gauging apparatus on existing and new installation sites and routines Deliberate with and offer suggestions to people monitoring and operating processes and
  3. 3. These specialists are in a high demand in Canada and can find abundance of opportunities in pulp and paper processing organizations and business, nuclear and hydro power generating undertakings, mining, petrochemical and natural gas agencies, industrial tool and other manufacturing businesses, and industrial tool and equipment repair and service concerns. To tackle the issue of the shortage of such expertise in the domestic labor pool the Canadian government has set up an elaborate Skilled Immigration Visa policy and grants entry to the people who fare well in the profile evaluation process. The framework of granting entry to qualified migrants has been defined under the reviewed federal skills migration, the FSW 2013. The immigrants crossing this barrier are rewarded with the permanent residential permit of Canada.
  4. 4. The critical profile of profile is based on the certain criteria which have been carefully picked up the experts and are deemed to play a pivotal role in ensuring an early integration of the new entrants in the local environment rapidly. The areas of profile explored by the assessment parameters include   Age has been on the top priority for the government which has been seeking a long term solution to improve the deteriorating labor pool demographic ratio. The need of finding an immediate replacement for the ageing workforce is urgent and so the government has revised the age criteria and lowered the qualifying age and now the most preferred age group is between 18 years to 35 years Academic qualifications – the stakeholders had been sounding their discontent over the several issues including the irrelevance of the overseas qualifications accumulated by immigrants. As per them, most of these accomplishments were found to be non adaptive to the local conditions. To address this burning issue, the government finally decided to verify the relevance of the accomplishments of migrants and added a prelude to the application. The newly instituted preliminary step now needs the migrants to get their accomplishments assessed from a designated and bonafide body Read more
  5. 5.    Linguistic skills – having sufficient language compatibility is now the top most priority and you need to substantiate your linguistic skills at par with CLB / NCLC 7 in English / French Professional exposure – this parameter has been downsized in importance but this factor can still fetch you sizable chunk of marks Certain miscellaneous aspects regarded as adaptability factors You can know more on this option by approaching us and availing our Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics Skilled Immigration Visa Services