World aids day 2011


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World aids day 2011

  1. 1. World AIDS Day 2011(1stDecember)Dr. Vinod JainMS, FACS, FICS, FAIS, FIMSA, FLCS, FMAS, MAMSConsultant Urologist & Minimal Access SurgeonAssociate ProfessorDepartment of SurgeryKing Georg’s Medical University, UP, Lucknow, India
  2. 2. ,M l fnol D;ksa~ ,M l fnol D;ksa~  ,M l ds y k.k ds izfr tkx:drk~ { ,M l ds dkj.kksa ds izfr tkx:drk~ ,M l ls cpko ds izfr tkx:drk~ ,M l ds jksfx;ksa ds izfr tkx:drk~ ,M l ds jksfx;ksa ds izfr leqfpr~O;ogkj ds fy;s tkx:drk(First world AIDS day was held in 1988)
  3. 3. World AIDS Day 2011 themeGetting to ZeroAfter 30 years of the global fight against HIV/AIDS,this year the global community has committed tofocusing on achieving 3 targets.
  4. 4. Achieving 3 targets• Zero new HIV infections.• Zero discrimination.• Zero AIDS-related deaths
  5. 5. World AIDS Day 2011 provides anopportunity for –• Individuals• Communities• Political leadersto take on the challenge of getting tozero
  6. 6. What can I do? -Wear a red ribbon and raiseawareness
  7. 7. What is Red Ribbon• Created in 1991 by Artists of New York• It stands for- Care and concern about HIV & AIDS- Hope for search of effective treatment- Solidarity and support for peopleliving with HIV
  8. 8. • The red ribbon started as a grass root effort• There is no official AIDS ribbon manufacturer• People make their ownIts easily done –just usesome ordinary red ribbon and a safety pin!
  9. 9. AIDSFull form AIDS:-A - Acquired – tkss tUe dstkss tUe dsckn izkIrckn izkIrfd;kfd;kI - immune – kjhj dhkjhj dhizfrjks kd/izfrjks kd/kerk{kerk{D - deficiency – dehdehS - syndrome – lay k.kksa dk{lay k.kksa dk{
  10. 10. AIDS is a disease of the humanimmune system caused by theHuman immuno deficiency virusHIV
  11. 11. HIVFull form HIV:-H - Human – ekuoekuoI - immuno deficiency – tkstksizfrjks kd/izfrjks kd/kerk dks de djsa{kerk dks de djsa{V - Virus – fo"kk.kqfo"kk.kq
  12. 12. Certain fact about HIV/AIDS• 34 millions (rhu djksM+ pkyhlyk[k) were living with HIV at the end of2010• About 3 millions new cases each year• More than 2 millions (chl yk[k) die peryear• Window period is 3-6 months• HIV to AIDS development takes5-15 years•
  13. 13. Disposal of Dead bodies• Cremation is best• Mutilation to be avoided• If burial – body wrapped by cloth soakedin bleaching powder and then polythenesheet• Dispose at earliest• Unwrapping not allowed
  14. 14. HIV+HIV+ dk erycdk eryc;g oks fo"kk.kqfo"kk.kq gS tks kjhj dhizfrjks kd kerk dks de djrk gSA/ {HIV dh tkap esa vxj vkids kwu esa[,saVhckWMht ik;k tkrk gS rks]vki jksxh gSa &HIV+
  15. 15. HIV+HIV+ ds fo"kk.kqds fo"kk.kqHIV ds fo"kk.kq ik;s tkrs gSa la ferØO;fDr ds & kwu esa[ oh;Z esa ;ksfu ds ikuh esa ek ds nw k esa¡ /
  16. 16. HIVHIV dSls QSyrk gSdSls QSyrk gS la fer O;fDr ls vlqjf kr ;kSuØ {la fer O;fDr ls vlqjf kr ;kSuØ {laca k/laca k/;ksfu xqnk vFkok eq k¼ ] [ ½;ksfu xqnk vFkok eq k¼ ] [ ½ la fer jDrØla fer jDrØ la fer lqbZ lhfjat vFkok kkjnkjØ ] /la fer lqbZ lhfjat vFkok kkjnkjØ ] /vkStkjvkStkj ek ls cPps esa¡ek ls cPps esa¡& xHkZ ds le;& xHkZ ds le;& tUe ds le;& tUe ds le;
  17. 17. Causes
  18. 18. ,M l buls ugha~,M l buls ugha~QSyrkQSyrk gkFk feykus lsgkFk feykus ls kkSpky; ds iz;ksx lskkSpky; ds iz;ksx ls ,M l jksfx;ksa ds lkFk mlh crZu~,M l jksfx;ksa ds lkFk mlh crZu~esa kkus vFkok ihus ls[esa kkus vFkok ihus ls[ vkfyaxu ;k lkekU; pqEcu lsvkfyaxu ;k lkekU; pqEcu ls jDrnku lsjDrnku ls ,M l jksfx;ksa ds lkFk dke djus~,M l jksfx;ksa ds lkFk dke djus~lsls ePNj ds dkVus lsePNj ds dkVus ls ,d gh rj.k&rky esa ugkus ls,d gh rj.k&rky esa ugkus ls ,M l jksfx;ksa ds lkFk jgus ls~,M l jksfx;ksa ds lkFk jgus ls~
  19. 19. AIDS ds y k.k{Major criteria –• Unexplained weight loss in recent by morethan 10%• Chronic Diarrhoea for more than onemonth• Prolonged fever for more than one monthdespite regular treatment
  20. 20. AIDS ds y k.k{Minor criteria –• Persistent cough more than one month• Dermatitis pruritus in genitalia• Recurrent herpes zoster• Oral candidiasis (fungal infection)• Chronic progressive dementia• Generalized lymphadenopathy
  21. 21. HIVHIV ls cpkols cpko (5 - ‘S’)(5 - ‘S’) Safe sex (Safe sex (lqjf{kr ;kSu laca/klqjf{kr ;kSu laca/k)) Safe blood (Safe blood (lqjf{krlqjf{kr jDrjDr)) Safe syringes & needles (Safe syringes & needles (lqjf{kr lhfjatlqjf{kr lhfjat,ao lqbZ,ao lqbZ)) STD treatment (STD treatment (;kSu tfur jksxksa dk;kSu tfur jksxksa dkbyktbykt)) Stop drug abuse (Stop drug abuse (ukhyh nokb;ksa ijukhyh nokb;ksa ijfu"ks/kfu"ks/k))
  22. 22. Supportive Measures• Prevent opportunistic infection• Antioxidants• Immuno stimulants• Phospholipids- egg proteins• Nutritional care• Symptomatic relief• Social protection and legal advice• Sense of security to P.L.H.A.
  23. 23. Our attitude towards AIDSpatientsGATHERG – Greet the patientA – Ask the problemT – Teach for specific problemH – Help in making decisionE – Explain misconception and mythsR – Return for fellowship
  24. 24. What we can do?
  25. 25. Join Hands to• Save ourselves• Save HIV affected person• Save our society• Save our nation• Save the worldAnd
  26. 26. Bring the HIV infection toZeroZeroBy 2015
  27. 27. ThankYou