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Educational psychologist is one of the most demanded professions in Australia as it is listed in Skilled Occupation List. This occupation is demanded more in South Australia. Educational psychologist requires higher qualification or bachelor degree. This occupation requires licensing and registration too. So before migration makes sure you have register yourself. Skill assessment authority for this occupation is Australia psychological Society Ltd.

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  1. 1. ABHINAV IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS Welcome to South Australia The Land Opportunity and Growth for EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST
  2. 2. ABHINAV IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS Welcome to South Australia The Land Opportunity and Growth for EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST
  3. 3. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST DEMAND IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA The demand of skilled professionals in Australia has increased a lot since last year. The opportunities for professionals and skilled people have increased. No matter from professionals they are the demand for every profession is there in Australia. Let’s talk about psychology. Psychology professionals are one of the demanded professions in Australia. It is listed in the Skilled Occupation List. Listed professional under psychology are clinical psychologist, organizational psychologist, educational psychologist, psychotherapist, and psychologist nec.
  4. 4. PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSIONALS ARE NOT ONLY DEMANDED IN AUSTRALIA BUT ALL OVER THE WORLD. THE NUMBER OF QUALIFIED PSYCHOLOGISTS HAS ALMOST DOUBLED IN PAST DECADES. DESPITE OF INCREASED NUMBER OF STUDENTS IN SUCH PROFESSION THE DEMAND FOR SKILLED PEOPLE HAS ALSO INCREASED. THE EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST DEMAND IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA IS COMPARATIVELY MORE THAN OTHER PART OF AUSTRALIA. This occupation has a specific level of skill i.e., higher qualification or bachelor degree. This is the basic and necessary degree required for this occupation before migration. In some cases some relevant year of job experience may be required along with formal qualification.
  5. 5. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST INVESTIGATES TEACHING AND LEARNING, AND DEVELOPS TECHNIQUES TO FOSTER THE DEVELOPMENT AND SKILLS OF GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL IN EDUCATIONAL SETTINGS. THERE ARE VARIOUS OTHER TASKS PERFORMED BY EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST WHICH ARE AS FOLLOWS•Establishing job requirements and performing job analysis by interviewing and observing managers and employees Conducting research studies and surveys on management, supervision, motivation, morale, job design and work group. •Developing psychological test, interview techniques and other aid in workplace selection, appraisal, promotion and placement • Formulating achievements, predictive test and diagnosis for use by teachers in method of planning, content instruction •Collecting data and analysis the character of students and recommending them educational programs. •Conducting research studies of learning in individual differences and group performance in educational performances and mental abilities •Consulting with other professionals about details of plans of treatment and cases Interpreting and administering formulating plans of treatment and diagnostic test
  6. 6. THESE ARE SOME OF THE MOST TASKS PERFORMED BY AN EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST. BY ABOVE TASK LIST WE CAN DEPICT THAT HOW IMPORTANT AND WIDE RANGE OF WORK IS FOR THE PSYCHOLOGIST. THIS OCCUPATION REQUIRES A SKILLED ASSESSMENT TEST. SO BEFORE MIGRATING AS SKILLED PROFESSIONALS MAKE SURE YOU’RE SKILLED ARE ASSESSED BY A RELEVANT NATIONAL SKILLED ASSESSMENT AUTHORITY. EVERY OCCUPATION HAS DIFFERENT SKILL ASSESSMENT AUTHORITY, FOR EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST THE ASSESSMENT AUTHORITY IS AUSTRALIAN PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY. If you want points for your nominated occupation for job training or work experience then you are required to forward all the necessary documents to assessing authority. On the basis of the provided documents assessing authority will provide advice to the department. The department will consider that advice while awarding points. This occupation is one of the most interesting and challenging occupation. The wide range of task has proved how much important psychological professionals are. Is you have required qualification and is willing to migrate to Australia then you should not wait for anything and should apply for immigration. Under this process you may require the help of immigration consultant as immigration consultant is the one who can help one in the immigration process. Our Contact address : Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. 203 Sohrab Hall Tadiwala Road Pune - 411 001 Ph No: +91-20-4126-6662 / 4126-6664 Mob No: 09372270573 Email: